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Whenever cannibals are on the brink of starvation, Heaven, in its infinite mercy, sends them a fat missionary. Oscar Wilde

Really, if the lower orders don't set a good example, what on earth is the use of them? Oscar Wilde

America is one long expectoration. Oscar Wilde

When people talk to us about others they are usually dull. When they talk to us about themselves they are nearly always interesting. Oscar Wilde

In the old times men carried out their rights for themselves as they lived, but nowadays every baby seems born with a social manifesto in its mouth much bigger than itself. Oscar Wilde

In love, it is better to know and be disappointed, than to not know and always wonder. Oscar Wilde

When liberty comes with hands dabbled in blood it is hard to shake hands with her. Oscar Wilde

Work is the curse of the drinking class. I can resist everything except temptation. Moderation is a fatal thing - nothing succeeds like excess. We are all of us in the gutter. But some of us are looking at the stars. Oscar Wilde

So lets knock a couple back and make some noise Oscar Wilde

Check out my website. I get paid per view. Oscar Wilde

Each of us has heaven and hell in him... Oscar Wilde

Good resolutions are useless attempts to interfere with scientific laws. Their origin is pure vanity. Their result is absolutely nil. They give us, now and then, some of those luxurious sterile emotions that have a certain charm for the weak.... They are simply cheques that men draw on a bank where they have no account. Oscar Wilde

The answers are all out there, we just need to ask the right questions. Oscar Wilde

An entirely new factor has appeared in the social development of the country, and this factor is the Irish-American, and his influence. To mature its powers, to concentrate its action, to learn the secret of its own strength and of England's weakness, the Celtic intellect has had to cross the Atlantic. At home it had but learned the pathetic weakness of nationality; in a strange land it realised what indomitable forces nationality possesses. What captivity was to the Jews, exile has been to the Irish: America and American influence have educated them. Oscar Wilde

And thus we rust Life's iron chain Degraded and alone: And some men curse, and some men weep, And some men make no moan: But God's eternal Laws are kind And break the heart of stone Oscar Wilde

Unless one is wealthy there is no use in being a charming fellow. Romance is the privilege of the rich, not the profession of the unemployed. The poor should be practical and prosaic. It is better to have a permanent income than to be fascinating. Oscar Wilde

There is no good talking to him," said a Dragon-fly, who was sitting on the top of a large brown bulrush; "no good at all, for he has gone away." "Well, that is his loss, not mine," answered the Rocket. "I am not going to stop talking to him merely because he pays no attention. I like hearing myself talk. It is one of my greatest pleasures. I often have long conversations all by myself, and I am so clever that sometimes I don't understand a single word of what I am saying." "Then you should definitely lecture on Philosophy," said the Dragon-fly. Oscar Wilde

Beauty is a form of genius - is higher, indeed, than genius, as it needs no explanation. Oscar Wilde

More than half of modern culture depends upon what one shouldn't read. Oscar Wilde

I have spent most of the day putting in a comma and the rest of the day taking it out. Oscar Wilde

Well, in the first place girls never marry the men they flirt with. Girls don't think it right. Oscar Wilde

Nothing annoys people so much as not receiving invitations. Oscar Wilde

You love the beauty that you can see and touch and handle, the beauty that you can destroy, and do destroy, but of the unseen beauty of life, of the unseen beauty of a higher life, you know nothing. Oscar Wilde

I find that forgiving one's enemies is a most curious morbid pleasure; perhaps I should check it. Oscar Wilde

The problem with the common person is that he is so unbearably common! Oscar Wilde

To toil for a hard master is bitter, but to have no master to toil for is more bitter still. Oscar Wilde

Early in life she had discovered the important truth that nothing looks so like innocence as an indiscretion; and by a series of reckless escapades, half of them quite harmless, she had acquired all the privileges of a personality. Oscar Wilde

The State is to make what is useful. The individual is to make what is beautiful. Oscar Wilde

Nothing spoils romance so much as a sense of humor in the woman Oscar Wilde

I never approve, or disapprove, of anything now. It is an absurd attitude to take towards life. Oscar Wilde

There is a fatality about good resolutions - that they are always made too late Oscar Wilde

Ah, on what little things does happiness depend! I have read all that the wise men have written, and all the secrets of philosophy are mine, yet for want of a red rose is my life made wretched. Oscar Wilde

The truth about the life of a man is not what he does, but the legend which he creates around himself. Oscar Wilde

Every impulse we strangle will only poison us. Oscar Wilde

MRS ALLONBY Is she such a mystery? LORD ILLINGWORTH She is more than a mystery - she is a mood. MRS ALLONBY Moods don't last. LORD ILLINGWORTH It is their chief charm. Oscar Wilde

But she is happiest alone. She is happiest alone. Oscar Wilde

It is only very ugly or very beautiful women who ever hide their faces . Oscar Wilde

Perhaps there may come into my art also, no less than into my life, a still deeper note, one of greater unity of passion, and directness of impulse. Not width but intensity is the true aim of modern art. We are no longer in art concerned with the type. It is with the exception that we have to do. I cannot put my sufferings into any form they took, I need hardly say. Art only begins where Imitation ends, but something must come into my work, of fuller memory of words perhaps, of richer cadences, of more curious effects, of simpler architectural order, of some aesthetic quality at any rate. Oscar Wilde

I wonder that no criminal has ever pleaded the ugliness of your city as an excuse for his crimes. Oscar Wilde

When I am in trouble, eating is the only thing that consoles me. Indeed, as any one who knows me intimately will tell you, I refuse everything except food and drink. At the present moment I am eating muffins because I am unhappy. Besides, I am particularly fond of muffins. Oscar Wilde

I don't regret for a single moment having lived for pleasure. I did it to the full, as one should do everything that one does. There was no pleasure I did not experience. Oscar Wilde

I am but too conscious of the fact that we are born in an age when only the dull are treated seriously, and I live in terror of not being misunderstood. Oscar Wilde

Between the optimist and the pessimist, the difference is droll. The optimist sees the doughnut; the pessimist the hole! Oscar Wilde

When one pays a visit it is for the purpose of wasting other people's time, not one's own. Oscar Wilde

If a friend of mine gave a feast, and did not invite me to it, I should not mind a bit. But if a friend of mine had a sorrow and refused to allow me to share it, I should feel it most bitterly. Oscar Wilde

The way of paradoxes is the way of truth. To test Reality we must see it on the tight-rope. Oscar Wilde

LORD GORING: My father told me to go to bed an hour ago. I don't see why I shouldn't give you the same advice. I always pass on good advice. It is the only thing to do with it. It is never of any use to oneself. Oscar Wilde

Frank Harris has been received in all the great houses - once! Oscar Wilde

Thinking is the most unhealthy thing in the world, and people die of it just as they die of any other disease. Fortunately, in England at any rate, thought is not catching. Our splendid physique as a people is entirely due to our national stupidity. Oscar Wilde

I am in a duel to the death with this wallpaper, one of us has got to go. Oscar Wilde

It is the spectator, and not life, that art really mirrors. Oscar Wilde

The burden of this world is too great for one man to bear, and the world's sorrow too heavy for one heart to suffer. Oscar Wilde

I never approve, or disapprove, of anything now. It is an absurd attitude to take towards life. We are not sent into the world to air our moral prejudices. I never take any notice of what common people say, and I never interfere with what charming people do. If a personality fascinates me, whatever mode of expression that personality selects is absolutely delightful to me. Oscar Wilde

My life-my whole life- take it, and do with it what you will. I love you-love you as I have never loved any living thing. From the moment I met you I loved you, loved you blindly, adoringly,madly! You didn't know it then-you know it now. Oscar Wilde

Civilization is not by means an easy thing to attain to. There are only two ways by which man can reach it. One is by being cultured, the other by being corrupt. Oscar Wilde

I am always late on principle, my principle being that punctuality is the thief of time. Oscar Wilde

Art only begins where Imitation ends. Oscar Wilde

The secret to life is to enjoy the pleasure of being terribly, terribly deceived. Oscar Wilde

Always! That is a dreadful word. It makes me shudder when I hear it. Women are so fond of using it. They spoil every romance by trying to make it last forever. It is a meaningless word, too. The only difference between a caprice and a life-long passion is that the caprice lasts a little longer. Oscar Wilde

Time is jealous of you, and wars against your lilies and your roses. Oscar Wilde

Words! Mere words! How terrible they were! How clear, and vivid, and cruel! One could not escape from them. And yet what a subtle magic there was in them! Oscar Wilde

Liberty is the chosen resort of the artistic shopper. Oscar Wilde

I beg your pardon I didn't recognise you - I've changed a lot. Oscar Wilde

The only way to behave to a woman is to make love to her if she is pretty, and to someone else if she is plain. Oscar Wilde

I love hearing my relations abused. It is the only thing that makes me put up with them at all. Relations are simply a tedious pack of people, who haven't got the remotest knowledge of how to live nor the smallest instinct about when to die. Oscar Wilde

Some things are more precious because they don't last long. Oscar Wilde

Books are well written, or badly written. That is all. Oscar Wilde

If you want to be a doormat you have to lay yourself down first. Oscar Wilde

In examinations the foolish ask questions that the wise cannot answer. Oscar Wilde

I really don't see anything romantic in proposing. It is very romantic to be in love. But there is nothing romantic about a definite proposal. Why, one may be accepted. One usually is, I believe. Then the excitement is all over. The very essence of romance is uncertainty. If ever I get married, I'll certainly try to forget the fact. Oscar Wilde

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