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Kara Hayward
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Anything with a good story and characters I think would be great. Kara Hayward

Wes [Anderson] is brilliant, kind, and just absolutely fantastic. He was really amazing in the way he can just take ideas, turn them into such beautiful stories, and then bring them to life with these amazing films the way he does. Kara Hayward

I'm starting to find my own style. Kara Hayward

If I have to go to New York or something, I'll bring my books and read and do homework. It's not really a big deal. Kara Hayward

In a play, you only get one chance, and you have to get it perfect. In a film, you can change and fix it whatever way you want, so really, there's a pretty big difference. Kara Hayward

I would love to continue acting. Maybe one day I would like to try writing and directing. Kara Hayward

I think that a lot of kids today focus on impressing each other. And while that's really nice, you also have to think about your future, about getting into a good school. Kara Hayward

I'm pretty casual, but I'm starting to obsess a little bit; like, one of my favorite things to do is to pair really feminine accessories with edgier outfits or vice versa. Kara Hayward

Two young actresses I admire are Emma Stone and Emma Watson, because they are intelligent, talented actresses and have a great sense of humor. They have learned to balance what they love in life - acting, school and everything else. Kara Hayward

I would definitely love to continue acting, and I also really enjoy school, so I would like to balance the two somehow. Kara Hayward

I read whatever is put in front of me. I gobble up books. Kara Hayward

I got a manager, and I thought, since I was going out on auditions, I should do this for a living. Then there was this moment on set when I realized I was having a lot of fun, and I really wanted to do this forever. Kara Hayward

You have to find out how to become the character. Kara Hayward

I would say that Emma Stone and Emma Watson are two very talented young actresses who are very intelligent and have a great sense of humor and have learned to balance what they love with their acting career, and I think that's really a great thing. Kara Hayward

I think I would like to write screenplays, books, really anything. Kara Hayward

I love to write. Kara Hayward

One of my favorite films is 1994's 'Little Women', with Winona Ryder and Kirsten Dunst. Kara Hayward

As an actor, I'm my own worst critic, but after awhile, really, when you watch 'Moonrise Kingdom', it's such a fantastic film that you sort of get sucked into the story, and then you kind of forget about everything else. Kara Hayward

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