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Can I flirt with another guy to make him jealous?" "Oh no." She laughed, still holding my hands. "That will unleash something you can't handle. You don't mess with men that way. P C Cast

True love is not a potion one person can swallow and another refuse to drink. It happens only when the souls of two join together to form one P C Cast

But will they be together again? If they're reborn as new people with no memory of their previous lives, how can they find each other?" "Soul mates will always find each other. Do not weep on their behalf...they will be together again." "Do you promise?" Lina's voice trembled with emotion. "I promise, sweet one. I promise. P C Cast

I'v planted my seeds for my upcoming events. but right now, Im just waiting for them to bloom P C Cast

How will it ever be bearable, Priestess?" His voice was rough. He sounded completely broken. "You"ll see her again. She's with Nyx now. She"ll either wait for you in the Goddess's meadow, or she"ll be reborn and her soul will find you again during this lifetime. You can bear it because you know that spirit never really ends-we never really end. P C Cast

I'm going to remember this, I told myself sternly. I'm going to remember how awful they made me feel today. So when I'm scared and alone and whatever else is going to happen to me starts to happen, I'm going to remember that nothing about be as bad as being stuck here.Nothing. P C Cast

Lies don't fix things. They don't even make things easier, at least not in the long run. Best to tell the truth and then clean up an honest mess. P C Cast

I still didn't look at him. I was afraid if I did that, I would turn around, run back to him, and hurl myself into his arms. P C Cast

But sometimes you gotta do stuff you don't want to do. P C Cast

Ancient mirror Macick mirror Shades of gray Hidden Forbidden Within, away Part the mist Macick kissed Call the fey Reveal the past The spell is cast I save the day! P C Cast

No, Kramisha, he's not black. He's a killer bird with evil for his Daddy. P C Cast

I know dead. I've been there, done that and got the freakin' T-shirt. P C Cast

They're Twin-like," Shaunee said. "Hilarious," Erin agreed. "Shut up!" Aphrodite and Stevie Rae said together, which made the Twins convulse into laughter. P C Cast

I just found you - I don't want to leave you so soon. P C Cast

Nice dress Zoey. It looks just like mine. Oh, wait! It used to be mine. Aphrodite laughed a throaty, I'm-so-grown-and-you're-just-a-kid laugh. I really hate it when girls do that.I mean, yes, she's older, but I have boobs, too. P C Cast

But we're going to smile and pretend we're fine with the dorky birthmas gifts because people do not get that they can't mush a birthday into christmas. P C Cast

With a young-adult series, you need to get a lot of books out on the market quickly. Teenagers aren't going to wait years and years for the next book. P C Cast

As a successful romantic novelist - one of my publishers is Mills & Boon - I create the sort of male heroes that no woman could fail to adore and few real men could hope to emulate. P C Cast

Beautiful, see the cloud, the cloud appear. Beautiful, see the rain, the rain draw near... P C Cast

Ever heard of the word please?" "Never. P C Cast

A window within the soul to see Light and Magick I send with thee Be strong, be brave, make the right choice Though Darkness shouts with a terrible voice Know that I am watching from above And that always, always, the answer is love! P C Cast

Yes, I'm married, but I'm not a corpse. P C Cast

that's as nutty as squirrel turds P C Cast

It was like I was inside a fishbowl in the middle of a typhoon, and everyone else was on the outside cluelessly enjoying lovely weather. P C Cast

You know about Star Trek?" came out of Stark's mouth before his brain could stop it. Again, the warrior shrugged. "We do have the satellite. P C Cast

Stark looked strong and healthy and totally gorgeous. I was distracting myself by wondering what exactly Scottish guys did, or didn't, wear under those kilts when he turned to face me. His smile lit up his eyes. "I can practically hear you thinking. P C Cast

Within chaos lies opportunity. P C Cast

She comes back Through blood by blood She returns Cut deep now Like me Humanity saves her Will she save me? P C Cast

Here's a newsflash from the only High Preistess you have left at this dang school: Zoey isn't dead. And believe me, I know dead. I've been there, done that, and got the frickin' T-shirt." - Stevie Rae P C Cast

Becky Renee Apple - can you believe her mom named her that and then had all of her sweaters monogramed with 'BRA'? P C Cast

Bat, pigeon, ravens - I don't care about distinctions right now. Any fluttery, flappy thing is not cool with me. P C Cast

And when you love someone you don't always see them realistically. P C Cast

Night can't cloak your scarlet dream. Accept Desire's call. P C Cast

I should have kissed more than your hand...thought I'd have more time," he whispered between liquid, panting breaths. "...too late now." I looked into his eyes and completely forgot the rest of the world. In that moment, all I knew was that I was holding Stark in my arms, and I was going to lose him very, very soon. P C Cast

It's not just a sunset; it's a moonrise too. P C Cast

If you're too scared to put your dreams, thoughts, desires, fantasies on paper and share them with the world, then being an author isn't the right career for you. P C Cast

I don't write women who are weak or simpering. P C Cast

The dividing line forms-fashioned from: Dragon's tears Missed years Overcome fears The fire and ice paradox Seen with True Sight Darkness does not always equate to evil Light does not always bring good P C Cast

when love is strong enough it can even cause Fate to change her course P C Cast

Plus, according to my mother, memories change like people do, especially if there's enough alcohol involved-Aphrodite P C Cast

Also pay attention if a tree or whatnot says something about two bulls. P C Cast

How can you expect me to believe that?""whether you believe it or not does not change the nature of truth P C Cast

Blood Leads to Humanity, Spirit Leads to Night, and Earth Completes. P C Cast

Like pleasure, beauty should be savored and enjoyed P C Cast

I prefer my water in wine form. P C Cast

He leaned back a little, not taking his arm from around me, but looking into my eyes. "You're changing, Zoey. And I'm not sure what you're changing into. P C Cast

...Night has chosen thee; thy death will be thy birth. Night calls to thee; harken to Her sweet voice. Your destiny awaits you at the House of Night. P C Cast

A lot of men wouldn't like being called a romantic. It's not macho enough.' Quite often men are fools. P C Cast

We're so special, when you look in the dictionary under short bus, there's a group picture of us,' Stevie Rae said, sounding weak but definately alive. P C Cast

Im not letting my best freind die. been there done that. i got that freakin tshirt P C Cast

Another two-bowl morning?" - Damien Maslin asking Zoey Redbird if her love of cereal was the reason she was almost late for Vamp Soc class P C Cast

Yeah, I know you. I made you up. This is my dream. You're a mixture of Zac Efron and Johnny Depp. P C Cast

There is a deep power in words that speak the truth P C Cast

She's easy to lead around, a shiny present here, a pretty compliment there, and you have true love and a popped cherry sacrificed to the god of deception and hormones. Young girls are so ridiculous-so predictably easy. P C Cast

Okay, well, let's do a little reenactment. I'm the gay-looking DiCaprio and you're Rose. You have to keep your eyes open and on my face, or you'll have to let me go and I'll turn into a huge gay Popsicle. P C Cast

Try asking for Nyx's help." "Nyx would not hear me." Kalona spoke so quietly that Shaunee almost didn't hear him. "she has not heard me for eons." "During those eons how many times did you ask for her help?" "Not once," he said "Then how do you know she's not listening to you? P C Cast

Kayla Robinson, if you don't shut up I'll fly down there and suck every last bit of blood from your stupid cheating cow body! P C Cast

man, i would have peeled off my shirt faster than you can say bubba loves trucks. P C Cast

You'll see. She can be nice sometimes. P C Cast

Because you are the superhero fledgling. I'm just your more attractive sidekick. Oh, and the herd of nerds are your dorky minions. P C Cast

Kids definitely go into bookstores after reading 'Twilight' and want something else like it. P C Cast

Actually, since I'm gay I think I should count for two guys instead of just one. I mean, in me you get the male point of view and you don't have to worry about me wanting to touch your boobies. P C Cast

Neferet, you're nuttier than squirrel turds. P C Cast

I would tell you that you looked really hot today when I saw you naked, but that probably wouldn't be appropriate, being as we're in bed together but not doing anything." Stark - Hunted P C Cast

Your dad would stake me out to freeze if I let you fall and hurt yourself." He offered me his arm, which I latched onto gratefully. "He wouldn't stake you out," I panted as we forced our way through the hard top layer of snow that was almost thigh deep. "He'd just shoot you." "Well that's a comfort. P C Cast

Oh, God, Shannon. You're blowing my mind." Clint's morning voice was rich with passion. I wanted to correct him and explain that it wasn't his mind I was blowing, but my mother had taught me it was impolite to speak when one's mouth was full... P C Cast

Da, hes waiting for me to tell the two of you our news first, then he'll join me." He cocked a dark brow at her. "And why would he not come to your mother and me first and ask permission to handfast with you, as is the honorable thing to do?" She cocked her own brow, mirroring his expression perfectly. "Because he's not stupid. Anyone with any sense would be scared of you two. But even scared to death, he wanted to come with me. I wouldn't let him. I knew I needed to talk to you alone first. P C Cast

Arrayed in a new body another mother may someday give birth so that with stronger limbs and brighter mind the old soul shall take the road to earth again. P C Cast

Aye, wumman, if it's truly romantic, then it must be Scottish, P C Cast

I am not a morning person. Never have been - never want to be. As a matter of fact, I am vaguely distrustful of people who bound out of bed early like demented puppies. It's barbaric to wake up before 9:00 a.m. P C Cast

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