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Behind the perfection of a man's style, must lie the passion of a man's soul. Oscar Wilde

Art, like Nature, has her monsters Oscar Wilde

What men call the shadow of the body is not the shadow of the body, but is the body of the soul. Oscar Wilde

It was only in the theatre that I lived Oscar Wilde

I love hearing my relations abused. It is the only thing that makes me put up with them at all. Oscar Wilde

Beauty is the only thing that time cannot harm. Philosophies fall away like sand, and creeds follow one another like the withered leaves of Autumn; but what is beautiful is a joy for all seasons and a possession for all eternity. Oscar Wilde

Love will fly if held too lightly Love will die if held too tightly . . . Oscar Wilde

I have said to you to speak the truth is a painful thing. To be forced to tell lies is much worse. Oscar Wilde

You have killed my love. You used to stir my imagination. Now you don't even stir my curiosity. You simply produce no effect. I loved you because you were marvelous, because you had genius and intellect, because you realized the dreams of great poets and gave shape and substance to the shadows of art. You have thrown it all away. You are shallow and stupid Oscar Wilde

Lord AUGUSTUS:(looking around) Time to educate yourself, I suppose. DUMBY: No, time to forget all I have learned. That is much more important. Oscar Wilde

Now it seems to me that love of some kind is the only possible explanation of the extraordinary amount of suffering that there is in the world. I cannot conceive of any other explanation. I am convinced that there is no other, and that if the world has indeed, as I have said, been built of sorrow, it has been built by the hands of love, because in no other way could the soul of man, for whom the world was made, reach the full stature of its perfection. Pleasure for the beautiful body, but pain for the beautiful soul. Oscar Wilde

But beauty, real beauty, ends where an intellectual expression begins. Intellect is in itself a mode of exaggeration, and destroys the harmony of any face. The moment one sits down to think, one becomes all nose, or all forehead, or something horrid. Look at the successful men in any of the learned professions. How perfectly hideous they are! Except, of course, in the Church. But then in the Church they don't think. Oscar Wilde

Youth is the only thing worth having. When I find that I am growing old, I shall kill myself. Oscar Wilde

I have grown tired of the articulate utterances of men and things. The Mystical in Art, the Mystical in Life, the Mystical in Nature this is what I am looking for. It is absolutely necessary for me to find it somewhere. Oscar Wilde

Yes, very sensible... People die of common sense, Dorian, one lost moment at a time. Life is a moment. There is no hereafter. So make it burn always with the hardest flame. Oscar Wilde

We in the House of Lords are never in touch with public opinion. That makes us a civilised body. Oscar Wilde

It was you I thought of all the time, I gave to them the love you did not need: lavished on them a love that was not theirs. Oscar Wilde

I cannot choose one hundred best books because I have only written five Oscar Wilde

Circumstances should never alter principles! Oscar Wilde

We have really everything in common with America nowadays, except, of course, language. Oscar Wilde

The world seemed to me fine because you were in it, and goodness more real because you lived. Oscar Wilde

Life is terrible. It rules us, we do not rule it. Oscar Wilde

The honest ratepayer and his healthy family have no doubt often mocked at the dome-like forehead of the philosopher, and laughed over the strange perspective of the landscape that lies beneath him. If they really knew who he was, they would tremble. For Chuang Ts? spent his life in preaching the great creed of Inaction, and in pointing out the uselessness of all things. Oscar Wilde

It is always a silly thing to give advice, but to give good advice is absolutely fatal. Oscar Wilde

Religion is like a blind man looking in a black room for a black cat that isn't there, and finding it. Oscar Wilde

Nothing is so aggravating as calmness. There is something positively brutal about the good temper of most modern men. Oscar Wilde

Oh, why will parents always appear at the wrong time? Some extraordinary mistake in nature, I suppose. Oscar Wilde

Science is out of the reach of morals, for her eyes are fixed upon eternal truths. Art is out of the reach of morals, for her eyes are fixed upon things beautiful and immortal and ever-changing. Oscar Wilde

Work is the refuge of people who have nothing better to do. Oscar Wilde

Civilization is not by any means an easy thing to attain to. There are only two ways by which man can reach it. One is by being cultured, the other by being corrupt. Oscar Wilde

I saw the only rational method of art criticism I have ever come across... Please do not shoot the pianist. He is doing his best. The mortality among pianists in that place is marvellous. Oscar Wilde

Consistency is the last resort of the unimaginative. Oscar Wilde

Lady Bracknell. Good afternoon, dear Algernon, I hope you are behaving very well. Algernon. I'm feeling very well, Aunt Augusta. Lady Bracknell. That's not quite the same thing. In fact the two things rarely go together. Oscar Wilde

A bishop keeps on saying at the age of eighty what he was told to say at the age of eighteen. Oscar Wilde

Artists, like the Greek gods, are only revealed to one another. Oscar Wilde

Good taste is the excuse I've always given for leading such a bad life Oscar Wilde

And her sweet red lips on these lips of mine Burned like the ruby fire set In the swinging lamp of a crimson shrine, Or the bleeding wounds of the pomegranate, Or the heart of the lotus drenched and wet With the spilt-out blood of the rose-red wine. Oscar Wilde

sorrow...is a wound that bleeds when any hand but that of love touches it Oscar Wilde

Young men want to be faithful, and are not. Old men want to be faithless, and cannot. Oscar Wilde

Yet each man kills the thing he loves, By each let this be heard, Some do it with a bitter look, Some with a flattering word, The coward does it with a kiss, The brave man with a sword! Some kill their love when they are young, And some when they are old; Some strangle with the hands of Lust, Some with the hands of Gold: The kindest use a knife, because The dead so soon grow cold. Some love too little, some too long, Some sell, and others buy; Some do the deed with many tears, And some without a sigh: For each man kills the thing he loves, Yet each man does not die. Oscar Wilde

Lean on principles, one day they'll end up giving way. Oscar Wilde

The artist is the creator of beautiful things. To reveal art and conceal the artist is art's aim. Oscar Wilde

Well I won't argue about the matter. You always want to argue about things. That is exactly what things were originally made for. Oscar Wilde

The world belongs to the discontented. Oscar Wilde

Anybody can make history; only a great man can write it. Oscar Wilde

Just as the worst slave-owners were those who were kind to their slaves, and so prevented the horror of the system being realized by those who suffered from it, and understood by those who contemplated it, so, in the present state of things in England, the people who do most harm are the people who try to do most good. Oscar Wilde

Mere color, unspoiled by meaning, and unallied with definite form, can speak to the soul in a thousand different ways. Oscar Wilde

She is all the great heroines of the world in one. She is more than an individual. I love her, and I must make her love me. I want to make Romeo jealous. I want the dead lovers of the world to hear our laughter, and grow sad. I want a breath of our passion to stir dust into consciousness, to wake their ashes into pain. Oscar Wilde

A man who marries without knowing Bunbury has a very tedious time of it. Oscar Wilde

My friend is not allowed to go out today. I sit by his side and read him passages from his own life. They fill him with surprise. Everyone should keep someone else's diary; I sometimes suspect you of keeping mine. Oscar Wilde

A daughter is a mother's gender partner, her closest ally in the family confederacy, an extension of herself. -Author Unknown As long as a woman can look ten years younger than her own daughter, she is perfectly satisfied. Oscar Wilde

[T]he recognition of private property has really harmed Individualism, and obscured it, by confusing a man with what he possesses. It has led Individualism entirely astray. It has made gain, not growth its aim. So that man thought that the important thing is to have, and did not know that the important thing is to be. Oscar Wilde

Bad artists always admire each other's work. They call it being large-minded and free from prejudice. But a truly great artist cannot conceive of life being shown, or beauty fashioned, under any conditions other than those he has selected. Oscar Wilde

I'm sure I don't know half the people who come to my house. Indeed, from all I hear, I shouldn't like to. Oscar Wilde

What between the duties expected of one during one's lifetime, and the duties exacted from one after one's death, land has ceased to be either a profit or a pleasure. It gives one position, and prevents one from keeping it up. That's all that can be said about land. Oscar Wilde

Action is limited and relative. Unlimited and absolute is the vision of him who sits at ease and watches, who walks in loneliness and dreams. Oscar Wilde

There is no country in the world where machinery is so lovely as in America. Oscar Wilde

There is no such thing as morality or immorality in thought. There is immoral emotion. Oscar Wilde

And now, I am dying beyond my means. (Said while sipping champagne on his deathbed.) Oscar Wilde

If only the picture could grow old, and I stay young. For that...for that, I would give my SOUL for that. Oscar Wilde

Bigamy ? It's having one wife too much... ...Monogamy ? It's the same. Oscar Wilde

Crying is the refuge of plain women but the ruin of pretty ones. Oscar Wilde

Do not be afraid of the past. If people tell you that it is irrevocable, do not believe them. The past, the present and the future are but one moment in the sight of God, in whose sight we should try to live. Time and space, succession and extension, are merely accidental conditions of thought. The imagination can transcend them. Oscar Wilde

I could never quite accustom myself to absinthe, but it suits my style so well Oscar Wilde

Every woman is wrong until she cries. Oscar Wilde

A community is infinitely more brutalised by the habitual employment of punishment than it is by the occasional occurence of crime. Oscar Wilde

When a man does exactly what a woman expects him to do she doesn't think much of him. One should always do what a woman doesn't expect, just as one should say what she doesn't understand. Oscar Wilde

Though of all poses a moral pose is the most offensive, still to have a pose at all is something. Oscar Wilde

I can't stand people that do not take food seriously. Oscar Wilde

It is personalities not principles that move the age. Oscar Wilde

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