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If you seek approval from others in this world, you will not know happiness. Mooji

Attempting to understand consciousness with your mind, is like trying to illuminate the sun with a candle... Mooji

The nature of illusion is that, when you see through it, it disappears. Mooji

There is a Silence that is totally impersonal. It is not the fruit of anybody's work. Peace is there, but there is no peacekeeper. This Peace is only known when the noise of the person is not present. In the absence of the 'person' there are no distractions. Only the ever-pure Awareness prevails. The Ultimate is nobody's achievement at all. Mooji

When you know you know nothing, an air of openness and humility prevails. Then real understanding enters the mind. Mooji

Whatever comes, don't push it away. When it goes, do not grieve. Mooji

All the mind-streams eventually flow into the One ocean Beingness. There are many pathways for the mind; there are no paths for the Heart, for the Heart is infinite and fills everything. Mooji

Mainly we obsess on fixing or pacifying the mind. I simply ask you to observe it from a place of neutrality. Mooji

There is a Silence that is totally impersonal. It is not the fruit of anybody's work. Peace is there, but there is no peacekeeper. This Peace is only known when the noise of the person is not present. In the absence of the 'person' there are no distractions. Only the ever-pure Awareness prevails. The Ultimate is nobody's achievement at all. Mooji

Consciousness shakes off the littleness of being and finds the infinite space in which all things have a place. Be in your universality. Mooji

Who reminds you to breathe and to beat your heart? Something is there, taking care... Mooji

Don't remind the world that it is sick and troubled. Remind it that it is beautiful and free. Mooji

So vast is that Being that there's enough room for every sensation to have its momentary play. Mooji

Be true to Love. Do not betray Her. Then, on the day that the forest of the mind bursts into flames, you will not run. You will remain silent and still; for this is when Love bears Her sweetest fruit: untouched Presence. Mooji

Don't expect anything from anybody, this is also a great freedom. Don't expect things to be different or people to be in service to you or your own life or projections. Feel gradually that natural feeling of detachment. Dont watch constantly with the eyes of relationship and past and so on. Stay faithful to your own discovery, leave the rest and life will take care of it. Mooji

You are not merely the body; you are 100% Pure Being. But you must find this out for yourself. It must become your own discovery, happening in your innermost being. Mooji

Focus your mind on 'I Am', which is pure and simple being. You are Here and Now only. Contemplate what it is to be fully 'Here' and fully 'Now'. For this you must leave all else. Stay only as here-now Conscious presence. This is Heart. This is Self. Mooji

Honor your seeing...digest your seeing...otherw ise it becomes just another thing you file away in the mind's department of philosophy...yo u're here for much more than are here for Self-discovery. .. Mooji

All you need to do is recognize your true position as the witness. You only have to do this for some time, until the spell is broken. Even after the spell is broken these mental tendencies may arise, but without any power, just like you can see the moon in the daylight. Mooji

You are here. You are not the one who will go and come. Let what you're suffering from go and come, not you. You stay put. Mooji

If you give yourself one complete minute of focused presence, to simply stop; even to listen to your heart beating, it will take you out of your head and introduce you to the moment which is complete in itself. It is not on the way to another moment. It is not a bridge to another opportunity. It is the timeless perfection So stopand sink into this timeless moment. Mooji

You are the unchanging manifesting as the changefulness Mooji

If you do not trust life to unfold, the mind takes over and it becomes a game of strategy, motivated by anxiety. This mistrust is unfair. Life has given us so much, and yet we do not trust it. Mooji

Don't be too quick to interpret the moment. Just keep quiet. My encouragement would always be: never think anything is against you, everything is blessing. Why should it be different? Just be quiet. Let it all work itself out. Mooji

Be as though you don't exist. Let the bodily functions unfold, let thoughts come and go but don't follow them. Be only the awareness. Something is unplugged, but you are still fully here. Senses are functioning normally. This was never the trouble. The mind rises up as resistances and doubts but they are mere thoughts. Mind in its psychological aspect can come full power, but you are not to be a traffic policeman inside your own head. Mooji

Just as you wash your hands before eating, clear your mind before engaging with the world. Mooji

Dying to your own attachments is a beautiful death. Because this death releases you into real life. You have to die as a seed to live as a tree. Mooji

Let the world call you lazy for not running about like a frightened ghost. Just be quiet inside yourself. Don't bother about knowing how things should be and simply begin observing without prejudice, projections or desires. Notice how life flows of its own accord. Nothing here is a chaos, but a harmony. You are already inside this flow. Mooji

Something brought you here. Trust that it will satisfy its own intention to take you Home. Mooji

When one is genuinely ready, Truth finds a way to introduce itself inside the heart and ends the feeling of separation. Mooji

The place you are looking for is the place from which you are looking. Mooji

When you don't want to be interesting, you are free. Mooji

It is the conditioned mind that says, 'I'm lost.' Let mind be lost. Lose your mind. Lose your mind inside your heart. Mooji

The ocean does not require that the waves are still to be more ocean-like. Mooji

That which is revealed when thoughts are absent is also here when thoughts are present. Mooji

Our illness is often our healing. Mooji

If you wish to find Love, don't look for the object of love but rather for the source of love. There you will find the Beloved. Mooji

The way of the mind is to study many things; the way of the Beingness is to focus on one thing... Mooji

You wake up each day from the dream; but to be free, you must also wake up from the waking state. Mooji

When you can bear your own silence, you are free. Mooji

Blessed is the mind that jumps over and beyond its own conditioning and lands again into its natural state of unmoving awareness. Mooji

When you live guided by intuition rather than thought, your life dances like writing on water, fresh and untraceable. Mooji

Your heart is the light of this world. Don't cover it with your mind. Mooji

You are the knower of knowledge; you perceive perceiving. Come to this place, and see if any questions remain there within you. Mooji

Everything is happening spontaneously, and the witnessing of it is also happening spontaneously. Everything is already happening in natural balance. Mooji

You are the somewhere you are trying to get to. Mooji

As far as the search for truth is concerned, 98% of our thinking is rubbish. The remaining 2% is garbage. Throw it all out and be empty! Truth cannot be caught by intellect alone - grace is needed. Mooji

Never assume that you have attained truth. Don't make any claim to knowledge. Form no conclusion or evaluation concerning truth. The minute you do, your downfall is assured. Whenever you imagine you know something, you cease being open to the living exploration. You have closed a door and cut off the oxygen to the breathing truth. Mooji

The greatest healing would be to wake up from what we are not. Mooji

Trust your Heart. Value its intuition. Choose to let go of fear, and to open to the true and you will awaken to the freedom, clarity and joy of Being Mooji

Forget about trying to stabilize the personal sense of Self. It is inherently unstable. See that the Self watches this. Mooji

Everything is passing ... enjoy its momentariness Mooji

Attention pays attention to a lot of things, but when attention pays attention to attention, then there is a stillness, and that stillness introduces you to your Self. Mooji

Often one is more attached to the journey than to the discovery... because the journey happens in the mind... the discovery happens in the heart... Mooji

There is a way to again be in real time with the universe, but it is not through force, imagination or manipulation. It is by finding your true Self. When you do, you will not need to manipulate life, it will simply flow. Mooji

Life cannot be against you, for you are Life itself. Life can only seem to go against the ego's projections, which are rarely the truth. Mooji

How can you say you are peaceful if you are still identified with mind? Mooji

We are the space in which thoughts appear, play, and dissolve like clouds drifting in the infinite sky. Mooji

To be free from false identity and the hypnosis of conditioning is the biggest smile and joy you are going to feel in your life. Mooji

Attempting to identify with the source is an idea. You are already that. Mooji

When you are free from delusion, you can enjoy illusion. Enjoy the dream but enjoy the dream being free. Mooji

Mind can come. All this world is minds. But something is not concerned with the calculating, interpreting tendency of the mind. Mooji

When a thought is powerful, it is because it has a lot of belief in it... At a certain point, thoughts become irrelevant. Mooji

You are the harmony within which all things move. They are just illusion. Mooji

Upon discovering truth, the natural love one has for oneself expands until it encompasses the whole world. This Love removes the ego. Mooji

Day by day become more and more intimate with the inner stillness, joy and love which is the fragrance your own pure heart. Keep quiet. Mooji

If you sit down and just keep are in the state of Self-Awareness. ..keeping quiet means being without any techniques, effort or intention to meditate...not following the thought stream...not pursuing the senses, no imagination...s uch an intense Self-focusing comes without any effort...then, by itself...out of nowhere, wisdom and insights come... Mooji

Leave everything for one moment, in unending time and just be. This is the majesty of Being Mooji

There is no need to believe or disbelieve your thoughts - just don't enter anything. They don't distract you - you get distracted. Nothing exists in itself as a distraction - it is you who get distracted. Why? Mooji

The world is full of Buddhas but they're sleeping. Mooji

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