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Never repeat old grievances. Proverbs

One's best fortune, or, their worst is their spouse. Proverbs

When the tide of misfortune moves over you, even jelly will break your teeth Proverbs

Fortune favors the bold, but abandons the timid. Proverbs

For the friendship of two, the patience of one is required. Proverbs

Short judgments make long friends. Proverbs

Who seeks a faultless friend remains friendless. Proverbs

Rule: Never perform card tricks for the people you play poker with. Proverbs

Smith and Wesson or a Colt always beat four aces. Proverbs

What men usually ask for when they pray to God is, that two and two may not make four. Proverbs

Every man for himself and God for us all. Proverbs

It is in the shelter of each other that the people live. Proverbs

Never wrestle with a strong man nor bring a rich man to court. Proverbs

When you meet a man, you judge him by his clothes; when you leave, you judge him by his heart. Proverbs

Men can acquire knowledge, but not wisdom. Some of the greatest fools ever known were learned men. Proverbs

The more laws the less justice. Proverbs

Sloth is the key to poverty. Proverbs

Luck is the idol of the idle. Proverbs

When God throws the dice are loaded. Proverbs

Luck seeks those who flee and flees those who seek it. Proverbs

The multitude is always wrong. Proverbs

Prudent men woo thrifty women. Proverbs

A beard signifies lice, not brains. Proverbs

Bulls get rich, bears get rich, but pigs get slaughtered An Irishman is never at his best except when fighting. Proverbs

Maternity is a matter of fact, paternity is a matter of opinion. Proverbs

More flies are caught with honey than with vinegar. Proverbs

Force without forecast is to little avail. Proverbs

Praise makes good people better and bad people worse. Proverbs

Opinions founded on prejudice are always sustained with the greatest violence. Proverbs

Live to live and you will learn to live. Proverbs

If you want an audience start a fight. Proverbs

He who comes from afar may lie without fear of contradiction as he is sure to be listened to with the utmost attention. Proverbs

What is a big shot except a little shot that kept on shooting. Proverbs

No matter how bad a child is, he is still good for a tax deduction. Proverbs

Even a clock that is not going is right twice a day. Proverbs

Why kill time when one can employ it. Proverbs

The morning hour has gold in its mouth. Proverbs

If you speak the truth, have a foot in the stirrup. Proverbs

Gray hair is a sign of age, not of wisdom. Proverbs

As the person who has health is young, so the person who owes nothing is rich. Proverbs

The foolish sayings of a rich man pass for wise ones. Proverbs

The Devil finds work for idle hands. Proverbs

Merit is often an obstacle to fortune; the reason is it produces two bad effects, envy and fear. Proverbs

Nobility doesn't lie in surpassing the other man, but in surpassing the previous self. Proverbs

The world is imprisoned in it's own activity, except where actions are performed as worship of God. Proverbs

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