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The sun burnt every day. It burnt time. Ray Bradbury

Those women like to see their tongues dance. Ray Bradbury

Why would you clone people when you can go to bed with them and make a baby? C'mon, it's stupid. Ray Bradbury

But souls can't be sold. They can only be lost and never found again. Ray Bradbury

Oh God, the terrible tyranny of the majority. We all have our harps to play. And it's up to you to know with which ear you'll listen. Ray Bradbury

Only if the third necessary thing could be given us. Number one, as I said: quality of information. Number two: leisure to digest it. And number three: the right to carry out actions based on what we learn from the interaction of the first two. Ray Bradbury

Remember: Plot is no more than footprints left in the snow after your characters have run by on their way to incredible destinations. Plot is observed after the fact rather than before. It cannot precede action. It is the chart that remains when an action is through. That is all Plot ever should be. It is human desire let run, running, and reaching a goal. It cannot be mechanical. It can only be dynamic. Ray Bradbury

We must move into the universe. Mankind must save itself. We must escape the danger of war and politics. We must become astronauts and go out into the universe and discover the God in ourselves. Ray Bradbury

What can we writers learn from lizards, lift from birds? In quickness is truth. The faster you blurt, the more swiftly you write, the more honest you are. In hesitation is thought. In delay comes the effort for a style, instead of leaping upon truth which is the only style worth deadfalling or tiger-trapping. Ray Bradbury

You've got to be able to look at your thoughts on paper and discover what a fool you were. Ray Bradbury

If you don't want a man unhappy politically, don't give him two sides to a question to worry him; give him one. Better yet, give him none. Ray Bradbury

All isn't well with the world. Ray Bradbury

No use going to class unless you go to the library. Ray Bradbury

Action is hope. There is no hope without action. Ray Bradbury

This was all he wanted now. Some signs that the immense world would accept him and give him the long time he needed to think all the things that must be thought. Ray Bradbury

Ours is a culture and a time immensely rich in trash as it is in treasures. Ray Bradbury

It is a lie to write in such way as to be rewarded by fame offered you by some snobbish quasi-literary groups in the intellectual gazettes. Ray Bradbury

(...) And metaphors like cats behind your smile, Each one wound up to purr, each one a pride, Each one a fine gold beast you've hid inside (...) Ray Bradbury

I believe in having fun first, and along the way, if you teach people, if you influence people, well and good. Ray Bradbury

Looking back over a lifetime, you see that love was the answer to everything. Ray Bradbury

Don't think about things, just do them; don't predict them, just make them. Ray Bradbury

He wore his happiness like a mask and the girl had run off across the lawn with the mask and there was no way of going to knock on her door and ask for it back. Ray Bradbury

The problem in our country isn't with books being banned, but with people no longer reading. Look at the magazines, the newspapers around us - it's all junk, all trash, tidbits of news. The average TV ad has 120 images a minute. Everything just falls off your mind. ... You don't have to burn books to destroy a culture. Just get people to stop reading them. Ray Bradbury

I'm numb and I'm tired. Too much has happened today. I feel as if I'd been out in a pounding rain for forty-eight hours without an umbrella or a coat. I'm soaked to the skin with emotion. Ray Bradbury

Hello!" He said hello and then said, "What are you up to now?" "I'm still crazy. The rain feels good. I love to walk in it. "I don't think I'd like that," he said. "You might if you tried." "I never have." She licked her lips. "Rain even tastes good." "What do you do, go around trying everything once?" he asked. "Sometimes twice. Ray Bradbury

Good to evil seems evil Ray Bradbury

I define science fiction as the art of the possible. Fantasy is the art of the impossible. Ray Bradbury

I define science fiction as the art of the possible. Fantasy is the art of the impossible. Science fiction, again, is the history of ideas, and they're always ideas that work themselves out and become real and happen in the world. And fantasy comes along and says, 'We're going to break all the laws of physics.' ... Most people don't realize it, but the series of films which have made more money than any other series of films in the history of the universe is the James Bond series. They're all science fiction, too - romantic, adventurous, frivolous, fantastic science fiction! Ray Bradbury

Thus through half-belief, we are often doomed to repeat that very past we should have learned from. Ray Bradbury

All flesh is one: what matter scores; Or color of the suit Or if the helmet glints with blue or gold? All is one bold achievement, All is fine spring-found-again-in-autumn day When juices run in antelopes along our blood, And green our flag, forever green... Ray Bradbury

And what happened next? Silence happened next. God, it was beautiful. Ray Bradbury

The telephone rang like a spoiled brat. Ray Bradbury

It will only take a minute, said Uncle Einar's sweet wife. I refuse, he said. And that takes but a second. Ray Bradbury

The crowd upon the cross gives anguished roar; A moment terrible to hear. Ray Bradbury

Computers are toys, and men like to mess around with smart dumb things. They feel creative. Ray Bradbury

The problem is, of course, our politicians, men who have no romance in their hearts or dreams in their heads. Ray Bradbury

It makes me furious that I can't find any articles to read anymore. I used to enjoy Forbes and Fortune, but now the pages are completely cluttered with ads. Ray Bradbury

No. I don't believe in the anthropomorphic God. Ray Bradbury

I used to study Eudora Welty. She has the remarkable ability to give you atmosphere, character, and motion in a single line. In one line! You must study these things to be a good writer. Ray Bradbury

Do you know why teachers use me? Because I speak in tongues. I write metaphors. Every one of my stories is a metaphor you can remember. Ray Bradbury

Hollywood was a good influence because I was madly in love with films, and the films had a direct influence on me. Ray Bradbury

I've grown up on a diet of metaphors. If young writers would find those writers who can give them metaphors by the bushel and the peck, then they'll become better writers - to learn how to capsualize things and present them in metaphorical form. Ray Bradbury

There's a lot of crap out there. Most of the science fiction films alone are abominations, you know. They're mindless. So you can't learn from those kinds of films. Ray Bradbury

If you love people you criticize them, and if you don't love them you don't criticize them, you let them go to hell, don't you? To help any kind of friendship, your marriage, your children, you criticize because you love. Ray Bradbury

If we try to deny the darkness in our souls then we'll become completely dark. Ray Bradbury

The whole concept of higher education is negated unless the sole criterion used to determine if students qualify is the grades they score on standardized tests. Education is purely an issue of learning - we can no longer afford to have it polluted by damn politics. Leave pollution up to the politicians Ray Bradbury

Once you let yourself begin to be grown-up, you face a world full of problems you can't solve. The politicians and specialists - adults, all - have a hard enough time trying to figure out where to look. It doesn't have to be that way. The greatest solutions in society are reached by corporate thinking, ruled by a motive to either make a profit or go out of business. Ray Bradbury

I have never listened to anyone who criticized my taste in space travel, sideshows or gorillas. When this occurs, I pack up my dinosaurs and leave the room. Ray Bradbury

Science is no more than an investigation of a miracle we can never explain, and art is an interpretation of that miracle. Ray Bradbury

The trouble with Jim was he looked at the world and could not look away. And when you never look away all your life, by the time you are thirteen you have done twenty years taking in the laundry of the world. Ray Bradbury

What are the best things and the worst things in your life, and when are you going to get around to whispering or shouting them? Ray Bradbury

Digression is the soul of wit. Take the philosophic asides away from Dante, Milton or Hamlet's father's ghost and what stays is dry bones. Ray Bradbury

Don't think. Thinking is the enemy of creativity. It's self-conscious, and anything self-conscious is lousy. You can't try to do things. You simply must do things. Ray Bradbury

In my later years, I have looked in the mirror each day and found a happy person staring back. Occasionally I wonder why I can be so happy. The answer is that every day of my life I've worked only for myself and for the joy that comes from writing and creating. The image in my mirror is not optimistic, but the result of optimal behavior. Ray Bradbury

Books are flesh-and-blood ideas and cry out, silently, when put to the torch. Ray Bradbury

If you stuff yourself full of poems, essays, plays, stories, novels, films, comic strips, magazines, music, you automatically explode every morning like Old Faithful. I have never had a dry spell in my life, mainly because I feed myself well, to the point of bursting. I wake early and hear my morning voices leaping around in my head like jumping beans. I get out of bed to trap them before they escape. Ray Bradbury

Don't they get afraid, then?" "They have a religion for that. Ray Bradbury

Not to write, for many of us, is to die. We must take ares each and every day, perhaps knowing that the battle cannot be entirely won, but fight we must, if only a gentle bout. The smallest effort to win means, at the end of each day, a sort of victory. Ray Bradbury

Thank God for that. You can shut them, say, 'Hold on a moment.' You play God to it. But who has ever torn himself from the claw that encloses you when you drop a seed in a TV parlour? It grows you any shape it wishes! It is an environment as real as the world. It becomes and is the truth. Books can be beaten down with reason. But with all my knowledge and scepticism, I have never been able to argue with a one-hundred-piece symphony orchestra, full colour, three dimensions, and I being in and part of those incredible parlours. Ray Bradbury

I shall remain on Mars and read a book. Ray Bradbury

Programs like 'Jeopardy' and 'Who Wants to Be a Millionaire' are ridiculous. They're the stupidest shows in history. They're making us dumber. They don't give us information, they give us facts, factoids. You don't learn who Napoleon was and how he was motivated. You learn what year he was born, and when he died. That's useless. Ray Bradbury

If you are going to describe the history of animation, you'd look at the early Disney work, then 'Bugs Bunny,' 'Road Runner' and other Warner Brothers theatrical productions. But when you got to 'Rocky and Bullwinkle,' you'd see they were unique: They assumed you had a brain in your head. Ray Bradbury

We are anthill men upon an anthill world. Ray Bradbury

All the women in my life have been librarians, English teachers and book sellers. Ray Bradbury

I'm not a serious person, and I don't like serious people. Ray Bradbury

The first stories I wrote when I was 12 were about Mars and landing on Mars. Ray Bradbury

When I graduated from high school, it was during the Depression and we had no money. Ray Bradbury

If you're embarrassed because you have some notion about how men are supposed to behave, and it doesn't include weeping, then you have some personal work to do. Ray Bradbury

I find it amusing that I'm on the Internet now, because I've criticized it, but mainly I've criticized it on the basis of, 'What are you going to do with it?' Ray Bradbury

I have a big box of autographs. I took photographs of me and Marlene Dietrich, me and Ida Lupino. I took pictures of Myrna Loy and Joel McCrea in front of the studios. I loved Hollywood. I have 500 autographs and 500 photographs I took. Ray Bradbury

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