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I love how significant jewelry is throughout the world and throughout time. People have been adorning themselves with jewelry for years and its one of the oldest forms of art and design. This is something that has and will always inspire me. Pamela Love

The leather vests are work vests, supposed to look like factory workers. They're actually the vests we use in the studio when we make jewelry. Pamela Love

To me, jewelry is a natural progression and there is something so meaningful and magical about creating that one of a kind, special piece. Pamela Love

The Art Deco movement, architecture from that period and sort of the industrial aesthetic from that period. Art Deco meets tribal kind of thing. All that is my primal inspiration. Pamela Love

Seeing my ideas come to reality. Seeing how happy it makes other people to wear them. Seeing them on other people makes me the happiest. Pamela Love

I'm listening to Gogol Bordello, which is totally random, but I love him. Just finished the new Joan Didion book, Blue Nights, which I loved. I haven't been to the movies in God knows how long. I haven't been doing anything but living in a bubble, making jewelry! Pamela Love

Art has such a transforming power. It can really take over your mind once you allow it to. Pamela Love

As far as inspiration goes, I'm constantly inspired by traveling, symbols, magic and different cultural traditions around the world. Pamela Love

I'm always interested in collaborating with designers. I love Gaultier. I know that's kind of a high hope! Pamela Love

I'm always inspired by the hidden treasures, unique personalities and New York's overall charm. Pamela Love

I might do a film someday for the collection. I love designing sets and creating environments, in film school and for my own presentations. I love telling stories. Pamela Love

Luxury is something that makes you feel beautiful. I have a vintage silk kimono that definitely makes me feel beautiful and luxurious. Pamela Love

I consider taking a road trip with my husband to be the epitome of happiness. It's been so hectic lately that it's been hard to plan one, but we always drive to North Carolina, where he's from, for Christmas. We'll be doing that again soon. Pamela Love

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