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I have no patience whatever with these gorilla damnifications of humanity. Thomas Carlyle

No person was every rightly understood until they had been first regarded with a certain feeling, not of tolerance, but of sympathy. Thomas Carlyle

Speech is of time, silence is of eternity. Thomas Carlyle

If Hero means sincere man, why may not every one of us be a Hero? Thomas Carlyle

It is not honest inquiry that makes anarchy; but it is error, insincerity, half belief and untruth that make it. Thomas Carlyle

Rightly viewed no meanest object is insignificant; all objects are as windows through which the philosophic eye looks into infinitude itself. Thomas Carlyle

Heroism is the divine relation which, in all times, unites a great man to other men. Thomas Carlyle

Virtue is like health: the harmony of the whole man. Thomas Carlyle

The universe is but one vast Symbol of God. Thomas Carlyle

This we take it is the grand characteristic of our age. By our skill in Mechanism, it has come to pass, that in the management ofexternal things we excel all other ages; while in whatever respects the pure moral nature, in true dignity of soul and character, we are perhaps inferior to most civilised ages. Thomas Carlyle

Lives the man that can figure a naked Duke of Windlestraw addressing a naked House of Lords? Thomas Carlyle

There needs not a great soul to make a hero; there needs a god-created soul which will be true to its origin; that will be a great soul! Thomas Carlyle

I don't pretend to understand the Universe- it's a great deal bigger than I am... People ought to be modester. Thomas Carlyle

No man lives without jostling and being jostled; in all ways he has to elbow himself through the world, giving and receiving offense. Thomas Carlyle

Freedom is the one purport, wisely aimed at, or unwisely, of all man's struggles, toilings and sufferings, in this earth. Thomas Carlyle

The person who cannot wonder is but a pair of spectacles behind which there is no eye. Thomas Carlyle

He who has no vision of eternity has no hold on time. Thomas Carlyle

Just in the ratio knowledge increases, faith decreases. Thomas Carlyle

This London City, with all of its houses, palaces, steam-engines, cathedrals, and huge immeasurable traffic an tumult, what is it but a Thought, but millions of Thoughts made into One-a huge immeasurable Spirit of a Thought, embodied in brick, in iron, smoke, dust, Palaces, Parliaments, Hackney Coaches, Katherine Docks, and the rest of it! Not a brick was made but some man had to think of the making of that brick. Thomas Carlyle

A witty statesman said, you might prove anything by figures. Thomas Carlyle

I grow daily to honor facts more and more, and theory less and less. A fact, it seems to me, is a great thing - a sentence printed, if not by God, then at least by the Devil. Thomas Carlyle

Life is a little gleam of time between two eternity s. Thomas Carlyle

A thinking man is the worst enemy the Prince of Darkness can have; every time such a one announces himself, I doubt not there runs a shudder through the nether empire; and new emissaries are trained with new tactics, to, if possible, entrap him, and hoodwink and handcuff him. Thomas Carlyle

Force, force, everywhere force; we ourselves a mysterious force in the center of that. There is not a leaf rotting on the highway but has force in it; how else could it rot? Thomas Carlyle

It is in general more profitable to reckon up our defects than to boast of our attainments. Thomas Carlyle

Great is self-denial! Life goes all to ravels and tatters where that enters not. Thomas Carlyle

If you don't wish a man to do a thing you had better get him to talk about it; for the more men talk, the more likely they are to do nothing else. Thomas Carlyle

Everywhere the human soul stands between a hemisphere of light and another of darkness; on the confines of two everlasting hostile empires, Necessity and Freewill. Thomas Carlyle

The Age of Miracles past? The Age of Miracles is for ever here! Thomas Carlyle

What is nature? Art thou not the living government of God? O Heaven, is it in very deed He then that ever speaks through thee, - that lives and loves in thee, that lives and loves in me? Thomas Carlyle

Except by name, Jean Paul Friedrich Richter is little known out of Germany. The only thing connected with him, we think, that has reached this country is his saying,-imported by Madame de Stael, and thankfully pocketed by most newspaper critics,-"Providence has given to the French the empire of the land; to the English that of the sea; to the Germans that of-the air!" Richter: German humorist & prose writer. Thomas Carlyle

The devil has his elect. Thomas Carlyle

The beginning of all wisdom is to look fixedly on clothes, or even with armed eyesight, till they become transparent. Thomas Carlyle

A man lives by believing something. Thomas Carlyle

What unknown seas of feeling lie in man, and will from time to time break through! Thomas Carlyle

A man should be encouraged to do what the Maker of him has intended by the making of him, according as the gifts have been bestowed on him for that purpose. Thomas Carlyle

... There is always hope in a man who actually and earnestly works. Thomas Carlyle

Cherish what is dearest while you have it near you, and wait not till it is far away. Blind and deaf that we are; oh, think, if thou yet love anybody living, wait not till death sweep down the paltry little dust clouds and dissonances of the moment, and all be made at last so mournfully clear and beautiful, when it is too late. Thomas Carlyle

In a symbol there is concealment and yet revelation: here therefore, by silence and by speech acting together, comes a double significance. In the symbol proper, what we can call a symbol, there is ever, more or less distinctly and directly, some embodiment and revelation of the Infinite; the Infinite is made to blend itself with the Finite, to stand visible, and as it were, attainable there. By symbols, accordingly, is man guided and commanded, made happy, made wretched. Thomas Carlyle

For the superior morality, of which we hear so much, we too would desire to be thankful: at the same time, it were but blindness to deny that this superior morality is properly rather an inferior criminality, produced not by greater love of Virtue, but by greater perfection of Police; and of that far subtler and stronger Police, called Public Opinion. Thomas Carlyle

Have not I myself known five hundred living soldiers sabred into crows' meat for a piece of glazed cotton, which they call their flag; which had you sold it at any market-cross, would not have brought above three groschen? Thomas Carlyle

The hell of these days is the fear of not getting along, especially of not making money. Thomas Carlyle

That a Parliament, especially a Parliament with Newspaper Reporters firmly established in it, is an entity which by its very nature cannot do work, but can do talk only. Thomas Carlyle

To me the Universe was all void of Life, of Purpose, of Volition, even of Hostility; it was one huge, dead, immeasurable Steam-engine, rolling on, in its dead indifference, to grind me limb from limb. Oh vast gloomy, solitary Golgotha, and Mill of Death! Why was the living banished thither companionless, conscious? Why, if there is no Devil; nay, unless the Devil is your God? Thomas Carlyle

Intellect is the soul of man, the only immortal part of him. Thomas Carlyle

Men's hearts ought not to be set against one another, but set with one another and all against evil only. Thomas Carlyle

The choking, sweltering, deadly, and killing rule of no rule; the consecration of cupidity and braying of folly, and dim stupidity and baseness, in most of the affairs of men. Slopshirts attainable three-halfpence cheaper by the ruin of living bodies and immortal souls. Thomas Carlyle

Lies exist only to be extinguished. Thomas Carlyle

Generations are as the days of toilsome mankind; death and birth are the vesper and the matin bells that summon mankind to sleep and to rise refreshed for new advancement. What the father has made, the son can make and enjoy; but has also work of his own appointed him. Thus all things wax and roll onwards: arts, establishments, opinions, nothing is ever completed, but ever completing. Thomas Carlyle

An everlasting lodestar, that beams the brighter in the heavens the darker here on earth grows the night. Thomas Carlyle

Roguery is thought by some to be cunning and laughable: it is neither; it is devilish. Thomas Carlyle

What a wretched thing is all fame! A renown of the highest sort endures, say, for two thousand years. And then? Why, then, a fathomless eternity swallows it. Work for eternity; not the meagre rhetorical eternity of the periodical critics, but for the real eternity wherein dwelleth the Divine. Thomas Carlyle

Habit and imitation-there is nothing more perennial in us than these two. They are the source of all working, and all apprenticeship, of all practice, and all learning, in this world. Thomas Carlyle

Labor is life: from the inmost heart of the worker rises his God-given force, the sacred celestial life-essence breathed into him by Almighty God! Thomas Carlyle

Labor, wide as the earth, has its summit in heaven. Thomas Carlyle

A pygmy standing on the outward crust of this small planet, his far-reaching spirit stretches outward to the infinite, and there alone finds rest. Thomas Carlyle

The nobleness of silence. The highest melody dwells only in silence,-the sphere melody, the melody of health. Thomas Carlyle

When I gaze into the stars, they look down upon me with pity from their serene and silent spaces, like eyes glistening with tears over the little lot of man. Thousands of generations, all as noisy as our own, have been swallowed up by time, and there remains no record of them any more. Yet Arcturus and Orion, Sirius and Pleiades, are still shining in their courses, clear and young, as when the shepherd first noted them in the plain of Shinar! Thomas Carlyle

The deepest depth of vulgarism is that of setting up money as the ark of the covenant. Thomas Carlyle

Nature alone is antique, and the oldest art a mushroom. Thomas Carlyle

Have a purpose in life, and having it, throw into your work such strength of mind and muscle as God has given you. Thomas Carlyle

Infinite is the help man can yield to man. Thomas Carlyle

The mystical bond of brotherhood makes all men brothers. Thomas Carlyle

And there are Ben [Jonson] and William Shakespeare in wit-combat, sure enough; Ben bearing down like a mighty Spanish war-ship, fraught with all learning and artillery; Shakespeare whisking away from him - whisking right through him, athwart the big bulk and timbers of him; like a miraculous Celestial Light-ship, woven all of sheet-lightning and sunbeams! Thomas Carlyle

After all manner of professors have done their best for us, the place we are to get knowledge is in books. Thomas Carlyle

Enjoy things which are pleasant; that is not the evil: it is the reducing of our moral self to slavery by them that is. Thomas Carlyle

Innumerable are the illusions and legerdemain tricks of custom: but of all of these, perhaps the cleverest is her knack of persuading us that the miraculous, by simple repetition, ceases to be miraculous. Thomas Carlyle

Considering the multitude of mortals that handle the pen in these days, and can mostly spell, and write without glaring violations of grammar, the question naturally arises: How is it, then, that no work proceeds from them, bearing any stamp of authenticity and permanence; of worth for more than one day? Thomas Carlyle, Biography (1832) If a book come from the heart, it will contrive to reach other hearts; all art and authorcraft are of small amount to that. Thomas Carlyle

The Public is an old woman. Let her maunder and mumble. Thomas Carlyle

A healthy hatred of scoundrels. Thomas Carlyle

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