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Always count the cost. Proverbs

Communism is a cow of many; well milked and badly fed. Proverbs

A pig bought on credit is forever grunting. Proverbs

Between the anvil and the hammer. Proverbs

Better to go to bed hungry than to wake up in debt. Proverbs

Who loves well, chastises well. Proverbs

Who loves me will love my dog also. Proverbs

If men could see the epitaphs their friends write they would believe they had gotten into the wrong grave. Proverbs

It is better to trust the eyes rather than the ears. Proverbs

If we did not flatter ourselves the flattery from others would not harm us. Proverbs

Tell me who's your friend and I'll tell you who you are. Proverbs

He that parts with his property before his death prepares himself for much suffering. Proverbs

There is no happiness; there are only moments of happiness. Proverbs

Many can bear adversity, but few contempt. Proverbs

Little enemies and little wounds must not be despised. Proverbs

He who goes to law for a sheep loses his cow. Proverbs

It is better to sit down than to stand, it is better to lie down than to sit, but death is the best of all. Proverbs

When a blind man bears the standard, pity those who follow. Proverbs

Weeping bride, laughing wife, laughing bride, weeping wife. Proverbs

Offenders never pardon. Proverbs

An old error is always more popular than a new truth. Proverbs

No one is worse, for knowing the worst of themselves. Proverbs

That which is escaped now is pain to come. Proverbs

Patience is the key to paradise. Proverbs

Short lived pleasure is the parent of pain. Proverbs

None are more haughty than a common place person raised to power. Proverbs

The while we keep a man waiting, he reflects on our shortcomings. Proverbs

By continually scolding someone, they in time become accustomed to it and despise your reproof. Proverbs

Be neither intimate nor distant with the clergy. Proverbs

A secret between two is God's secret, between three is all men s. Proverbs

Life without a friend is death without a witness. Proverbs

The less people think the more they talk. Proverbs

Speak little and to the purpose. Proverbs

Everyone according to their talent and every talent according to its work. Proverbs

Finagle's Eighth Rule: Teamwork is essential. It allows you to blame someone else. Proverbs

Time and I against any two. Proverbs

It is the truth that irritates a person. Proverbs

Take what you want, God said to man, and pay for it. Proverbs

The gods sell all things at a fair price. Proverbs

It is a wise man who lives with money in the bank, it is a fool who dies that way. Proverbs

Water for oxen, wine for kings. Proverbs

Want is the mother of industry. Proverbs

If the best man's faults were written on his forehead, he would draw his hat over his eyes. Proverbs

Arouse the mind without resting it on anything. Proverbs

Never too old to learn. Proverbs

He fishes on who catches one. Proverbs

The healthy die first. Proverbs

Those that rule must hear and be deaf, must see and be blind. Proverbs

If a man would live in peace he should be blind, deaf, and dumb. Proverbs

Pray to God but continue to row to the shore. Proverbs

Risk - If one has to jump a stream and knows how wide it is, he will not jump. If he doesn't know how wide it is, he'll jump and six times out of ten he'll make it. Proverbs

A diamond with a flaw is worth more than a pebble without imperfections. Proverbs

Shared joy is a double joy; shared sorrow is half a sorrow. Proverbs

Everybody has been young before, but not everybody has been old before. Proverbs

Advice is least heeded when most needed. Proverbs

If you have much, give of your wealth; if you have little, give of your heart. Proverbs

A bit of fragrance clings to the hand that gives flowers. Proverbs

A book is like a garden carried in the pocket. Proverbs

A filthy mouth will not utter decent language. Proverbs

Teachers open the door. You enter by yourself. Proverbs

Don't throw away your old shoes until you have got new ones. Proverbs

The absent are always in the wrong. Proverbs

A poor person isn't he who has little, but he who needs a lot. Proverbs

Grief shared is half grief; Joy shared is double joy. Proverbs

A light heart lives long. Proverbs

Bricks and mortar make a house, but the laughter of children makes a home. Proverbs

Better no law than laws not enforced. Proverbs

Art is the illusion of spontaneity. Proverbs

In a quarrel, the higher voiced person will win. Proverbs

The reverse side also has a reverse side. Proverbs

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