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I am really blessed and very grateful for it. Pam Grier

I really hate to see abusive behavior being passed on from generation to generation to generation, when we have access to health and counseling. Pam Grier

I was able to be distant by portraying another person, another character, if you will, and I found myself not stuttering and not having anxiety attacks when I was portraying another soul, another being, and I found comfort in that. I think many actors do, playing someone other than themselves. Pam Grier

Driving a cab is not really a nurturing type of relationship. You take people and they tip you, they may not tip you, you don't know their names, they don't care about you, you don't care about them. Pam Grier

I've never considered myself to be beautiful, and I still don't. Pam Grier

I don't know how I did it, but I worked 7 days a week. Pam Grier

The first movie that I saw was Godzilla and I loved it. Pam Grier

Some day I want to play a grandmother. And a foxy one at that! Pam Grier

I felt beauty was a magnet for abuse, and I had suffered greatly for it. Pam Grier

That's what he was saying, the civil rights movement - judge me for my character, not how black my skin is, not how yellow my skin is, how short I am, how tall or fat or thin; It's by my character. Pam Grier

And as I reinvent myself and I'm constantly curious about everything, I can't wait to see what's around the corner in newfound art and entertainment and exploration. Pam Grier

Well who's black and what is a black person? Pam Grier

I like to do all kinds of films. Pam Grier

My mother really wanted me to be in possibly a beauty pageant, not only for if I could win, but it helped improve my self-image because of trauma in my childhood and other issues. Pam Grier

I do a movie once every four years and they call it a comeback. Pam Grier

My family was very, very receptive to all; all races, religions. Pam Grier

I love working with a lot of different films and a lot of different people. Pam Grier

There are just certain realities about our world and I just happen to be creative within it. Pam Grier

It makes me forget that I'm not going to be a major star and lead female in films whether it was 20 years ago, 10 years ago, five or in the future. Pam Grier

I wanted to be in film. I wanted to be a film student, possibly be a director or cinematographer, not an actor. That was my goal. I didn't believe I had the physical beauty that I'd seen projected and advertised in movies, in theater. It just wasn't for me. Pam Grier

I love the hip-hop nation. Pam Grier

I grew up in a family where we weren't allowed to talk about beauty or to put any emphasis on physical appearance. Pam Grier

This whole beauty thing is something I've never comprehended. Pam Grier

Well, thank you and that's for them, but for me, I want to look back at a body of work where when you do the research and you explore the psyche of a character, where she's been, where she is and where she's going. Pam Grier

Today, many people are engaging in same sex relationships and saying they are not gay. Pam Grier

But I just loved looking at the clothes of the '70s. Pam Grier

Me, sexy? I'm just plain ol' beans and rice. Pam Grier

Does a black person make them an African American? No. There are Hispanics that are very, very dark skinned so the word has lost its meaning, it's not a very concise or proper word to use even today and it wasn't then. Pam Grier

My people were homesteading in Colorado before Emancipation. Pam Grier

Struggle and survival, losing and winning, doesn't matter. It's entering the race that counts. You enter, you can win, you can lose .... but it's all about entering the race. Pam Grier

I thought I would be Sheena of the Jungle as a little girl. Pam Grier

Each time you do a film you gain a lot of experience and build a visual resume where people get to know who you are. Pam Grier

Women are allowed more freedoms and we're fighting for more freedoms, we're experiencing more freedoms won. Pam Grier

I don't believe that I should just do A-movies, I just do the work as an artist. Pam Grier

It's always fun to put on bell bottoms and have your butt hanging out and hip huggers. Pam Grier

I'm a big child at heart. I think it's important to stay that way and not lose the wonder of life. Pam Grier

Let's start working towards wellness, a healing in our community, a healing in relationships, so male and female can finally sit down and understand that that young boy or young girl saw behavior exhibited by their parents that was negative and abusive and they're going to pass it on. Pam Grier

I like serious films, the moneymaking blockbusters that don't make any kind of sense and John Carpenter films. Pam Grier

I came from poverty and was part of those circumstances. Pam Grier

I love science fiction. Pam Grier

You can be on top of everything, and the next minute, you're going to be on the bottom. Pam Grier

Thats what I crave that diversity. Pam Grier

When you are an actor, you bring a tool in your craft but you are not that person. Pam Grier

I really do not care if it is a B-movie or not. Pam Grier

I'm an Air force Brat and I've lived all over the world and this country and there were people in my community who were gay - nurses, hairdressers, designers - people who just had a different way about themselves. Pam Grier

Oh, there's going to be debate because you're dealing with the Bible and religion is supposed to be separate from state and that to me is already a conflict before it even hits the gay issue. Pam Grier

My grandfather was the first feminist in my life. He taught me if a woman can do something, a man will respect her. Pam Grier

The African-American community is not monolithic. It's liberal and conservative. Pam Grier

I think people will have great conversations about religions, women's sexuality, gender issues and gay issues. Pam Grier

Our culture is revered and it inspires people all around the globe. Pam Grier

As I get older, it's a time to enjoy life. Pam Grier

I want to direct and work with the youngins and the fabulous actors of today. Pam Grier

My passion is to tell stories that reflect humanity. Pam Grier

I never thought I was pretty. I couldn't even put on eyelashes or makeup. Pam Grier

When you come from an environment that's military, and they don't stress that topic of aesthetics or beauty pageants and makeup, there are a lot of things you just don't have that city girls have. Or the country girl who goes to movies and dreams of going to Hollywood as an actress. Pam Grier

I'm in film school, so I really have to sock away my money for school, tuition, and so on, and I really don't have time. Pam Grier

I don't want to be an actress, because I think that they have to be really pretty, and I'm not. Pam Grier

I'm just going to try to do the best work at whatever I'm going to be, and I don't think I'm going to be an actress. Pam Grier

I don't think I can break down any doors, but I'm thinking, "Maybe I can be a cameraman, because I love the cameras." And the cameraman would show me how to thread the film, how to repair it, the lenses. That's when you become, like, goony goo-goo about it. You breathe and eat camera, and all of a sudden, you don't want anything else in the world. You finally know, "This is my calling." When you're passionate about something, it doesn't become work. It's art and it's fun. It's arduous, it's sweaty. Pam Grier

Anything involving the camera, you're passionate about. Because there's no movies without it. Pam Grier

I was kind of a bouncy kid. I used to roller-skate into the sides of cars. Pam Grier

You can get hurt at any time. Pam Grier

If you're stupid and you're arrogant, you're going to get hurt. Pam Grier

You never know how people are going to respond. Pam Grier

I was a child of the women's movement. Everything I had learned was from my mother and my grandmother, who both had a very pioneering spirit. They had to, because they had to change flat tires and paint the house - because, you know, the men didn't come home from the war or whatever else, so women had to do these things. Pam Grier

Out of necessity comes genius. Pam Grier

At the beginning, my ambition was never to break down doors. It was just to earn tuition for myself and work in an industry where women hadn't been allowed or invited. That's all I wanted to do, not thinking that I would make waves, change minds, excite people, incite people, turn on people, repulse people. Pam Grier

Coming from the '50s, things were very violent. Pam Grier

Coming from the '50s, things were very violent. We were still being lynched. If I drove down through the South with my mother, I might not make it through one state without being bullied or harassed. I feel like unless you've been black for a week, you don't know. Pam Grier

I'm still trying to do films about black women. Pam Grier

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