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The entire function of man is to survive. The outermost limit of endeavour is creative work. Anything less is too close to simple survival until death happens along. So I am engaged in striving to maintain equilibrium sufficient to at least realize survival in a way to astound the gods. L Ron Hubbard

All real difficulty stems from no responsibility. Full responsibility is not fault; it is recognition of being cause. L Ron Hubbard

That which one fears becomes one's master. L Ron Hubbard

Any of us probably could do more important things than we are doing. Any of us could use some changes in our tasks. But none of us - and still stay alive and sane - could do without something to do. L Ron Hubbard

You can blame your whole confusion on the fact that you bought illusion. L Ron Hubbard

Now if we can get white population, immigrants and big companies and so on moving into Africa and if we can get with that Scientology well established in Southern Africa, why we can then look forward to a salvage operation base, in case the northern hemisphere's lights go out. L Ron Hubbard

When this government [Chiang Kaishek's] finally fell there was no one ready to teach the Chinese the human way of life. L Ron Hubbard

The last Martian report station on Earth was established in the Pyrenees. L Ron Hubbard

You are a spirit, then, you Man, and not a Man at all. You are a spirit and you dwell within the guts of mortal beast. L Ron Hubbard

Arthritis vanishes, myopia gets better, heart illness decreases, asthma disappears, stomachs function properly and the whole catalog of illnesses goes away and stays away. L Ron Hubbard

There is no national problem in the world today, which cannot be resolved by reason alone. L Ron Hubbard

The artist, day by day, by postulating the new realities of the future, accomplishes peaceful revolution. L Ron Hubbard

It was my responsibility that this world got itself an atom bomb, because there were only a handful of nuclear physicists in the thirties - only a handful. And we were all beating the desk and saying "How wonderful it will be if we discover atomic fission. L Ron Hubbard

The third principle is that any philosophic knowledge is only valuable if it is true or if it works. L Ron Hubbard

Inaction and indecision in the present is because of fear of consequences of the future. L Ron Hubbard

Man thrives, oddly enough, only in the presence of a challenging environment. L Ron Hubbard

Self-confidenc e alone is security. Your ability is your security. There is no security but you. L Ron Hubbard

You make New Year's resolutions. And you make them into the teeth of old resolutions which were different. Then you don't keep your new resolutions and you tell yourself you are weak-willed. You aren't weak-willed, you are simply obeying yourself as of yesterday. L Ron Hubbard

What is true for you is what you have observed yourself. And when you lose that, you have lost everything. L Ron Hubbard

I know no man who has any monopoly upon the wisdom of this universe. It belongs to those who can use it to help themselves and others. L Ron Hubbard

Here on Earth there was undoubtedly a Christ. L Ron Hubbard

People attack Scientology, I never forget it, always even the score. People attack auditors, or staff, or organisations, or me. I never forget until the slate is clear. L Ron Hubbard

I have seen life from the top down and the bottom up. I know how it looks both ways. And I know there is wisdom and that there is hope. L Ron Hubbard

Organised religion tries to control, so therefore must be lying. L Ron Hubbard

Blaming something else makes that something else cause; and as that cause takes on power, the individual in the same act loses control and becomes effect. L Ron Hubbard

Leukemia is evidently psychosomatic in origin and at least eight cases of leukemia had been treated successfully by Dianetics after medicine had traditionally given up. The source of leukemia has been reported to be an engram containing the phrase 'It turns my blood to water. L Ron Hubbard

In all great leaders there is a purpose and intensity which is unmistakable. L Ron Hubbard

Unethical conduct is actually the conduct of destruction and fear; lies are told because one is afraid of the consequences should one tell the truth; thus, the liar is inevitably a coward, the coward is inevitably a liar. L Ron Hubbard

The South African native is probably the one impossible person to train in the entire world; he is probably impossible by any human standard. L Ron Hubbard

Who said the road does' have bumps? It can still be traveled. So people can fall down: it does' mean they ca' get up again and keep going. L Ron Hubbard

Happiness is the overcoming of not unknown obstacles toward a known goal. L Ron Hubbard

All disturbance and chaos folds up in the teeth of truth. Dont ever try to stop truth. Its the only thing that can go through 16-inch armor plate. L Ron Hubbard

That which a person works hardest on, he winds up having. That's one of the fundamentals of this universe. That to which he devotes energy, he finally has. L Ron Hubbard

Single men and determined groups have been the only makers of space in which man could walk free. L Ron Hubbard

An individual is as alive as he has ideas. He's as aware as he has ideas. L Ron Hubbard

Those small brown men who sell their sisters on the streets of Cairo were once the mighty Egyptians. L Ron Hubbard

People attack Scientology, I never forget it, always even the score. People attack auditors, or staff, or organizations, or me. I never forget until the slate is clear. L Ron Hubbard

A culture is only as great as its dreams, and its dreams are dreamed by artists. L Ron Hubbard

ENEMY: SP Order. Fair game. May be deprived of property or injured by any means by any Scientologist without any discipline of the Scientologist. May be tricked, sued or lied to or destroyed. L Ron Hubbard

The practice of declaring people FAIR GAME will cease. FAIR GAME may not appear on any Ethics Order. It causes bad public relations. This P/L does not cancel any policy on the treatment or handling of an SP. L Ron Hubbard


It is in your power to point the way to a less dangerous and happier life. L Ron Hubbard

Living is having and following a purpose. That's all. L Ron Hubbard

The most valuable asset we have, actually, is our ability to understand, to do the right thing, to be kind, to be decent. L Ron Hubbard

The goal of Scientology is making the individual capable of living a better life in his own estimation and with his fellows and the playing of a better game. L Ron Hubbard

Ideas and not battles mark the forward progress of mankind. L Ron Hubbard

Certainty, not data, is knowledge. L Ron Hubbard

What is generally missed, is that my writing financed research. L Ron Hubbard

A suppressing person isn't critical. A suppressing person is a person who denies the rights of others. L Ron Hubbard

When a man has a problem very thoroughly and can't solve it, he really has too few problems. He needs more. L Ron Hubbard

That mind which understands itself is the mind of a free man. L Ron Hubbard

Because the artist deals in future realities, he always seeks improvements or changes in the existing reality. This makes the artist, inevitably and invariably, a rebel against the status quo. The artist, day by day, by postulating the new realities of the future, accomplishes peaceful revolution. L Ron Hubbard

The wrong thing to do about any given circumstance or situation is to do nothing. L Ron Hubbard

Morale is boosted to high highs by accomplishment. In fact, it can be demonstrated that production is the basis of morale. L Ron Hubbard

When you move off a point of power, pay all your obligations on the nail, empower all your friends completely and move off with your pockets full of artillery, potential blackmail on every erstwhile rival, unlimited funds in your private account and the addresses of experienced assassins and go live in Bulgravia [sic] and bribe the police. L Ron Hubbard

In any event, any person from 2.0 down on the Tone Scale should not have, in any thinking society, any civil rights of any kind, because by abusing those rights he brings into being arduous and strenuous laws which are oppressive to those who need no such restraints. L Ron Hubbard

This [Scientology] is useful knowledge. With it the blind again see, the lame walk, the ill recover, the insane become sane and the sane become saner. By its use the thousand abilities Man has sought to recover become his once more. L Ron Hubbard

Of all the ills of man which can be successfully processed by Scientology, arthritis ranks near the top. In skilled hands, this ailment, though misunderstood and dreaded in the past, already has begun to become history. Twenty-five hours of Scientology by an auditor who fairly understands how to process arthritis can be said to produce an invariable alleviation of the condition. Some cases, even severe ones, have responded in as little as two hours of processing, according to reports from auditors in the field. L Ron Hubbard

Arthritis vanishes, myopia gets better, heart illness decreases, asthma disappears, stomachs function properly and the whole catalogue of illnesses goes away and stays away. L Ron Hubbard

True greatness merely refuses to change in the face of bad actions against one-and a truly great person loves his fellows because he understands them. L Ron Hubbard

The greatest ability in the whole human race and all amongst the livingness, is the ability to help. And when you can improve that ability all the way up along the line, you've improved about all there is to improve about a person. L Ron Hubbard

I like to help others and count it as my greatest pleasure in life to see a person free himself of the shadows which darken his days. L Ron Hubbard

No man is happy without a goal, and no man can be happy without faith in his own ability to reach that goal. L Ron Hubbard

Perhaps the single most important point for parents to follow is the importance of giving goals to a child. And the most important goal is that of growing up to be an adult. L Ron Hubbard

Not smoking enough will cause lung cancer! If anybody is getting a cancerous activity in the lung, the probabilities are that it's radiation dosage coupled with the fact that he smokes. And what it does is start to run out the radiation dosage, don't you see. L Ron Hubbard

You want to raise your child in such a way that you don't have to control him, so that he will be in full possession of himself at all times. Upon that depends his good behavior, his health, his sanity. L Ron Hubbard

You remember when you were maybe five years old and you went out in the morning and you looked at the day - and it was a very, very beautiful day. You looked at flowers and they were very beautiful flowers. Twenty-five years later, you get up in the morning, you take a look at the flowers - they are wilted. The day isn't a happy day. Well, what's changed? You know they are the same flowers, it's the same world. Something must have changed. Well, probably it was you. L Ron Hubbard

The freedom of an individual depends upon that individual's freedom to alter his considerations of space, energy, time and life and his roles in it. If he cannot change his mind about these, he is then fixed and enslaved amidst barriers such as those of the physical universe, and barriers of his own creation. Man thus is seen to be enslaved by barriers of his own creation. He creates these barriers himself, or by agreeing with things which hold these barriers to be actual. L Ron Hubbard

Convince a man that he is an animal, that his own dignity and selfrespect are delusions, that there is no 'beyond' to aspire to, no higher potential self to achieve, and you have a slave. Let a man know he is himself, a spiritual being, that he is capable of the power of choice and has the right to aspire to greater wisdom and you have started him up a higher road. L Ron Hubbard

A civilization is as great as its dreams, and its dreams are dreamt by artists. L Ron Hubbard

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