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What good is it to me that Mary gave birth to the son of God fourteen hundred years ago, and I do not also give birth to the Son of God in my time and in my culture? We are all meant to be mothers of God. God is always needing to be born. Meister Eckhart

Do not think that saintliness comes from occupation; it depends rather on what one is. The kind of work we do does not make us holy, but we may make it holy. Meister Eckhart

Whatever thou sayest of God is untrue. Meister Eckhart

.... all blades of grass, wood, and stone, all things are One. Meister Eckhart

The seed of God is in us. If the seed had a good, wise and industrious cultivator, it would thrive all the more and grow up to God whose seed it is, and the fruit would be equal to the nature of God. Now the seed of a pear tree grows into a pear tree, a hazel seed into a hazel tree, and the seed of God into God. Meister Eckhart

God is bound to act, to pour Himself into thee as soon as He shall find thee ready Meister Eckhart

Remember this: all suffering comes to an end. And whatever you suffer authentically, God has suffered from it first. Meister Eckhart

And suddenly you know: It's time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings. Meister Eckhart

I maintain that all sorrow comes from love of those things of which loss deprives me. Meister Eckhart

People who dwell in God dwell in the eternal now. Meister Eckhart

Our bodily food is changed into us, but our spiritual food changes us into it. Meister Eckhart

God must act and pour himself into you the moment he finds you ready. Don't imagine that God can be compared to an earthly carpenter, who acts or doesn't act, as he wishes; who can will to do something or leave it undone, according to his pleasure. It is not that way with God: where and when God finds you ready, he must act and overflow into you, just as when the air is clear and pure, the sun must overflow into it and cannot refrain from doing that. Meister Eckhart

If the only prayer you ever say in your whole life is thank you, that would suffice. Meister Eckhart

If the only prayer you said in your whole life was, Thank You, that would suffice. Meister Eckhart

God is at his greatest when I am at my least. Meister Eckhart

A human being has so many skins inside, covering the depths of the heart. We know so many things, but we don't know ourselves! Why, thirty or forty skins or hides, as thick and hard as an ox's or bear's, cover the soul. Go into your own ground and learn to know yourself there. Meister Eckhart

The outward work will never be puny if the inward work is great. Meister Eckhart

You will have peace to the extent that you have God, and the further you are away from God the less you will be at peace... Thus you may measure your progress with God by measuring your peace or the lack of it. Meister Eckhart

God wants nothing from you but the gift of a peaceful heart. Meister Eckhart

Treat all things as if they were loaned to you without any ownership - whether body or soul, sense or strength, external goods or honors, house or hall . . . everything. Meister Eckhart

Our best chance of finding God is to look in the place where we left him. Meister Eckhart

When a man sees the one in all things, he is above mere understanding. Meister Eckhart

Know that when you seek anything of your own, you will never find God, because you do not seek God purely. You are seeking something along with God, and you are acting just as if you were to make a candle out of God in order to look for something with it. Once one finds the things one is looking for, one throws the candle away. This is what you are doing. Meister Eckhart

The seed of God is in us. Given an intelligent and hard-working farmer, it will thrive and grow up to God, whose seed it is; and accordingly its fruits will be God-nature. Pear seeds grow into pear trees, nut seeds into nut trees, and God-seed into God. Meister Eckhart

The shell must be cracked apart if what is in it is to come out, for if you want the kernel you must break the shell. And therefore if you want to discover nature's nakedness you must destroy its symbols, and the farther you get in the nearer you come to its essence. When you come to the One that gathers all things up into itself, there you must stay. Meister Eckhart

This much is certain: when a man is happy, happy to the core and root of beatitude, he is no longer conscious of himself or anything else. Meister Eckhart

Whether you like it or not, whether you know it or not, secretly all nature seeks God and works toward [God]. Meister Eckhart

Saint Augustine cries, Lord I cannot love you, but come in and love yourself in me. According to Saint Paul, we must put off our own natural form and put on the form of God, and Saint Augustine tells us to discard our own mode of nature; then the divine nature will flow in and be revealed. Saint Augustine says, Those who seek and find, find not. He who seeks and finds not, he alone finds. Saint Paul says, What I was, was not I, it was God in me. Meister Eckhart

God is the word that speaks itself. Meister Eckhart

God wants nothing of you but the gift of a peaceful heart. Meister Eckhart

Only those who have dared to let go can dare to reenter. Meister Eckhart

God is like a person who clears his throat while hiding and so gives himself away. God lies in wait for us with nothing so much as love. Meister Eckhart

The eye through which I see God is the same eye through which God sees me; my eye and God's eye are one eye, one seeing, one knowing, one love. Meister Eckhart

Some people prefer solitude. They say their peace of mind depends on this. Others say they would be better off in church. If you do well, you do well wherever you are. If you fail, you fail wherever you are. Your surroundings don't matter. God is with you everywhere - in the market place as well as in seclusion or in the church. If you look for nothing but God, nothing or no one can disturb you. God is not distracted by a multitude of things. Nor can we be. Meister Eckhart

The price of inaction is far greater than the cost of making a mistake. Meister Eckhart

Every creature is a word of God. Meister Eckhart

Whoever possesses God in their being has Him in a divine manner, and He shines out to them in all things; for them all things taste of God and in all things it is God's image that they see. Meister Eckhart

There is something in the soul that is so akin to God that it is one with Him... It has nothing in common with anything created. Meister Eckhart

One person who has mastered life is better than a thousand persons who have mastered only the contents of books, but no one can get anything out of life without God. Meister Eckhart

Now the Father draws us from the evil of sin to the goodness of His grace with the might of His measureless power, and He needs all the resources of His strength in order to convert sinners, more than when He was about to make heaven and earth, which He made with His own power without help from any creature. But when He is about to convert a sinner, He always needs the sinner's help. "He converts thee not without thy help," as St. Augustine says. Meister Eckhart

All that the Eternal Father teaches and reveals is His being, His nature, and His Godhead , which He manifests to us in His Son, and teaches us that we are also His Son. Meister Eckhart

Grace pours all beauty into the soul ... The soul means the world. Meister Eckhart

Above all else, know this: Be prepared at all times for the gifts of God and be ready always for new ones. For God is a thousand times more ready to give than we are to receive Meister Eckhart

Everything is meant to be lost, that the soul may stand in unhampered nothingness Meister Eckhart

The quieter the mind, the more powerful, the worthier, the deeper, the more telling and more perfect the prayer is. Meister Eckhart

Love is as strong as death, as hard as Hell. Death separates the soul from the body, but love separates all things from the soul. Meister Eckhart

To be right, a person must do one of two things: either he must learn to have God in his work and hold fast to him there, or he must give up his work altogether. Since, however, we cannot live without activities that are both human and various, we must learn to keep God I everything we do, and whatever the job or place, keep on with him, letting nothing stand in our way. Meister Eckhart

Do not cling to the symbols, but get to the inner truth! Meister Eckhart

There is nothing so much like God in all the universe as silence. Meister Eckhart

As long as I am this or that, I am not all things. Meister Eckhart

To be sure, this requires effort and love, a careful cultivation of the spiritual life, and a watchful, honest, active oversight of all one's mental attitudes towards things and people. It is not to be learned by world-flight, running away from things, turning solitary and going apart from the world. Rather, one must learn an inner solitude, where or with whomsoever he may be. He must learn to penetrate things and find God there, to get a strong impression of God firmly fixed on his mind. Meister Eckhart

I have often said that a person who wishes to begin a good life should be like one who draws a circle. Let him or her get the center in the right place and keep it so and the circumference will be good. Meister Eckhart

It is in the darkness that one finds the light. Meister Eckhart

The love by which we love God is the very same love with which God has first loved us. Meister Eckhart

The Ultimate and Highest leave taking is leaving God for GOD, leaving your notion of God for an Experience of That which transcends all notions. Meister Eckhart

God is at home. We are in the far country. Meister Eckhart

There is a huge silence inside each of us that beckons us into itself, and the recovery of our own silence can begin to teach us the language of heaven. Meister Eckhart

Theologians may quarrel, but the mystics of the world speak the same language. Meister Eckhart

Be ready at all times for the gifts of God, and always for new ones. Meister Eckhart

Behold how all those people are merchants who shun great sins and would like to be good and do good deeds in God's honour, such as fasts, vigils, prayers, and similar good deeds of all kinds. They do all these things so that our Lord may give them something, or so that God may do something dear to them. All these people are merchants. Meister Eckhart

God is equally near in all creatures. Meister Eckhart

The first measn by which He draws is affinity, that affinity which brings creatures of the same species together, and like to its like. With this cord of affinity He drew men to the Godhead, Whom He always resembles. In order that God may draw more to Himself, and forget His wrath. Meister Eckhart

I have sought earnestly and with great diligence that good and high virtue by which man may draw closest to God... and as far as my intelligence would permit, I find that high virtue to be pure disinterest, that is, detachment from creatures. Our Lord said to Martha 'Unum est necessarium', which is to say; to be untroubled and pure, one thing is necessary and that is disinterest. Meister Eckhart

If I had a friend and loved him because of the benefits which this brought me and because of getting my own way, then it would not be my friend that I loved but myself. I should love my friend on account of his own goodness and virtues and account of all that he is in himself. Only if I love my friend in this way do I love him properly. Meister Eckhart

Nothing in all creation is so like God as stillness. Meister Eckhart

What a man takes in by contemplation, that he pours out in love. Meister Eckhart

Only the hand that erases can write the true thing. Meister Eckhart

The eye with which I see God is the same eye with which God sees me. Meister Eckhart

Words derive their power from the original word. Meister Eckhart

Now rejoice, all ye powers of my soul, that you are so united with God that no one may separate you from Him. I cannot fully praise nor love Him therefore must I die, and cast myself into the divine void, till I rise from non-existence to existence. Meister Eckhart

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