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No one was ever lost on a straight road. Proverbs

Pride and poverty don't get along, but often live together. Proverbs

You can't steal second base with your foot on first. Proverbs

Attack is the best form of defense. Proverbs

A soft answer turneth away wrath. Proverbs

Cunning surpasses strength. Proverbs

What the lion cannot manage to do the fox can. Proverbs

It is bad luck to fall out of a thirteenth story window on Friday. Proverbs

Who has a trade may go anywhere. Proverbs

Do little things now; so shall big things come to thee by and by asking to be done. Proverbs

Truth fears nothing but concealment. Proverbs

Who wills the end, wills the means. Proverbs

A dog that barks much is never a good hunter. Proverbs

Other times, other manners. Proverbs

You can't please everyone. Proverbs

Turnabout is fair play. Proverbs

A chain is no stronger than its weakest link. Proverbs

We must have reasons for speech but we need none for silence. Proverbs

No matter how long the winter, spring is sure to follow. Proverbs

The turtle lays thousands of eggs without anyone knowing, but when the hen lays an egg, the whole country is informed. Proverbs

Open confession is good for the soul. Proverbs

Big mouthfuls often choke. Proverbs

When God punishes a land, he deprives it leaders of wisdom. Proverbs

God promises a safe landing, not a calm passage. Proverbs

Today must not borrow from tomorrow. Proverbs

Rebuke with soft words and hard arguments. Proverbs

Kings have many ears and eyes. Proverbs

The longest day soon comes to an end. Proverbs

Who begins too much accomplishes little. Proverbs

Instead of complaining that the rosebush is full of thorns, be happy that the thorn bush has roses. Proverbs

No one tests the depth of a river with both feet. Proverbs

Not to know is bad. Not to wish to know is worse. Proverbs

A clear conscience is a good pillow. Proverbs

Dwell not upon thy weariness, thy strength shall be according to the measure of thy desire. Proverbs

A nation's treasure is in its scholars. Proverbs

Anger is the only thing to put off until tomorrow. Proverbs

Bad is never good until worse happens. Proverbs

In the courtroom of the conscience, a case is always in progress. Proverbs

Our faults irritate us most when we see them in others. Proverbs

Danger and delight grow on one stalk. Proverbs

Everything passes, everything breaks, everything wearies. Proverbs

He that seeks trouble never misses. Proverbs

Anger without power is folly. Proverbs

It's the whole, not the detail, that matters. Proverbs

Do not insult the mother alligator until after you have crossed the river. Proverbs

Help thy brother's boat across, and lo! thine own has reached the shore. Proverbs

A diplomat must always think twice before he says nothing. Proverbs

A kind word never broke anyone's mouth. Proverbs

A turkey never voted for an early Christmas. Proverbs

If you dig a grave for others, you might fall into it yourself. Proverbs

It's no use carrying an umbrella if your shoes are leaking. Proverbs

By learning to obey, you will know how to command. Proverbs

Gratitude is the memory of the heart. Proverbs

It is not enough to aim; you must hit. Proverbs

The best armor is to keep out of range. Proverbs

When the character of a man is not clear to you, look at his friends. Proverbs

Make sure to be in with your equals if you're going to fall out with your superiors. Proverbs

If you kick a stone in anger, you'll hurt your own foot. Proverbs

If the wind will not serve, take to the oars. Proverbs

Conversation is food for the soul. Proverbs

He who waits for a chance may wait for a long time. Proverbs

A fault confessed is half redressed. Proverbs

Speak the truth, but leave immediately after. Proverbs

Don't let your sorrow come higher than your knees. Proverbs

A child's tear rends the heavens. Proverbs

A guest is like rain: when he lingers on, he becomes a nuisance. Proverbs

Complain to one who can help you. Proverbs

Let your love be like the misty rains, coming softly, but flooding the river. Proverbs

Sickness comes on horseback but departs on foot. Proverbs

Never marry for money. Ye'll borrow it cheaper. Proverbs

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