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we can harness the energy of the winds, the seas, the sun . But the day man learns to harness the energy of love, that will be as important as the discovery of fire. Paulo Coelho

Everyone, when they are young, knows what their destiny is. Paulo Coelho

In love you always win, even if you lose. Paulo Coelho

Only my insanity keeps me sane in today's world. Paulo Coelho

An angel and a devil are always beside us, and the one we listen to more will prevail. This confrontation is what makes life so magical because you are always challenged by the circumstances - we are good and evil depending on how we act Paulo Coelho

I kissed him hard. The few people in the bar must have been thinking that all they were seeing was just a kiss. They didn't know that this kiss stood for my whole life - and his life, as well. The life of anyone who has waited, dreamed, and searched for their true path. The moment of that kiss contained every happy moment I had ever lived. Paulo Coelho

Visit your soul; don't visit your past. Paulo Coelho

I've noticed that loneliness gets stronger when we try to face it down, but gets weaker when we simply ignore it. Paulo Coelho

Be blessed. And just as you are transforming your own life, may you transform the lives of those around you. When they ask, do not forget to give. When they knock at your door, be sure to open it. When they lose something and come to you, do whatever you can to help them find what they have lost. First, though, ask; knock at the door and find what is missing in your life. A hunter always knows what to expect - eat or be eaten. Paulo Coelho

Just as your hand has the power to hide the sun, mediocrity has the power to hide your inner light. Do not blame others for your own incompetence. Paulo Coelho

Love is only a word, until we decide to let it possess us with all its force. Love is only a word, until someone arrives to give it meaning. Don't give up. Remember, it's always the last key on the key ring that opens the door. Paulo Coelho

Only he who gives up is defeated. Everyone else is victorious. Paulo Coelho

solitude is not absence of love, but its complement Paulo Coelho

Does a leaf, when it falls from the tree in winter, feel defeated by the cold? The tree says to the leaf: "That's the cycle of life. You may think you're going to die, but you live on in me. It's thanks to you that I'm alive, because I can breathe. It's also thanks to you that I have felt loved, because I was able to give shade to the weary traveller. Your sap is in my sap; we are one thing. Paulo Coelho

A life is never useless. Each soul that came down to Earth is here for a reason. Paulo Coelho

Dreaming carries no risks. The dangerous thing is trying to transform your dreams into reality. Paulo Coelho

No one can go back, but everyone can go forward. Paulo Coelho

Do not seek to be loved at any price, because Love has no price. Paulo Coelho

Elegance is accepted and admired because it makes no effort to be elegant. Paulo Coelho

Beware of anyone who tries to please you all the time. Paulo Coelho

What is success? It is being able to go to bed each night with your soul at peace Paulo Coelho

...and I discovered something: the meaning of my life was whatever I wanted it to be. Paulo Coelho

No matter how you are feeling, get up every morning and prepare to let your light shine forth. Paulo Coelho

Time neither moves nor is stationary. Time changes. Paulo Coelho

I learned that the search for God is a Dark Night, that Faith is a Dark Night. And that's hardly a surprise really, because for us each day is a dark night. None of us knows what might happen even the next minute, and yet still we go forward. Because we trust. Because we have Faith. Paulo Coelho

But how will I know who my Soulmate is?" Brida felt that this was one of the most important questions she had ever asked in her life. By taking risks" she said to Brida. " By risking failure, disappointment, disillusion, but never ceasing in you search for Love. As long as you keep looking, you will triumph in the end. Paulo Coelho

I need to write about love. I need to think and think and write about love-otherwise, my soul wo' survive. Paulo Coelho

The present moment, though, is outside of time, it's Eternity. In India they use the word "karma" for lack of any better term. But it's a concept that's rarely given a proper explanation. It is' what you did in the past that will affect the present. It's what you do in the present that will redeem the past and thereby change the future. Paulo Coelho

Don't think about what you"ll tell people afterward. The time is here and now. Make the most of it. Paulo Coelho

The world is divided into those who understand me and those who do'. In the case of the latter, I simply leave them to torment themselves trying to gain my sympathy. Paulo Coelho

Before I die, I want to fight for life. Paulo Coelho

That is why embittered people find heroes and madmen a perennial source of fascination, for they have no fear of life or death. Both heroes and madmen are indifferent to danger and will forge ahead regardless of what other people say. Paulo Coelho

She didn't quite know what the relationship was between lunatics and the moon, but it must be a strong one, if they used a word like that to describe the insane. Paulo Coelho

They went to university because someone, at a time when universities seemed important, said that in order to rise in the world, you had to have a degree. And thus the world was deprived of some excellent gardeners, bakers, antique dealers, sculptors, and writers. Paulo Coelho

You have understood what all great painters understand: in order to forget the rules, you must know them and respect them. Paulo Coelho

music isn't just something that comforts or distracts us, it goes beyond that - it's an ideology. you can judge people by the kind of music they listen to. Paulo Coelho

Sometimes there's just no way to hold back the river. Paulo Coelho

But in the end all religions point to the same light. In between the light and us, sometimes there are too many rules. The light is here and there are no rules to follow this light. Paulo Coelho

Worshiping someone means...placing that person outside of our world. We are not worshiping anyone or anything, we are simply communing with Creation. Paulo Coelho

Right, from now on, whenever you want to find out about something, plunge straight in. Paulo Coelho

There are no risk in Love, as you'll find out for yourself. People have been searching for and finding each other for thousands of years. Suddenly, he realised that the might be wrong. There was always a risk, a single risk: that one person might meet with more thatn one Soulmate in the same incarnation... Paulo Coelho

Man struggles to survive, not to succumb Paulo Coelho

Insanity is in the eyes of the beholder. So I will continue to live my personal folly. Paulo Coelho

We all live in our own world. But if you look up at the starry sky - you'll see that all the different worlds up there combine to form constellations, solar systems, galaxies. Paulo Coelho

We are all pilgrims in search of the unknown. Paulo Coelho

Anything that makes us forget who we are and what we want; that way we can work in order to produce, reproduce, and earn money. Paulo Coelho

Keeping a smile on your lips even when you're on the verge of tears. Feeling sorry for those who show their feelings. Paulo Coelho

Believing that all famous people have tons of money saved up. Paulo Coelho

Investing a lot of time and money in external beauty and caring little about internal beauty. Paulo Coelho

Assuming that women don't like football and that men aren't intersted in home decorating and cooking. Paulo Coelho

Pity those who seek for shepherds, instead of longing for freedom! Paulo Coelho

He rarely knows the result of a battle when the battle is over. Paulo Coelho

Try doing something different every day-like talking to the person at the next table to you in a restaurant, visiting a hospital, putting your foot in a puddle, listening to what another person has to say, allowing the energy of love to flow freely, instead of putting it in a jug and standing it in a corner. Paulo Coelho

A responsible warrior is not someone who takes the weight of the world on his shoulders, but someone who has learned to deal with the challenges of the moment. Paulo Coelho

We warriors of light must be prepared to have patience in difficult times and to know that the Universe is conspiring in our favor, even though we may not understand how. Paulo Coelho

Love with no boundaries. Your future depends on your capacity to love. Paulo Coelho

The path to wisdom is not being afraid to make mistakes. Paulo Coelho

His [Elijah] heart was beginning to give signs of alarm; he was enjoying being at this woman's side. Love could be a more frightening experience than standing before Ahab's soldier with an arrow aimed at his heart; if the arrow had struck him, he would be dead -and the rest was up to God. But if love struck him, he alone would have to take responsibility for the consequences. Paulo Coelho

Fear reaches only to the point where the unavoidable begins; from there on, it loses its meaning. And all we have left is the hope that we are making the right decision. Paulo Coelho

If u behave differently, u will be expelled from the tribe because u can infect others and destroy something that was extremely difficult to organize in the first place. Paulo Coelho

When we marry, we are authorized to take possession of the other person, body and soul. Paulo Coelho

We must study things we will never use, but which someone told us were important to know. Paulo Coelho

The Warrior of the Light concentrates on the small miracles of daily life. Paulo Coelho

He has learned that God uses solitude to teach us how to live with other people. Paulo Coelho

A Warrior never accepts what is unacceptable. Paulo Coelho

He does not keep company with those who wish to harm him. Paulo Coelho

Sometimes Evil pursues the Warrior of the Light, and when it does, he calmly invites it into his tent. Paulo Coelho

But he knows that no man is an island. Paulo Coelho

For the Warrior of the Light, there are no abstractions. Paulo Coelho

He also knows the importance of intuition. Paulo Coelho

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