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Olaus Murie
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Certainly a wilderness area, a little portion of our planet left alone...will furnish us with a number of very important uses...If we are wise, we will cherish what we have left of such places in our land. Olaus Murie
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We cannot overlook the importance of wild country as source of inspiration, to which we give expression in writing, in poetry, drawing and painting, in mountaineering, or in just being there. Olaus Murie
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There is growing awareness of the beauty of country ... a sincere desire to keep some of it for all time. People are beginning to value highly the fact that a river runs unimpeded for a distance... They are beginning to obtain deep satisfaction from the fact that a herd of elk may be observed in back country, on ancestral ranges, where the Indians once hunted them. They are beginning to seek the healing relaxation that is possible in wild country. In short, they want it. Olaus Murie
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