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Political freedom is neither easy nor automatic, neither pleasant nor secure. It is the responsibility of the individual for the decisions of society as if they were his own decisions-as in moral truth and accountability they are. Peter Drucker

We will have to learn to lead people rather then to contain them. Peter Drucker

It does not matter whether the worker wants responsibility or not, The enterprise must demand it of him. Peter Drucker

Meetings are a symptom of bad organization. The fewer meetings the better. Peter Drucker

Here I am, fifty-eight, and I still don't know what I'm going to be when I grow up. Peter Drucker

Economists think the poor need them to tell them that they are poor. Peter Drucker

Never underrate the boss! The boss may look illiterate. He may look stupid. But there is no risk at all in overrating a boss. If you underrate him he will bitterly resent it or impute to you the deficiency in brains and knowledge you imputed to him. Peter Drucker

The organization is, above all, social. It is people. Peter Drucker

Our job in life is to make a positive difference, not prove we're right. Peter Drucker

Success always obsoletes the very behavior that achieved it. Peter Drucker

Strategy is a commodity, execution is an art. Peter Drucker

Trust is congruence between what you say and what you do. Peter Drucker

Don't take on things you don't believe in and that you yourself are not good at. Learn to say no. Effective leaders match the objective needs of their company with the subjective competencies. As a result, they get an enormous amount of things done fast. Peter Drucker

The final test of greatness in a CEO is how well he chooses a successor and whether he can step aside and let the successor run the company. Peter Drucker

What managers decide to stop doing is often more important than what they decide to do. Peter Drucker

Marketing and innovation make money. Everything else is a cost. Peter Drucker

Working with people is difficult, but not impossible. Peter Drucker

Business enterprise is an organ of society. There is only one valid definition of business purpose: to create a customer. Peter Drucker

People alone of all the resources can grow and develop. Peter Drucker

There is one qualification the manager cannot acquire but must bring to the task. It is not genius; it is character. Peter Drucker

Tomorrow always arrives. It is always different. And even the mightiest company is in trouble if it has not worked on the future. Being surprised by what happens is a risk that even the largest and richest company cannot afford, and even the smallest business need not run. Peter Drucker

There is no perfect strategic decision. One always has to pay a price. One always has to balance conflicting objectives, conflicting opinions, and conflicting priorities. The best strategic decision is only an approximation - and a risk. Peter Drucker

Adversarial power relationships only work if you never have to see or work with the bastards again. Peter Drucker

The productivity of people requires continuous learning, as the Japanese have taught us. It requires adoption in the West of the specific Japanese Zen concept where one learns to do better what one already does well. Peter Drucker

All good strategy eventually degenerates into work. Peter Drucker

Luck never built a business. Prosperity and growth come only to the business that systematically finds and exploits its potential. Peter Drucker

I'm better about things than about people. I'm more interested in people, but I'm better at ideas. Peter Drucker

Keep the boss aware. Bosses, after all, are held responsible by their own bosses for the performance of their subordinates. They must be able to say: I know what Anne is trying to do. Peter Drucker

The arts alone give direct access to experience. To eliminate them from education-or worse, to tolerate them as cultural ornaments-is antieducational obscurantism. It is foisted on us by the pedants and snobs of Hellenistic Greece who considered artistic performance fit only for slaves... Peter Drucker

Tomorrow everybody-or practically everybody-will have had the education of the upper class of yesterday, and will expect equivalent opportunities. That is why we face the problem of making every kind of job meaningful and capable of satisfying every educated man. Peter Drucker

There is only one valid definition of a business purpose: to create a customer. Peter Drucker

The fundamental reality for every worker, from sweeper to executive vice-president, is the eight hours or so that he spends on the job. In our society of organizations, it is the job through which the great majority has access to achievement, to fulfillment, and to community. Peter Drucker

For if this country... were to make its defense program a function of its domestic employment situation, it would become impossible to conduct a constructive and well-thought out foreign policy or to develop any lasting collaboration. Peter Drucker

The purpose of an organization is to enable common men to do uncommon things. Peter Drucker

Communication is always propaganda. The emitter always wants to get something across. Peter Drucker

The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him and sells itself. Peter Drucker

Follow effective action with quiet reflection. From the quiet reflection will come even more effective action. Peter Drucker

One does not start with facts. One starts with opinions. Peter Drucker

Leaders grow; they are not made. Peter Drucker

Every time you do something that is important, write down what you expect will happen. Peter Drucker

In the modern corporation the decisive power, that of the managers , is derived from no one but the managers themselves controlled by nobody and nothing and responsible to no one. It is in the most literal sense unfounded, unjustified, uncontrolled and irresponsible power. Peter Drucker

The arts alone give direct access to experience. To eliminate them from education - or worse, to tolerate them as cultural ornaments - is antieducational obscurantism. It is foisted on us by the pedants and snobs of Hellenistic Greece who considered artistic performance fit only for slaves... Peter Drucker

The fault is in the system and not in the men. Peter Drucker

There is a point of complexity beyond which a business is no longer manageable. Peter Drucker

The world political system is till based on the concept of the national sovereign state. For the first time therefore, in three hundred years economy and sovereignty are becoming divorced from each other. Peter Drucker

The tool user, provided the tool is made well, need not, and indeed should not, know anything about the tool. Peter Drucker

Once a year ask the boss, "What do I or my people do that helps you to do your job?" and "What do I or my people do that hampers you? Peter Drucker

The individual needs the return to spiritual values, for he can survive in the present human situation only by reaffirming that man is not just a biological and psychological being but also a spiritual being, that is creature, and existing for the purposes of his Creator and subject to Him. Peter Drucker

All economic activity is by definition "high risk." And defending yesterday-that is, not innovating-is far more risky than making tomorrow. Peter Drucker

Value added" is a meaningless concept for a retail business , for a bank, for a life insurance company, and for any other business which is not primarily engaged in manufacturing. Peter Drucker

What we need is an entrepreneurial society in which innovation and entrepreneurship are normal, steady and continuous. Peter Drucker

The really important things are said over cocktails and are never done. Peter Drucker

There's an enormous number of managers who have retired on the job. Peter Drucker

Quality in a service or product is not what you put into it. It is what the client or customer gets out of it. Peter Drucker

Schools will change more in the next 30 years than they have since the invention of the printed book. Peter Drucker

Innovation opportunities do not come with the tempest but with the rustling of the breeze. Peter Drucker

Nobody in the world is as good at making decisions as the Japanese. Peter Drucker

Most of what you hear about entrepreneurshi p is all wrong. It's not magic; it's not mysterious; and it has nothing to do with genes. It's a discipline and, like any discipline, it can be learned. Peter Drucker

Effective organizations put people in jobs in which they can do the most good. They place people - and allow people to place themselves - according to their strengths. Peter Drucker

Time is the scarcest resource.... Peter Drucker

One cannot buy, rent or hire more time. The supply of time is totally inelastic. No matter how high the demand, the supply will not go up. There is no price for it. Time is totally perishable and cannot be stored. Yesterday's time is gone forever, and will never come back. Time is always in short supply. There is no substitute for time. Everything requires time. All work takes place in, and uses up time. Yet most people take for granted this unique, irreplaceable and necessary resource. Peter Drucker

The manager is a servant. His master is the institution he manages and his first responsibility must therefore be to it. Peter Drucker

One has to make a decision when a condition is likely to degenerate if nothing is done. Peter Drucker

The three most charismatic leaders in this century inflicted more suffering on the human race than almost any trio in history: Hitler, Stalin, and Mao. What matters is not the leader's charisma. What matters is the leader's mission. Peter Drucker

What is the manager's job? It is to direct the resources and the efforts of the business toward opportunities for economically significant results. This sounds trite - and it is. But every analysis of actual allocation of resources and efforts in business that I have ever seen or made showed clearly that the bulk of time, work, attention, and money first goes to problems rather than to opportunities, and, secondly, to areas where even extraordinarily successful performance will have minimal impact on results. Peter Drucker

Every success creates new opportunities. So does every failure. Peter Drucker

Nothing else, perhaps, distinguishes effective executives as much as their tender loving care of time. Peter Drucker

The Pertinent Question is NOT how to do things right - but how to find the right things to do, and to concentrate resources and efforts on them. Peter Drucker

The problem in my life and other people's lives is not the absence of knowing what to do but the absence of doing it. Peter Drucker

Everything requires time. It is the only truly universal condition. All work takes place in time and uses up time. Yet most people take for granted this unique, irreplaceable, and necessary resource. Nothing else, perhaps, distinguishes effective executives as much as their tender loving care of time. Peter Drucker

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