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Stunt dwarf or destroy the imagination of a child and you have taken away its chances of success in life. Imagination transforms the commonplace into the great and creates the new out of the old. L Frank Baum

As the years pass, and we look back on something which, at the time, seemed unbelievably discouraging and unfair, we come to realize that, after all, God was at all times on our side. The eventual outcome was, we discover, by far the best solution for us, and what we thought should have been to our best advantage, would in reality have been quite detrimental. L Frank Baum

His father thought he had a wond'rous wise look when he was born, and so he named him Solomon, thinking that if indeed he turned out to be wise the name would fit him nicely, whereas, should he be mistaken, and the boy grow up stupid, his name could be easily changed to Simon. L Frank Baum

Dorothy looked, and gave a little cry of fright. There, indeed, just under the corner of the great beam the house rested on, two feet were sticking out, shod in silver shoes with pointed toes. L Frank Baum

I think I prefer to be a Bear, said Big Bru. I was born a Bear, and I know a Bear's ways. So I am satisfied to live as a Bear lives. L Frank Baum

There is no place like home. L Frank Baum

Never give up. No one knows what's going to happen next. L Frank Baum

You people with hearts,' he said once, 'have something to guide you, and need never do wrong; but I have no heart, and so I must be very careful. L Frank Baum

Never question the truth of what you fail to understand, for the world is filled with wonders. L Frank Baum

To 'know Thyself' is considered quite an accomplishment. L Frank Baum

If we didn't want anything, we would never get anything, good or bad. I think our longings are natural, and if we act as nature prompts us we can't go far wrong. L Frank Baum

Folklore, legends, myths and fairy tales have followed childhood through the ages, for every healthy youngster has a wholesome and instinctive love for stories fantastic, marvelous and manifestly unreal. The winged fairies of Grimm and Andersen have brought more happiness to childish hearts than all other human creations. L Frank Baum

It seems unfortunate that strong people are usually so disagreeable and overbearing that no one cares for them. In fact, to be different from your fellow creatures is always a misfortune. L Frank Baum

The proud spirit of the original owners of these vast prairies inherited through centuries of fierce and bloody wars for their possession, lingered last in the bosom of Sitting Bull. With his fall the nobility of the Redskin is extinguished, and what few are left are a pack of whining curs who lick the hand that smites them. L Frank Baum

It was Toto that made Dorothy laugh, and saved her from growing as gray as her other surroundings. Toto was not gray; he was a little black dog, with long silky hair and small black eyes that twinkled merrily on either side of his funny, wee nose. L Frank Baum

I have nine lives, said the kitten, purring softly as it walked around in a circle and then came back to the roof; but I can't lose even one of them by falling in this country, because I really couldn't manage to fall if I wanted to. L Frank Baum

My world, my world... How can such a good little girl like you destroy all of my beautiful wickedness. - Wicket Witch of the North L Frank Baum

Lions and tigers, and bears, oh my! - Dorothy in Wizard of Oz L Frank Baum

Time is given us to be happy and for no other reason [...] When we waste time, we waste happiness. L Frank Baum

Beautiful things may be admired, if not loved, L Frank Baum

Toto did not really care whether he was in Kansas or the Land of Oz so long as Dorothy was with him; but he knew the little girl was unhappy, and that made him unhappy too. L Frank Baum

A little misery, at times, makes one appreciate happiness more. L Frank Baum

An eastern contemporary, with a grain of wisdom in its wit, says that when the whites win a fight, it is a victory, and when the Indians win it, it is a massacre. L Frank Baum

Oh, no, my dear; I'm really a very good man, but I'm a very bad Wizard, I must admit. L Frank Baum

If any of us takes a rest, We'll be arrested sure, And get no restitution 'Cause the rest we must endure. L Frank Baum

What do you want? the ape asked at last. Nothing, said Ervic. You may have that! retorted the ape L Frank Baum

I never deal in transformations, for they are not honest, and no respectable sorceress likes to make things appear to be what they are not. L Frank Baum

Some people without brains do an awful lot of talking, don't you think? L Frank Baum

. . .It is the Law that while Evil, unopposed, may accomplish terrible deeds, the power of Good can never be overthrown when opposed to Evil. . . L Frank Baum

Imagination has brought mankind through the dark ages to its present state of civilization. Imagination led Columbus to discover America. Imagination led Franklin to discover electricity. L Frank Baum

Hearts will never be practical until they can be made unbreakable. L Frank Baum

No, indeed; I don't know anything. You see, I am stuffed, so I have no brains at all. L Frank Baum

Oh, if Shakespeare says it, that's all right. L Frank Baum

Everything in life is unusual until you become accustomed to it. L Frank Baum

Dorothy said nothing. Oz had not kept the promise he made her, but he had done his best. So she forgave him. As he said, he was a good man, even if he was a bad Wizard. L Frank Baum

From the Land of Oz, said Dorothy, gravely, And here is Toto, too,. And oh, Aunt Em! I'm so glad to be at home again! L Frank Baum

I shall ask for brains instead of a heart; for a fool would not know what to do with a heart if he had one. L Frank Baum

I think the world is like a great mirror, and reflects our lives just as we ourselves look upon it. L Frank Baum

Familiarity with any great thing removes our awe of it. L Frank Baum

There is no living thing that is not afraid when it faces danger. The true courage is in facing danger when you are afraid, and that kind of courage you have in plenty. L Frank Baum

That proves you are unusual, returned the Scarecrow; and I am convinced the only people worthy of consideration in this world are the unusual ones. For the common folks are like the leaves of a tree, and live and die unnoticed. L Frank Baum

Modern education includes morality; therefore the modern child seeks only entertainment in its wonder-tales and gladly dispenses with all disagreeable incident. L Frank Baum

I shall really be very unhappy unless you give me the sort of courage that makes one forget he is afraid. L Frank Baum

I can't give you a brain, but I can give you a diploma. L Frank Baum

But that isn't right. The King of Beasts shouldn't be a coward,'" said the Scarecrow. 'I know it,' returned the Lion, wiping a tear from his eye with the tip of his tail. 'It is my great sorrow, and makes my life very unhappy. But whenever there is danger, my heart begins to beat fast.' 'Perhaps you have heart disease,' said the Tin Woodman. 'It may be,' said the Lion. L Frank Baum

And I' declared the Sawhorse, filling an awkward pause, 'am only remarkable because I can't help it. L Frank Baum

For I consider brains far superior to money in every way. You may have noticed that if one has money without brains, he cannot use it to his advantage; but if one has brains without money, they will enable him to live comfortably to the end of his days. L Frank Baum

How very wet this water is. L Frank Baum

It is such an uncomfortable feeling to know one is a fool. L Frank Baum

One can be ugly in looks, but lovely in disposition. L Frank Baum

If I ever go looking for my heart's desire again, I won't look any further than my own back yard. Because if it isn't there, I never really lost it to begin with. L Frank Baum

To please a child is a sweet and lovely thing that warms one's heart and brings its own reward. L Frank Baum

Demons may be either good or bad, like any other class of beings. L Frank Baum

Mortals seldom know how greatly they are influenced by fairies, knooks and ryls, who often put thoughts into their heads that only the wise little immortals could have conceived. L Frank Baum

"It must be inconvenient to be made of flesh," said the Scarecrow thoughtfully, "for you must sleep, and eat and drink. However, you have brains, and it is worth a lot of bother to be able to think properly." L Frank Baum

Unless one can think wisely it is better to remain a dummy. L Frank Baum

I think you are wrong to want a heart. It makes most people unhappy. L Frank Baum

Now we can cross the Shifting Sands. L Frank Baum

But girls often marry when they are too young, exclaimed Mary-Marie quickly; so, if you don't object to my age - L Frank Baum

Then he was wrong to have been born at all. Cheek- eek-eek-eek, oo, hoo! chuckled Rinkitink, his fat body shaking with merriment. But it's hard to prevent oneself from being born; there's no chance for protest, eh, Bilbil? L Frank Baum

An eastern contemporary, with a grain of wisdom in its wit, says that "when the whites win a fight, it is a victory, and when the Indians win it, it is a massacre. L Frank Baum

That proves you are unusual,' returned the Scarecrow; 'and I am convinced that the only people worthy of consideration in this world are the unusual ones. For the common folks are like the leaves of a tree, and live and die unnoticed. L Frank Baum

I am Oz, the Great and Terrible," spoke the Beast, in a voice that was one great roar. Who are you, and why do you seek me? L Frank Baum

I'll miss you most of all scarecrow. L Frank Baum

The Scarecrow watched the Woodman while he worked and said to him "I cannot think why this wall is here nor what it is made of." "Rest you brains and do not worry about the wall," replied the Woodman, "when we have climbed over it we shall know what is on the other side. L Frank Baum

The road to the City of Emeralds is paved with yellow brick. L Frank Baum

There's no place like home, there's no place like home, there's no place like home. L Frank Baum

As a matter of fact, we are none of us above criticism; so let us bear with each other's faults. L Frank Baum

My people have been wearing green glasses on their eyes for so long that most of them think this really is an Emerald City. L Frank Baum

You are welcome, most noble Sorceress, to the land of the Munchkins. We are so grateful to you for having killed the Wicked Witch of the East, and for setting our people free from bondage. L Frank Baum

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