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Seize every opportunity that life offers you because, when opportunities go, they take a long time to come back. Paulo Coelho

Other people think exactly the opposite: they surrender themselves without a second thought, hoping to find in passion the solutions to all their problems. They make the other person responsible for their happiness and blame them for their possible unhappiness. They are either euphoric because something marvelous has happened or depressed because something unexpected has just ruined everything. Paulo Coelho

Oddly enough I never used to suffer from depression on cold, gray, cloudy days like this. I feel as if nature is in harmony with me, that it reflected my soul. Paulo Coelho

To heal our wounds, we need courage to face them. Paulo Coelho

We forget that the world is what we imagine it to be. We stop being the sun and become, instead, the pool of water reflecting it. Paulo Coelho

The more attention you pay an enemy, the stronger you make him. Be attentive, but don't be paranoiac. Paulo Coelho

I need to write about love. I need to think and think and write about love-otherwise, my soul won't survive. Paulo Coelho

And, when you can't go back, you have to worry only about the best way of moving forward. Paulo Coelho

Finding one important thing in your life doesn't mean you have to give up all the other important things. Paulo Coelho

On your journey to your dream, be ready to face oasis and deserts. In both cases, don't stop Paulo Coelho

Stop thinking about life and choose to live it Paulo Coelho

simple things are the most valuable and only wise people appreciate them". Paulo Coelho

If it's still in your mind, it is still in your heart. Paulo Coelho

Remember that wherever your heart is, there you will find your treasure. You've got to find the treasure, so that everything you have learned along the way can make sense. Paulo Coelho

The happier people can be, the unhappier they are. Paulo Coelho

You can't change the wind. But you can adjust the sails to reach your destination Paulo Coelho

Instead of using your thoughts, become your thoughts Paulo Coelho

Everyday was another day spent waiting. Every night was another night when she might meet someone who would recognize her true worth. Paulo Coelho

Lord, bless our week. Help us to take all the necessary risks to become the person we always wanted to be. Paulo Coelho

If you think small, your world will be small. If you think big, your world will be big. Paulo Coelho

She Knows three things: (a) that men are less treacherous than women; (b) that they never notice what a woman is wearing because they're always mentally undressing her, (c) that as long as you've got breasts,thighs,buttocks and belly in good trim, you can conquer the world. Paulo Coelho

My heart might be bruised, but it will recover and become capable of seeing beauty of life once more. It's happened before, it will happen again, I'm sure. When someone leaves, it's because someone else is about to arrive-I'll find love again. Paulo Coelho

His way isn't the same as mine, nor mine as his. But we're both in search of our destinies, and I respect him for that. Paulo Coelho

Certainly. But take this into consideration: of every ten problems we have, nine are created by our own selves - through guilt, self-punishment, self-pity. However, from time to time a great obstacle appears in our path, which was put there by God, and which is there for a reason. The reason is: to give us the opportunity to change everything, to move forwards. Paulo Coelho

Because i've suffered. Because many times in my life i have tried to love with all my heart, and my love has wound up being trampled or betrayed. Paulo Coelho

Life is the train and not the station. Paulo Coelho

When faced by any loss, there's no point in trying to recover what has been, it's best to take advantage of the large space that opens up before us and fill it with something new. Paulo Coelho

You may not be winning, but this doesn't mean you are losing Paulo Coelho

Everything in life has its price. Paulo Coelho

Not everyone can see his dreams come true in the same way. Paulo Coelho

You must always know what it is that you want. Paulo Coelho

The music could even penetrate his remote world, more distant than the moon itself; it could even perform miracles. Paulo Coelho

If you have a past with which you feel dissatisfied, then forget it. Now. Paulo Coelho

No one can desire the love of God without first knowing human love. Paulo Coelho

The energy that many people call love, is, in fact, the raw material from which the universe was built. Paulo Coelho

That 'simple desire' to share something meant that we could enter the world of language without words, where everything is always clear and there is no danger of being misinterpreted. Paulo Coelho

Hell is when we look back during that fraction of a second and know that we wasted an opportunity to dignify the miracle of life. Paradise is being able to say at that moment: "I made some mistakes, but I was' a coward. I lived my life and did what I had to do. Paulo Coelho

I realised that you don't have to jump through a series of complicated hoops to achieve a goal. Paulo Coelho

When we are living our dream, the difficulties we encounter make sense. Paulo Coelho

The important thing is to keep the fire in your heart and be strong to overcome hard moments. Paulo Coelho

It's inevitable to lose from time to time. The point is: don't get used to defeats. Paulo Coelho

That was a matter suspended between heaven and earth, awaiting the hand of destiny. Paulo Coelho

It's true that everything has its Personal Legend, but one day that Personal Legend will be realized. So each thing has to transform itself into something better, and to acquire a new Personal Legend, until, someday, the Soul of the World becomes one thing only. Paulo Coelho

There's nothing deeper than love. In fairy tales, the princesses kiss the frogs, and the frogs become princes. In real life, the princesses kiss princes, and the princes turn into frogs. Paulo Coelho

Waiting is painful. Forgetting is painful. But not knowing which to do is the worst kind of suffering. Paulo Coelho

What did I do to deserve this? Paulo Coelho

So, in my relationships with men, I've always sought suffering, conflict, and despair. Paulo Coelho

If I had to give you one piece of advice, it would be this: don't be intimidated by other people's opinions Paulo Coelho

Of giving, even when I have nothing, Paulo Coelho

I don't know if the books are making the world a much better place. I don't write with that objective. What I know is that I see my readers creating a critical mass so we can at least understand this world in a different way. Paulo Coelho

Does a leaf, when it falls from the tree in winter, feel defeated by the cold? The tree says to the leaf: "That's the cycle of life. You may think you're going to die, but you live on in me. It's thanks to you that I'm alive, because I can breathe. It's also thanks to you that I have felt loved, because I was able to give shade to the weary traveller. Your sap is in my sap; we are one thing. Paulo Coelho

It is not necessary to move mountains in order to prove one's faith. Paulo Coelho

The warrior knows that he is free to choose his desires, and he makes these decisions with courage, detachment, and - sometimes - with just a touch of madness. Paulo Coelho

Item one: the law of the will. We just talked about this: one should only do that which truly fills our hearts with enthusiasm. If we brush this aside, if we put off the moment to live that which we dream of, we lose the energy necessary for any important transformation in our lives. Someone once put this most succinctly: "I do' know the secret of success - but the secret of failure is to always try to follow the will of others. Paulo Coelho

When we love, we always strive to become better than we are. When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better too. Paulo Coelho

Don't give in to your fears. If you do, you won't be able to talk to your heart. Paulo Coelho

Don't think about what you've left behind" The alchemist said to the boy as they began to ride across the sands of the desert. "If what one finds is made of pure matter, it will never spoil. And one can always come back. If what you had found was only a moment of light, like the explosion of a star, you would find nothing on your return. Paulo Coelho

Not even your love could withhold you from fulfilling your own personal legend. Paulo Coelho

No matter what he does, every person on earth plays a central role in the history of the world. And normally he doesn't know it. Paulo Coelho

At every moment of our lives, we all have one foot in a fairy tale and the other in the abyss. Paulo Coelho

When you want something with all your heart, that's when you are closest to the Soul of the World.... when you love someone with all your heart, that's when you are transformed." "Everything on earth is being continuously transformed, because the earth is alive... and it has a soul. We are part of that soul, so we rarely recognize that it is working for us.... we continue to change as change is the nature of man. No one is "just this way". That is who they are today - it will not be who they are tomorrow. Paulo Coelho

Our body remains alive, yet sooner or later our soul will receive a mortal blow. The perfect crime-for we don't know who murdered our joy, what their motives were, or where the guilty parties are to be found. Paulo Coelho

All things are manifestations of one thing only. Paulo Coelho

to die tomorrow was no worse than dying on any other day. Every day was there to be lived or to mark one's departure from this world. Paulo Coelho

When you possess great treasures within you and try to tell others of them, seldom are you believed. Paulo Coelho

In the beginning there was only a small amount of injustice abroad in the world, but everyone who came afterwards added their portion, always thinking it was very small and unimportant, and look where we have ended up today. Paulo Coelho

but something always went wrong, and the relationship would end precisely at the moment when she was sure that this was the person with whom she wanted to spend the rest of her life. After a long time, she came to the conclusion that men brought only pain, frustration, suffering and a sense of time dragging. Paulo Coelho

We are entering a new world in which we can choose to follow our own steps, not those that society forces us to take. Paulo Coelho

Everyone when they are young knows what their destiny is. At that point in their lives, everything is clear and everything is possible. Paulo Coelho

I'm alive. When I'm eating that's all I think about. If I'm on the march, I just concentrate on marching. If I have to fight,it will be just as good a day as any to die. If you can concentrate always on the present, you'll be a happy man. Life is the moment we are living now. Paulo Coelho

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