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Your first and foremost job as a leader is to take charge of your own energy and then help to orchestrate the energy of those around you. Peter Drucker

Objectives can be compared to a compass bearing by which a ship navigates. A compass bearing is firm, but in actual navigation, a ship may veer off its course for many miles. Without a compass bearing, a ship would neither find its port nor be able to estimate the time required to get there. Peter Drucker

Most organizations staff their problems & starve their opportunities. Peter Drucker

"The area in which the executive first encounters the challenge of strength is in staffing. The effective executive fills positions and promotes on the basis of what a man can do. He does not make staffing decisions to minimize weaknesses but to maximize strength." Peter Drucker

The question that faces the strategic decision maker is not what his organisation should do tomorrow. It is, what do we have to do today to be ready for an uncertain tomorrow? Peter Drucker

The greatest challenge to organizations is the balance between continuity and change. You need both. At different times, the balance is slightly more over here, or slightly more over there, but you need both. And balance is basically the greatest task in leadership. Organizations have to have continuity, and yet if there is not enough new challenge, not enough change, they become empty bureaucracies, awfully fast. Peter Drucker

Of those things that would make a difference, which are right for me? Peter Drucker

You cannot predict the future, but you can create it. Peter Drucker

Communication always makes demands. It always demands that the recipient become somebody, do something, believe something. It always appeals to motivation. Peter Drucker

In todays economy, the most important resource is no longer labor, capital or land; it is knowledge Peter Drucker

The most effective way to manage change is to create it. Peter Drucker

Business has only two basic functions - marketing and innovation. Peter Drucker

Unless the power of the corporation can be organized on an accepted principle of legitimacy, it will be taken over by a Central government Peter Drucker

With Christianity, freedom and equality became the two basic concepts of Europe; they are themselves Europe. Peter Drucker

Innovation requires us to systematically identify changes that have already occurred in a business - in demographics, in values, in technology or science - and then to look at them as opportunities. It also requires something that is most difficult for existing companies to do: to abandon rather than defend yesterday. Peter Drucker

Institutions mistake good intentions for objectives. They say "health care"; that's an intention, not an objective. Peter Drucker

The largest 100 corporations hold 25 percent of the worldwide productive assets, which in turn control 75 percent of international trade and 98 percent of all foreign direct investment.The multinational corporation...puts the economic decision beyond the effective reach of the political process and its decision-makers, national governments. Peter Drucker

The better a man is, the more mistakes he will make, for the more new things he will try. Peter Drucker

Thus, for those who are willing to go out into the field, to look and to listen, changing demographics is both a highly productive and a highly dependable innovation opportunity. Peter Drucker

Innovative efforts should never report to line managers charged with responsibility for ongoing operations. The new project is an infant and will remain one for the foreseeable future, and infants belong in the nursery. The 'adults', that is, the executives in charge of existing businesses or products will have neither the time nor understanding for the infant. Peter Drucker

The success and ultimately the survival of every business, large or small, depends in the last analysis on its ability to develop people. This ability is not measured by any of our conventional yardsticks of economic success; yet, is the final measurement. Peter Drucker

Ideas are cheap and abundant; what is of value is the effective placement of those ideas into situations that develop into action. Peter Drucker

It's amazing how many things busy people are doing that never will be missed. Peter Drucker

The fruit of your work grows on other people's trees Peter Drucker

The key to greatness is to look for people's potential and spend time developing it. Peter Drucker

The real achiever do one thing at a time. Peter Drucker

The race for Quality has no finish line - so technically, it's more like a death march. Efficiency is doing things right; effectiveness is doing the right things. Peter Drucker

Effective innovations start small. They are not grandiose. They try to do one specific thing. Peter Drucker

We can ill afford to have activities conducted as "non-profit," that is, as activities that devour capital rather than form it, if they can be organized as activities that form capital, as activities that make a profit. Peter Drucker

If you want to predict the future create it. Peter Drucker

Management and entrepreneurship are only two different dimensions of the same task. An entrepreneur who does not learn how to manage will not last long. A management that does not learn to innovate will not last long. Peter Drucker

A business enterprise must continue beyond the lifetime of the individual or of the generation to be capable of producing its contributions to economy and to society. Peter Drucker

Managers are agents of transformation, converting the workforce in developed countries from one of manual workers to one of highly educated knowledge workers. Peter Drucker

...throughout the ages to be educated meant to be unproductive....our word school-and its equivalent in all European languages-derives from a Greek word meaning leisure. Peter Drucker

The better a man is, the more mistakes will he make-for the more new things he will try. I would never promote a man into a top level job who had not made mistakes, and big ones at that. Otherwise he is sure to be mediocre. Peter Drucker

One reason for the tremendous increase in health-care costs in the U.S. is managerial neglect of the hotel services by the people who dominate the hospital, such as doctors and nurses. Peter Drucker

Financial synergy is a will-o'-the-wisp.It looks good on paper, but it fails to work out in practice. Peter Drucker

Objectives are not fate; they are direction. They are not commands; they are commitments. They do not determine the future; they are means to mobilize the resources and energies of the business for the making of the future. Peter Drucker

Every first-rate editor I have ever heard of reads, edits and rewrites every word that goes into his publication.... Good editors are not 'permissive'; they do not let their colleagues do 'their thing'; they make sure that everybody does the 'paper's thing.' A good, let alone a great editor is an obsessive autocrat with a whim of iron, who rewrites and rewrites, cuts and slashes, until every piece is exactly the way he thinks it should have been done. Peter Drucker

The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn't said. Peter Drucker

The purpose of a business is to create a customer. Peter Drucker

The new information technology... Internet and e-mail... have practically eliminated the physical costs of communications. Peter Drucker

A person can perform only from strength. One cannot build performance on weakness, let alone on something one cannot do at all. Peter Drucker

History has been written not by the most talented but by the most motivated. Peter Drucker

There is nothing so useless as doing efficiently that which should not be done at all. Peter Drucker

Executives owe it to the organization and to their fellow workers not to tolerate nonperforming individuals in important jobs. Peter Drucker

Accept the fact that we have to treat almost anybody as a volunteer. Peter Drucker

In book subjects a student can only do a student's work. All that can be measured is how well he learns, rather than how well he performs. All he can show is promise. Peter Drucker

Decisions exist only in the present. Peter Drucker

Financial " synergy " is a will-o'-the-wisp.It looks good on paper, but it fails to work out in practice. Peter Drucker

Although he reputedly hated the label of 'guru', Peter Drucker was, by any standards, the greatest management guru the world has yet seen. In 1996, the McKinsey Quarterly journal described him as the 'the one guru to whom other gurus kowtow' and Robert Heller described him as 'the greatest man in the history of management', praise indeed for a man who described himself as 'just an old journalist'. Peter Drucker

There is an unbroken chain of opposition to the introduction of economic freedom and to the capitalist autonomy of the economic sphere... In every case the opposition could only be overcome - peacefully or by force - because of the promise of capitalism to establish equality... That this promise was an illusion we all know. Peter Drucker

A success that has outlived its usefulness may, in the end, be more damaging than failure. Peter Drucker

One reason for the tremendous increase in health-care costs in the U.S. is managerial neglect of the "hotel services" by the people who dominate the hospital, such as doctors and nurses. Peter Drucker

When Henry Ford said, "The customer can have a car in any color as long as it's black," he was not joking. Peter Drucker

Innovation is the specific tool of entrepreneurs, the means by which they exploit change as an opportunity for a different business or a different service. It is capable of being presented as a discipline, capable of being learned, capable of being practiced. Entrepreneurs need to search purposefully for the sources of innovation, the changes and their symptoms that indicate opportunities for successful innovation. And they need to know and to apply the principles of successful innovation. Peter Drucker

Knowledge is power. In post-capitalism, power comes from transmitting information to make it productive, not hiding it. Peter Drucker

Entrepreneurship is "risky" mainly because so few of the so-called entrepreneurs know what they are doing. Peter Drucker

Businesses are not paid to reform customers. They are paid to satisfy customers. Peter Drucker

You can't manage what you don't measure. Peter Drucker

We live in an age of unprecedented opportunity: If you've got ambition and smarts, you can rise to the top of your chosen profession, regardless of where you started out. Peter Drucker

No organization can depend on genius; the supply is always scarce and unreliable. It is the test of an organization to make ordinary human beings perform better than they seem capable of, to bring out whatever strength there is in its members, and to use each man's strength to help all the others perform. The purpose of an organization is to enable common men to do uncommon things. Peter Drucker

If a business is to be considered a continuous process, instead of a series of disjointed stop-and-go events, then the economic universe in which a business operates-and all the major events within it-must have rhyme, rhythm, or reason. Peter Drucker

The strength of the computer lies in its being a logic machine. It does precisely what it is programed to do. This makes it fast and precise. It also makes it a total moron; for logic is essentially stupid. Peter Drucker

It is more productive to convert an opportunity into results than to solve a problem - which only restores the equilibrium of yesterday. Peter Drucker

Technology is not about tools, it deals with how Man works. Peter Drucker

What is the major problem? It is fundamentally the confusion between effectiveness and efficiency that stands between doing the right things and doing things right. There is surely nothing quite so useless as doing with great efficiency what should not be done at all. Peter Drucker

Fortunately or unfortunately, the one predictable thing in any organization is the crisis. That always comes. That's when you do depend on the leader: The job of the leader is to build an organization that is battle-ready, that has high morale, that knows how to behave, that trusts itself, and where people trust one another. Peter Drucker

An institution which is financed by a budget - or which enjoys a monopoly which the customer cannot escape - is rewarded for what it deserves rather than what it earns. It is paid for 'good intentions' and 'programs'. It is paid for not alienating important constituents rather than satisfying any one group. It is misdirected by the way it is being paid into defining performance and results as what will produce the budget rather than as what will produce contribution. Peter Drucker

The need to manage oneself is creating a revolution in human affairs. Peter Drucker

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