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I'm passionate about the game of football. Ladainian Tomlinson

I make sure I always give Him all the glory and praise, because I know that in one second, one game, one play, it could be all over. Ladainian Tomlinson

Sometimes when you're praised about something, sometimes it's deserved, and sometimes it's not deserved. Same thing with criticism. Sometimes the criticism is deserved, and sometimes it's not deserved. Ladainian Tomlinson

I'm going to make the playoffs. You can believe that. To never play in the playoffs, that will not be my legacy. Ladainian Tomlinson

I get stronger as the game goes on. Ladainian Tomlinson

I guess the way I describe it is when basketball players talk about being in the zone and they feel like they can't miss. That's the way a running back feels when the game is in slow-motion. It feels like every cut is right, every run is going to be at least 10 yards. You see what the defense is doing. You know what they're trying to do to you. It's awesome. Ladainian Tomlinson

I don't worry about things I can't control. Ladainian Tomlinson

I am just a player trying to do what Im told. Ladainian Tomlinson

As long as you believe in Him, no matter what happens in your life, understand that it's all for a purpose. Ladainian Tomlinson

Nobody wants to retire from football. Ladainian Tomlinson

When I approach guys in certain situations and talk to them about Christ, they know that I'm speaking to them in a way that's real. Ladainian Tomlinson

I don't think Christ becomes real to us until we hit a low point in our lives and realize just how much we need Him. That's why faith affects every area of your life. Ladainian Tomlinson

My job is to let everybody know what I stand for and to let my light shine. I want to show others the way I live so that hopefully they follow. I can also tell about my experiences as a Christian so that I may help bring others to Christ. Ladainian Tomlinson

I've been dealing with being overlooked my whole life. Ladainian Tomlinson

I believe in working hard all the time. I have faith that working hard is going to get me where I want to go. Ladainian Tomlinson

People always say, and my family has said it to me, that you know who your real friends are when you're at your lowest point and you don't have a job or whatever. Ladainian Tomlinson

I keep my eyes wide open. Because trouble is out there. Ladainian Tomlinson

God has really blessed me with the ability to put me ahead of the class. Ladainian Tomlinson

Faith is a strong word in my life. That's one thing my mother has always stressed to me. Ladainian Tomlinson

I don't have to go to the weight room. I don't have to go work out if I don't want to. Ladainian Tomlinson

I like to run fast but not drive. Ladainian Tomlinson

Some people say I'm the best back in the NFL. That's what drives you: You want everyone saying there's no doubt who's the best. Ladainian Tomlinson

I'm an old-school guy. Ladainian Tomlinson

The best all-around [running] back in the league is Jamaal Charles. He has the ability to hit a homerun from anywhere. Ladainian Tomlinson

People may remember something I did on the field for a couple of days, maybe a week. Ladainian Tomlinson

I believe a lot of players that start to think about money - 'Oh my goodness; I'm up for a new contract' - they don't have a great season because they're thinking about all these different things. Do your business on the field, and everything takes care of itself. Ladainian Tomlinson

I want to win a championship. I can't come on this team and demand to be a starter. Ladainian Tomlinson

Whenever something good happens to me, I try-it may sound kind of bad-to think a little negative. I just always try to keep myself grounded. Ladainian Tomlinson

With my size and speed, my ability to make moves and great vision, I'm sometimes feel like it's an unfair advantage over the defense. Ladainian Tomlinson

The quicker you get acclimated to getting hit and being on the ground, it's better for you when the games start. Ladainian Tomlinson

I knew I had to go out and perform. I had a lot of fans watching! Ladainian Tomlinson

I take being a role model seriously. Ladainian Tomlinson

I think the Patriots actually live by the saying, 'If you're not cheating, you're not trying.' Ladainian Tomlinson

People there's a new sheriff in town. One of the great running backs in line of Pittsburgh Steelers [and] his name is Le"Veon Bell. He's on his way people. Ladainian Tomlinson

A lot of people may know my face and know that I'm a good player on the football field, but they probably don't really know me as a person. Ladainian Tomlinson

As football players, our bodies know exactly what time of year it is and what we need to be doing. Ladainian Tomlinson

Over the years as I went through a lot more things, I've gotten closer and closer to God as far as praying a lot more, being into the Word. Ladainian Tomlinson

Every time I touch the ball, I think I'm going to go all the way. I think I'm going to score a touchdown. I'm the runner I am because I think that I'm going to go all the way every single time I touch the ball. Ladainian Tomlinson

Everything speeds up and it's blurry for a minute. But you've got to have a little patience sometimes to just find a soft spot. There's always a soft spot in the defense, and it's your job to find it. Ladainian Tomlinson

I would love to spend my whole career in Scan Diego because I accept the challenge of turning this team around. Ladainian Tomlinson

I've still got a lot left in the tank. I think people are starting to see I've got a lot left in the tank. Ladainian Tomlinson

In the NFL, everyone's attacking, so you have to be quicker in your decisions. Ladainian Tomlinson

I want to have a family and teach them the way to live their lives, pretty much the way I was raised, with a lot of love and the Lord. I want them to stay off the streets, and to have goals and dreams. Ladainian Tomlinson

You've got to earn respect as life goes on. Ladainian Tomlinson

I'm inspired by my family, especially my mother. Ladainian Tomlinson

I run with heart and determination, and that's what you can't measure-heart. Ladainian Tomlinson

People there's a new sheriff in town. One of the great running backs in line of Pittsburgh Steelers [and] his name is Le'Veon Bell. He's on his way people. Ladainian Tomlinson

You do' have the same type of focus when you are undefeated. Ladainian Tomlinson

Faith is the biggest principle that the Bible teaches us. Ladainian Tomlinson

It's brutal out on the football field. Ladainian Tomlinson

I think at the end of the day, even though I didn't win a Super Bowl ring, I felt like I backed them up for drafting me. I backed up the San Diego Chargers for picking me with the fifth pick. Ladainian Tomlinson

I have to fit in. Wherever they want to use me, that's fine. Ladainian Tomlinson

I know how to rebuild a team. I know how to step in and work hard. Ladainian Tomlinson

You don't have the same type of focus when you are undefeated. Ladainian Tomlinson

I love Le'Veon Bell. Ladainian Tomlinson

I voted for Barack Obama. Ladainian Tomlinson

I think every year you have something to prove. Ladainian Tomlinson

Rex brings out the macho talk and tells everyone this is what we're going to be and what we're going to do. And you see what happened. The players did it. It worked. Ladainian Tomlinson

I like to think of myself as the running LT. I like to run up the middle and wear defenses down. It's more exciting in between the tackles. Ladainian Tomlinson

I think about my family first. I want my family to not want for anything. I would like to make sure they have no worries. Ladainian Tomlinson

You earn the respect of your peers that you play against, and they don't trash talk you. Ladainian Tomlinson

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