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I always like to plan ahead of time and follow up. Michael Jackson

Let's all work to get people to drink more good beer, so if someone walks into your office and says he drinks Corona, don't immediately call him a dickhead. Michael Jackson

Drinking really cold beer is like slapping yourself in the face with an ice pick. Michael Jackson

My house is about equidistant from the Young's brewery and the Fuller's brewery. This is no accident. Michael Jackson

The Earth we share is not just a rock tossed through space, but a living, nurturing being. She cares for us, she deserves our care in return. Michael Jackson

I love surprising people with a present or a gift or a stage performance or anything. Michael Jackson

We are the world, we are the children... Michael Jackson

I will be acquitted and vindicated when the truth is told. Michael Jackson

I think justice is important because there are many injustices in the world and I hate injustice. Michael Jackson

There is no greater bliss than dancing and performing. Michael Jackson

Just watching a girl can give me the best reason to smile. Girls are something very special and you got to treat them that way. That's why I always say don't stare right at a chick. She'll begin to fidget, wondering if her hair's messed up or if her make-up is smeared. It's kind of like going to an art gallery to see beautiful paintings. If you look at a painting just the right way, you get the most out of it! Michael Jackson

I know a tree feels it when the wind blows through it. It probably goes, 'Chhhhhh, this is wonderful.' And that's how I feel when I'm singing some songs. It's wonderful. Michael Jackson

You can't hurt me, I found peace within myself. Michael Jackson

I'm really very self-confident when it comes to my work. When I take on a project, I believe in it 100%. I really put my soul into it. I'd die for it. That's how I am. Michael Jackson

I just can't conceive of how a person could hate another because of skin color. I love every race on the planet earth. Michael Jackson

I have been the artist with the longest career, and I am so proud and honored to be chosen from heaven to be invincible. Michael Jackson

ONCE UPON A TIME when the world was young there was a Martian named Smith.Valentine Michael Smith was as real as taxes but he was a race of one. Michael Jackson

Prejudice is ignorance. Michael Jackson

I must endure for the world, for the children. Michael Jackson

Magic is easy if you put your heart into it. Michael Jackson

Before you judge me , try hard to love me , look within your heart Then ask , - have you seen my childhood ? Michael Jackson

Once at a record store in San Francisco, over a thousand kids showed up. They pushed forward and broke a window. A big piece of glass fell on top of this girl. And the girl's throat was slit. She just got slit. And I remember there was blood everywhere. Oh God, so much blood. And she grabbed her throat and was bleeding and everyone just ignored her. Why? Because I was there and they wanted to grab at me and get my autograph. I wonder whatever happened to that girl. Michael Jackson

Love, joy and peace for the world, that's what I want...peace for the world and love. Michael Jackson

All over the walls of my room are pictures of Peter Pan. I've read everything that Barrie wrote. I totally identify with Peter Pan, the lost boy from Never Neverland. Michael Jackson

I do disguises for different reasons. I like to study people - be like the fly on the wall. Even if it's two old ladies sitting on a bench or some kids on a swing. Because I don't know what it's like to fit in an everyday life situation. Michael Jackson

We must wave our banners even higher and belt out our voices even stronger and be unified as people. We're going to make it through this! Michael Jackson

Love, joy and peace for the world, that's what I want...peace for the world and love. Michael Jackson

I always want to do music that inspires or influences another generation. You want what you create to live, be it sculpture or painting or music. Like Michelangelo, he said, "I know the creator will go, but his work survives. That is why to escape death, I attempt to bind my soul to my work. Michael Jackson


Going to my shows, it's like a religious experience, because you come out, you go in one person, you come out a different person. Michael Jackson

I've been an ambassador of goodwill all over the world, spreading this message, did we do heal the world, treaty of all nations, circling this huge globe? What I don't understand is just singing about sex and "I want to get in a hot tub with you baby and rub you all over" and, but I get battered in the press as the weirdo. Michael Jackson

I've never asked a girl out in my life, they have to ask me. Michael Jackson

I wake up from dreams and go, 'Wow, put this down on paper.' The whole thing is strange. You hear the words, everything is right there in front of your face. ... I am always writing a potpourri of music. I want to give the world escapism through the wonder of great music and to reach the masses. ... And I remember going to the record studio and there was a park across the street and I'd see all the children playing and I would cry because it would make me sad that I would have to work instead. Michael Jackson

Lift your head up high, and scream to the world. I know I am someone, and let the truth unfurl. Michael Jackson

Your cameras can't control the minds of those who know, that you'll even sell your soul just to get a story sold. Michael Jackson

Mama always told me, be careful what you do, don't go around breaking young girls hearts. Michael Jackson

Masquerading the heart is the height of haunting souls. Michael Jackson

If you can't feed your baby, then don't have a baby. Michael Jackson

I become the stars and the moon. I become the lover and the beloved. I become the victor and the vanquished. I become the master and the slave. I become the singer and the song. I become the knower and the known. I keep on dancing then it is the eternal dance or creation. The creator and creation merge into one wholeness of joy. I keep on dancing...and dancing...and dancing. Until there is only...the dance. Michael Jackson

I want my work to help people rediscover the child that's hiding in them. Michael Jackson

Being a world traveler, I'm touched and moved by everything that happens, especially to children. It gets me emotionally sick and I go through a lot of pain when I see that type of pain. I can't pretend as if I don't see it. It affects me very much. Michael Jackson

Be the best at what you do. Get to know more about your field than anybody alive. Michael Jackson

Love is the human family's most precious legacy. Its richest bequest. Its golden inheritance. Michael Jackson

Your thoughts are as free as any bird Michael Jackson

In times like these, we need each other. We must bond together in spirit and in service. Michael Jackson

It all went by so fast, didn't it? I wish I could do it all over again, I really do. Michael Jackson

I know who I am inside and outside, and I know what I want to do. And I will always go with my dreams. Michael Jackson

Look who's standing if you please, 'though you tried to bring me to my knees. Michael Jackson

Criticizing reporters is like boo-ing at the Special Olympics. Michael Jackson

There was Michael Jackson, the King of Pop, an aloof superstar who had everything and needed no one. And Michael Jackson, the shy kid under the mask, who lacked even a single real friend. Michael Jackson

The teacher always used me as an example to the class of good English and good storytelling because we all had to write the same stories. But she used to make me go out front - which I hated - and read my story to the class and I would get huge applause. Not because of who I was but because they truly enjoyed the stories I wrote. Michael Jackson

I put real pressure on myself and I demand the best out of myself. Michael Jackson

My life is very complicated. I have a lot of things going on. I am juggling a lot of responsibilities. There is so much going on that it is astounding, it really is. Michael Jackson

My mother is fine. For me it perfection. Michael Jackson

Anecdote: The extent of Michael Jackson's fame at its height, and his eagerness to exploit it is shown by an incident in 1984 when invited to a White House reception hosted by then President and First Lady Ronald and Nancy Reagan. Jackson had been assured that the only people there, besides the presidential couple, would be a few staff members' children. Aghast to find around 75 adults and no children, Jackson locked himself in an upstairs bathroom, refusing to emerge until assured that all non-essential adults had been replaced by a number of children. Michael Jackson

I am a slave to the rhythm. I am a palette. I just go with the moment. You've got to do it that way because if you're thinking, you're dead. Performing is not about thinking; it's about feeling. Michael Jackson

Truth always prevails. And I believe in that. I believe in God. Michael Jackson

The foundation of all human knowledge, the beginning of human consciousness, must be that each and every one of us is an object of love. Before you know if you have red hair or brown, before you know if you are black or white, before you know of what religion you are a part, you have to know that you are loved Michael Jackson

I prefer children because they are honest. They don't want anything from you other than to have fun. Adults have let me down. Adults have let the world down. Michael Jackson

I never think about themes. I let the music create itself. I like it to be a potpourri of all kinds of sounds, all kinds of colors, something for everybody, from the farmer in Ireland to the lady who scrubs toilets in Harlem. Michael Jackson

Be humble, believe in yourself, and have the love of the world in your heart. Michael Jackson

I don't understand why the press is so interested in speculating about my appearance, anyway. What does my face have to do with my music or my dancing? Michael Jackson

Please keep an open mind and let me have my day in court. Michael Jackson

The actor's tense, he's being taped and things are not falling naturally. That's what I hate about Boadway. I feel like I'm giving a whole lot for nothing. I like to capture things and hold them there and share them with the whole world. Michael Jackson

That's what's great about show business. It's escapism. You pay your five bucks to get in and sit there and you're in another world. Forget about the problems in the world. It's wonderful. Michael Jackson

On the brilliance of James Brown's dancing ? and the frustrations of bad camera-work on dancers:cers: I think James Brown is a genius you know when he's with the Famous Flames, unbelievable. I used to watch him on television and I used to get angry at the camera-man because whenever he would really start to dance they would be on a close-up so I couldn't see his feet. I'd shout "Show him! Show him!", so I could watch and learn. Michael Jackson

I hate it. I hate taxidermy shops and all that crap. Michael Jackson

I see God through my children. I speak to God through my children. I am humbled for the blessings He has given me. Michael Jackson

Whatever you believe, you become. Michael Jackson

Deep inside I feel that this world we live in is really a big, huge, monumental symphonic orchestra. I believe that in its primordial form, all of creation is sound and that it's not just random sound, that it's music. Michael Jackson

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