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Don't fall before you're pushed. Proverbs

Good fences make good neighbors. Proverbs

Waste not, want not. Proverbs

In death, I am born. Proverbs

Sight before hearsay. Proverbs

Eat little, sleep sound. Proverbs

A promise is a debt. Proverbs

He who hesitates is lost. Proverbs

The go-between wears out a thousand sandals. Proverbs

One finger cannot lift a pebble. Proverbs

Fear is a great inventor. Proverbs

He that lives on hope will die fasting. Proverbs

Never give advice unless asked. Proverbs

It's what's inside that counts. Proverbs

One hand washes the other. Proverbs

No smoke without fire. Proverbs

Tomorrow is a new day. Proverbs

The journey is the reward. Proverbs

Opportunity creates desire. Proverbs

Don't dance on a volcano. Proverbs

Every invalid is a physician. Proverbs

Quicker by taking more time. Proverbs

Anger is a bad counselor. Proverbs

He that jokes confesses. Proverbs

Penny wise and pound foolish. Proverbs

Time is the great healer. Proverbs

All's well that ends well. Proverbs

Everybody's business is nobody's business. Proverbs

Silence has so much meaning. Proverbs

Where vice is vengeance follows. Proverbs

First deserve then desire. Proverbs

Too much zeal spoils everything. Proverbs

Too much humility is pride. Proverbs

The day you marry, it is either kill or cure. Proverbs

Hedges between keep friendships green. Proverbs

Talk doesn't cook rice. Proverbs

When there is no enemy within, the enemies outside cannot hurt you. Proverbs

Fear and courage are brothers. Proverbs

Everything in moderation, including moderation. Proverbs

Jealousy and love are sisters. Proverbs

Everyone makes mistakes. Proverbs

Experience is the best teacher. Proverbs

Love will find a way. Proverbs

Hunger is the best sauce. Proverbs

Many lick before they bite. Proverbs

Silence is also speech. Proverbs

Different strokes for different folks. Proverbs

There's no 'I' in team. Proverbs

Never mix business with pleasure. Proverbs

Be thankful for small mercies. Proverbs

Every dog has his day. Proverbs

Virtue is its own reward. Proverbs

Necessity turns lion into fox. Proverbs

Great talker, great liar. Proverbs

Skeptics are never deceived. Proverbs

Kindness begets kindness. Proverbs

Silence was never written down. Proverbs

Don't water your weeds. Proverbs

Faith can move mountains. Proverbs

Forewarned is forearmed. Proverbs

Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Proverbs

A watched pot never boils. Proverbs

Loneliness breaks the spirit. Proverbs

Common sense hides shame. Proverbs

If you want to be respected, you must respect yourself. Proverbs

Garbage in, garbage out. Proverbs

When glory comes, memory departs. Proverbs

Man has responsibility, not power. Proverbs

Better bend than break. Proverbs

Unwilling service earns no thanks. Proverbs

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