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For there was a conspiracy of dullness in the world, a universal plan to shut out the resurgences of spirit which might interfere with clockwork. Better to keep your elevation unseen until it is higher than strangers' hands can reach to pull you down to their level. Tennessee Williams

The trouble with this world is that everybody has to compromise and conform. Tennessee Williams

I don't believe anyone ever suspects how completely unsure I am of my work and myself and what tortures of self-doubting the doubt of others has always given me. Tennessee Williams

How long does it have to go on? This punishment? Haven't I done time enough, haven't I served my term? can't I apply for a-pardon? Tennessee Williams

I gave up visiting my psychoanalyst because he was meddling too much in my private life. Tennessee Williams

The theatre is a place where one has time for the problems of people to whom one would show the door if they came to one's office for a job. Tennessee Williams

Make this decision today. Will you be a good and honest writer, or would you rather be famous, loved, noticed? Tell me, because there are different paths for these two divergent goals. The decision to be a true artist is lonelier and slower, but it will lead to better work and, I think, a better life. Very rarely you will be a good and honest writer and also know a little comfort and some attention and the well wishes of a crowd. This is very rare. Tennessee Williams

What is the victory of a cat on a hot tin roof?-I wish I knew... Just staying on it, I guess, as long as she can... Tennessee Williams

Nobody sees anybody truly but only through the flaws of their own ego. Tennessee Williams

I respect a person that has had to fight and howl for his decency. Tennessee Williams

I'm a poet. And then I put the poetry in the drama. I put it in short stories, and I put it in the plays. Poetry's poetry. It does' have to be called a poem, you know. Tennessee Williams

If you can't be yourself, what's the point of being anyone else? Tennessee Williams

It's to a writer's advantage to contain within himself elements of each sex, or any sex. It's to his advantage because it makes him able to write from the female point of view as well as the male. In some cases, of course, you will find some homosexual writers who can only write from a f - - -'s point of view. But I don't regard myself as a f - - -! Some people may. Also audiences wanted escapism. They don't like too much protest or criticism of their way of life. Tennessee Williams

I'm not in sympathy with Communism except for populations which are in a state of peasantry, actually hungry and starving. The ideal state for me is some form of Socialism, which doesn't yet exist, as far as I know, which doesn't repress the arts, or any race. Consequently I'm not a political person ... except that I'm a revolutionary. Tennessee Williams

The tables have turned, yes, the tables have turned with a vengeance! You've come around to my old way of thinking and I to yours like two people exchanging a call on each other at the same time, and each one finding the other one gone out, the door locked against him and no one to answer the bell! Tennessee Williams

What is the victory of a cat on a hot tin roof ?- I wish I knew.... Just staying on it, I guess, as long as she can... Tennessee Williams

I cannot write any sort of story unless there is at least one character in it for whom I have physical desire. Tennessee Williams

How beautiful it is and how easily it can be broken. Tennessee Williams

Hell is yourself and the only redemption is when a person puts himself aside to feel deeply for another person. Tennessee Williams

Success and failure are equally disastrous. Tennessee Williams

We are all civilized people, wich means that we are all savages at heart but observing a few amenities of civilized behaviour. Tennessee Williams

I'm only really alive when I'm writing. Tennessee Williams

I've got the guts to die. What I want to know is, have you got the guts to live? Tennessee Williams

I know all about the tyranny of women. Tennessee Williams

I'm a poet. And then I put the poetry in the drama. I put it in short stories, and I put it in the plays. Poetry's poetry. It doesn't have to be called a poem, you know. Tennessee Williams

Oh, Jacques, we're used to each other, we're a pair of captive hawks caught in the same cage, and so we've grown used to each other. That's what passes for love at this dim, shadowy end of the Camino Real. Tennessee Williams

The nervous system of any age or nation is its creative workers, its artists. And if that nervous system is profoundly disturbed by its environment, the work it produces will inescapably reflect the disturbances, sometimes obliquely and sometimes with violent directness. Tennessee Williams

It's hard enough for me to write what I want to write without me trying to write what you say they want me to write which I don't want to write. Tennessee Williams

Just another four-letter word. Tennessee Williams

When things do' change, their sameness becomes an accretion. That is why all society puts on flesh. Succumbs to the cubicles and begins to fill them. Tennessee Williams

For a creative person there's just as much pleasure in writing an eight-line poem as there is in writing a blockbuster play ... of the old '50s type. Tennessee Williams

When I was fourteen, my father decided to initiate me into the ways of manhood, and took me to the local whorehouse. The woman spread her legs, and made me look between them. All I could see was something that looked like a dyin' orchid; consequently, I have never been comfortable around women or orchids. Tennessee Williams

Shakespeare probably wrote a poem on that light bill, Mrs. Wingfield. Tennessee Williams

Eternity!-Didn't it give you the cold shivers? Tennessee Williams

I think time is a merciless thing. I think life is a process of burning oneself out and time is the fire that burns you. But I think the spirit of man is a good adversary. Tennessee Williams

Mendacity is a system that we live in," declares Brick. "Liquor is one way out an'death's the other. Tennessee Williams

We live on two levels ... the realistic level and the fantastic level, and which is the real one, really? Tennessee Williams

The human heart would never pass the drunk test.... If you took the human heart out of the human body and put a pair of legs on it and told it to walk a straight line, it couldn't do it. Tennessee Williams

Guessing isn't knowing. Tennessee Williams

What on earth can you do on this earth but catch at whatever comes near you, with both your fingers, until your fingers are broken? Tennessee Williams

Physical beauty is passing - a transitory possession - but beauty of the mind, richness of the spirit, tenderness of the heart - I have all these things - aren't taken away but grow! Increase with the years! Tennessee Williams

I think that hate is a feeling that can only exist where there is no understanding. Tennessee Williams

You said, 'They're harmless dreamers and they're loved by the people.' 'What,' I asked you, 'is harmless about a dreamer, and what,' I asked you, 'is harmless about the love of the people? Revolution only needs good dreamers who remember their dreams. Tennessee Williams

Val: Why do you go out there? Sandra: Because dead people give such good advice. Val: What advice do they give? Sandra: Just one word- live! Tennessee Williams

We have to distrust each other. It is our only defense against betrayal. Tennessee Williams

Life is an unanswered question, but let's still believe in the dignity and importance of the question. Tennessee Williams

Luxury is the wolf at the door and its fangs are the vanities and conceits germinated by success. When an artist learns this, he knows where the danger is. Tennessee Williams

When so many are lonely as seem to be lonely, it would be inexcusably selfish to be lonely alone. Tennessee Williams

What is straight? A line can be straight, or a street, but the human heart, oh, no, it's curved like a road through mountains. Tennessee Williams

Mendacity is a system that we live in. Liquor is one way out an death's the other. Tennessee Williams

Once you fully apprehend the vacuity of a life without struggle, you are equipped with the basic means of salvation. Tennessee Williams

Time rushes towards us with its hospital tray of infinitely varied narcotics, even while it is preparing us for its inevitably fatal operation. Tennessee Williams

Oh, you weak, beautiful people who give up with such grace. What you need is someone to take hold of you-gently, with love, and hand your life back to you, like something gold you let go of-and I can! I'm determined to do it-and nothing's more determined than a cat on a tin roof-is there? Tennessee Williams

Living with someone you love can be lonelier than living entirely alone, if the on that you love doesn't love you. Tennessee Williams

Revolution only needs good dreamers who remember their dreams. Tennessee Williams

I'm not living with you. We occupy the same cage. (Maggie) Tennessee Williams

I can find almost anything funny, thank God, so you search for the black, lacy slip that encases the corpse. You know, shift the angle. God may take away, but he often leaves you with a terrific opening line for the next adventure. I would suggest taking it. Move on; change the angle; look at it in a different way tomorrow. Tennessee Williams

The panic disappeared under those soothing old fingers and the breathing slowed down and stopped hurting the chest as if a fox was caught in it, and then at last Mr. Kroger began to lecture the boy as he used to, Pablo, he murmured, don't ever be so afraid of being lonely that you forget to be careful. Don't forget that you will find it sometimes but other times you won't be lucky, and those are the times when you have got to be patient, since patience is what you must have when you don't have luck. Tennessee Williams

All pretty girls are a trap, a pretty trap, and men expect them to be. Tennessee Williams

Nobody knew my rose of the world but me... I had too much glory. They don't want glory like that in nobody's heart Tennessee Williams

There comes a time when you look into the mirror and you realize that what you see is all that you will ever be. And then you accept it. Or you kill yourself. Or you stop looking in mirrors. Tennessee Williams

Things have a way of turning out so badly. Tennessee Williams

If people behaved in the same way nations do they would all be put in straitjackets. Tennessee Williams

The human animal is a beast that dies but the fact that he's dying don't give him pity for others. Tennessee Williams

I met her last summer on a moonlight boat trip... Tennessee Williams

Somebody said once or wrote, once: 'We're all of us children in a vast kindergarten trying to spell God's name with the wrong alphabet blocks! Tennessee Williams

Oh, you can't describe someone you're in love with! Tennessee Williams

I don't mean what other people mean when they speak of a home, because I don't regard a home as a...well, as a place, a building...a house...of wood, bricks, stone. I think of a home as being a thing that two people have between them in which each can...well, nest. Tennessee Williams

Why you're not crippled, you just have a little defect - hardly noticeable, even! When people have some slight disadvantage like that, they cultivate other things to make up for it - develop charm - and vivacity - and - charm! Tennessee Williams

Hysteria is a natural phenomenon, the common denominator of the female nature. It's the big female weapon, and the test of a man is his ability to cope with it. Tennessee Williams

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