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Mrs. Allonby: They say, Lady Hunstanton, that when good Americans die they go to Paris. Lady Hunstanton: Indeed? And when bad Americans die, where do they go to? Lord Illingworth: Oh, they go to America. Oscar Wilde

Really, if the lower orders don't set us a good example, what on earth is the use of them? Oscar Wilde

Mothers, of course, are all right. They pay a chap's bills and don't bother him. But fathers bother a chap and never pay his bills. Oscar Wilde

Well, I can't eat muffins in an agitated manner. The butter would probably get on my cuffs. One must eat muffins quite calmly, it is the only way to eat them. Oscar Wilde

The only possible society is oneself. Oscar Wilde

The things people say of a man do not alter a man. He is what he is. Public opinion is of no value whatsoever. Oscar Wilde

Something was dead in each of us, And what was dead was Hope. Oscar Wilde

How else but through a broken heart May Lord Christ enter in? Oscar Wilde

We are the zanies of sorrow. We are clowns whose hearts are broken. Oscar Wilde

Genius is born - not paid. Oscar Wilde

Disobedience, in the eyes of anyone who has read history, is man's original virtue. It is through disobedience and rebellion that progress has been made. Oscar Wilde

Anybody can sympathise with the sufferings of a friend, but it requires a very fine nature to sympathise with a friend's success. Oscar Wilde

I suppose that I shall have to die beyond my means. Oscar Wilde

There is only one thing in the world worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about. Oscar Wilde

The fact is, that civilization requires slaves. The Greeks were quite right there. Unless there are slaves to do the ugly, horrible, uninteresting work, culture and contemplation become almost impossible. Human slavery is wrong, insecure, and demoralizing. On mechanical slavery, on the slavery of the machine, the future of the world depends. Oscar Wilde

I was a man who stood in symbolic relations to the art and culture of my age.... The gods had given me almost everything. I had genius, a distinguished name, high social position, brilliancy, intellectual daring: I made art a philosophy, and philosophy an art: I altered the minds of men and the colors of things: there was nothing I said or did that did not make people wonder. Oscar Wilde

Ethics, like natural selection, make existence possible. Aesthetics, like sexual selection, make life lovely and wonderful, fill it with new forms, and give it progress, and variety and change. Oscar Wilde

The final revelation is that Lying, the telling of beautiful untrue things, is the proper aim of Art. Oscar Wilde

Good artists exist simply in what they make, and consequently are perfectly uninteresting in what they are. Oscar Wilde

The terror of society, which is the basis of morals, the terror of God, which is the secret of religion - these are the two things that govern us. Oscar Wilde

What people call insincerity is simply a method by which we can multiply our personalities. Oscar Wilde

There is no such thing as a moral or an immoral book. Books are well written, or badly written. That is all. Oscar Wilde

Prosperity, pleasure and success, may be rough of grain and common in fibre, but sorrow is the most sensitive of all created things. There is nothing that stirs in the whole world of thought to which sorrow does not vibrate in terrible and exquisite pulsation. The thin beaten-out leaf of tremulous gold that chronicles the direction of forces the eye cannot see is in comparison coarse. It is a wound that bleeds when any hand but that of love touches it, and even then must bleed again, though not in pain. Oscar Wilde

Is it thy will that I should wax and wane, Barter my cloth of gold for hodden grey, And at thy pleasure weave that web of pain Whose brightest threads are each a wasted day? Oscar Wilde

The honest ratepayer and his healthy family have no doubt often mocked at the dome-like forehead of the philosopher, and laughed over the strange perspective of the landscape that lies beneath him. If they really knew who he was, they would tremble. For Chuang Tsu spent his life in preaching the great creed of Inaction, and in pointing out the uselessness of all things. Oscar Wilde

My dear fellow, the truth is' quite the sort of thing one tells to a nice, sweet, refined girl. What extraordinary ideas you have about the way to behave to a woman! Oscar Wilde

The suspense is terrible, I hope it will last. Oscar Wilde

Pleasure is the only thing to live for. Nothing ages like happiness. Oscar Wilde

Life! Life! Don't let us go to life for our fulfillment or our experience. It is a thing narrowed by circumstances, incoherent in its utterance, and without that fine correspondence of form and spirit which is the only thing that can satisfy the artistic and critical temperament. Oscar Wilde

Modern pictures are, no doubt, delightful to look at. At least, some of them are. But they are quite impossible to live with; they are too clever, too assertive, too intellectual. Their meaning is too obvious, and their method too clearly defined. One exhausts what they have to say in a very short time, and then they become as tedious as one's relations. Oscar Wilde

Caricature is the tribute that mediocrity pays to genius. Oscar Wilde

I don't want money. It is only people who pay their bills who want that, and I never pay mine. Oscar Wilde

There is nothing in the whole world so unbecoming to a woman as a Nonconformist conscience. Oscar Wilde

Civilisation is not by any means an easy thing to attain to. There are only two ways by which man can reach it. One is by being cultured, the other by being corrupt. Oscar Wilde

A man who can dominate a London dinner table can dominate the world. The future belongs to the dandy. It is the exquisites who are going to rule. Oscar Wilde

A kiss may ruin a human life. Oscar Wilde

In his very rejection of art Walt Whitman is an artist. He tried to produce a certain effect by certain means and he succeeded.... He stands apart, and the chief value of his work is in its prophecy, not in its performance. Oscar Wilde

Grief has turned her fair. Oscar Wilde

The gods bestowed on Max the gift of perpetual old age. Oscar Wilde

It is an odd thing, but every one who disappears is said to be in San Francisco. It must be a delightful city, and possess all the attractions of the next world. Oscar Wilde

We become lovers when we see Romeo and Juliet, and Hamlet makes us students. The blood of Duncan is upon our hands, with Timon we rage against the world, and when Lear wanders out upon the heath the terror of madness touches us. Oscar Wilde

Through our sunless lanes creeps Poverty with her hungry eyes, and Sin with his sodden face follows close behind her. Misery wakes us in the morning and Shame sits with us at night. Oscar Wilde

It is very vulgar to talk like a dentist when one isn't a dentist. It produced a false impression. Oscar Wilde

Lady Bracknell. Good afternoon, dear Algernon, I hope you are behaving very well. Algernon. I'm feeling very well, Aunt Augusta. Lady Bracknell. That's not quite the same thing. In fact the two things rarely go together. Oscar Wilde

Be moderate in all things, including moderation. Oscar Wilde

Literature always anticipates life. It doesn't copy it but moulds it to it's purpose. Oscar Wilde

After a good dinner one can forgive anybody, even one's own relations. Oscar Wilde

This wallpaper is dreadful, one of us will have to go. Oscar Wilde

Never speak disrespectfully of Society, Algernon. Only people who can't get into it do that. Oscar Wilde

I don't want to go to heaven. None of my friends are there. Oscar Wilde

The basis of action is lack of imagination. It is the last resource of those who know not how to dream. Oscar Wilde

The world was my oyster but I used the wrong fork. Oscar Wilde

Everything in moderation, including moderation. Oscar Wilde

The gods are strange. It is not our vices only they make instruments to scourge us. They bring us to ruin through what in us is good, gentle, humane, loving. Oscar Wilde

Life is too short to learn German Oscar Wilde

I am afraid that we are beginning to be over-educated; at least everybody who is incapable of learning has taken to teaching -that is really what our enthusiasm for education has come to. Oscar Wilde

I am thoroughly sick of pearls. They make one look so plain, so good and so intellectual. Oscar Wilde

Men know life too early. Women know life too late. That is the difference between men and women. Oscar Wilde

What art seeks to disturb is monotony of type, slavery of custom, tyranny of habit, and the reduction of man to the level of a machine. Oscar Wilde

Out of the unreal shadows of night comes back the real life that we had known. We have to resume it where we had left off... p 207 Oscar Wilde

Where there is no love there is no understanding. Oscar Wilde

The weather still continues charming. Oscar Wilde

I always like to know everything about my new friends, and nothing about my old ones. Oscar Wilde

Behind every exquisite thing that existed, there was something tragic. Oscar Wilde

Actors are so fortunate. They can choose whether they will appear in tragedy or in comedy, whether they will suffer or make merry, laugh or shed tears. But in real life it is different. Most men and women are forced to perform parts for which they have no qualifications. Our Guildensterns play Hamlet for us, and our Hamlets have to jest like Prince Hal. The world is a stage, but the play is badly cast. Oscar Wilde

A method of procuring sensations? Do you think then, that a man who has once committed a murder could possibly do the same crime again? Don't tell me that." says Dorian. "Oh! anything becomes a pleasure if one does it too often," says Lord Henry Oscar Wilde

The moon in her chariot of pearl Oscar Wilde

Knowledge would be fatal. It is the uncertainty that charms one. A mist makes things wonderful. Oscar Wilde

To be good, according to the vulgar standard of goodness, is obviously quite easy. It merely requires a certain amount of sordid terror, a certain lack of imaginative thought, and a certain low passion for middle-class respectability. Oscar Wilde

A really well-made buttonhole is the only link between Art and Nature. Oscar Wilde

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