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You cannot have a positive life and a negative mind. Joyce Meyer

You're not free, unless you come to the place where you have nothing to prove. Joyce Meyer

Never hesitate to take what you think are small things to God; after all, EVERYTHING is small to God. Joyce Meyer

Gaining a victory is more difficult than maintaining it once you have it. Joyce Meyer

Sometimes new opportunity means new opposition. Not everything God asks us to do will be comfortable. Joyce Meyer

If you're strong enough on the inside, you can handle anything that comes at you on the outside. Joyce Meyer

God has gifted me in communication. He has given me a gift to be very open about myself, which seems to really help a lot of people. It's not even anything I do on purpose. It's just something I don't have a problem with. I don't care what you know about me if it will help you. Joyce Meyer

God has blessed me in many ways. Money is not the greatest blessing you can have, but I literally had absolutely nothing. The first message that I preached at Life in the Word, I had to borrow a suit from my pastor's wife, because I didn't have any decent clothes, and I was driving a 20-year-old car. We went through a lot of years of having nothing, sleeping in McDonald's parking lots, because we didn't have money to stay all night in a hotel. But, like anybody else who works hard and is diligent and doesn't quit and doesn't give up, there is a day the blessings come. Joyce Meyer

I believe a lot of people that are gay, had even had problems like I had in the past. I think they've been hurt by somebody from the opposite sex, and they don't know how to function right in those relationships. Joyce Meyer

God's unconditional love is a very difficult concept for people to accept because, in the world, there's always payment for everything we receive. It's just how things work here. But God is not like people! Joyce Meyer

Sometimes God allows us to be tested because He's preparing us for promotion. Joyce Meyer

If we are ever going to develop an ability to hear from God and be led by His Spirit, we have to start making our own decisions and trust the wisdom God has deposited in our own heart. Joyce Meyer

There are two kinds of pain: the pain of change and the pain of never changing and remaining the same. Joyce Meyer

The devil will give up when he sees that you are not going to give in. Joyce Meyer

Don't be too concerned about what others think of you. It's what you think about yourself that matters! Joyce Meyer

Many people say "my life stinks". Well, your life will stink if you spend today thinking about tomorrow. Joyce Meyer

Here's one of my favorite statements: We are never going to enjoy stability, we are never going to enjoy spiritual maturity until we learn how to do what's right when it feels wrong, and every time you do what's right by a decision of your will using discipline and self control to go beyond how you feel, the more painful it is in your flesh, the more you're growing spiritually at that particular moment. Joyce Meyer

Average is very acceptable in our society but I don't think the angels are applauding. If you are determined to be excellent, to not back out of it, you will reap a harvest in your life. Joyce Meyer

It pleases our heavenly Father when we acknowledge and confess to Him our inability to run our own lives. That is what we are doing when we say, "Father, help me! I need You!" Joyce Meyer

All complaining comes from pride. Joyce Meyer

You need to be moving if you want God to show you which way to go. Joyce Meyer

On this special day of love, remember that your Father loves you more than you could ever matter what you've done or haven't done. No box of candy or flowers can compare to this kind of agape love! Joyce Meyer

Do you look forward to going to church, or is it something you do out of obligation? Joyce Meyer

Whatever your situation, God wants to heal you, strengthen you, and lead you to a place where you can enjoy life again. Joyce Meyer

Come to me all who are weary and heavy burden.." Go to the throne, not the phone. The people on the other end aren't qualified to fix your problems, they don't know what they're doing either!!! ~ -Joyce Meyers Joyce Meyer

If you don't love yourself, it's impossible for you to love others. You can't give away what you don't have. Joyce Meyer

If someone has offended you, start sowing forgiveness. You may need some yourself someday. Joyce Meyer

You gotta learn how to think right before you can live right. Joyce Meyer

Don't feel like you have to take every suggestion people give you. Not every good idea is a God idea. Joyce Meyer

Deadly emotions, buried alive, never die. Joyce Meyer

When you put your feet on the floor every morning, Hell should shake! Joyce Meyer

Patience is a fruit of the spirit that grows only under trial. It is useless to pray for patience. Well, actually I encourage you to pray for patience, but I'll tell you what you'll get TRIALS! Joyce Meyer

If I have to build a big company by mistreating other people then the Bible says WOE to me. I don't know what that is, but I don't want any of it. Joyce Meyer

(On being in a position of leadership) Even if it's your dog, you've got authority over somebody. Start treating him better. Joyce Meyer

Compromise means to go just a little bit below what you know is right. It's just a little bit, but it's the little foxes that spoil the vine. Joyce Meyer

Love listens to the other person and searches for clues on ways to serve, bless and lift up that person. Joyce Meyer

I need to keep pressing on until I am thoroughly thankful. Joyce Meyer

When you are a thankful person it releases joy. Joyce Meyer

God's perfect, unconditional love and faithfulness are what brought me through all of the healing, restoration and breakthroughs I desperately needed so I could become what He created me to be! Joyce Meyer

Is all anger sin? No, but some of it is. Even God Himself has righteous anger against sin, injustice, rebellion and pettiness. Joyce Meyer

Excellence - Take what you have and do the BEST with it. Joyce Meyer

When your soul is resting, your emotions are okay, your mind is okay, and your will is at peace with God, not resisting what He's doing. Joyce Meyer

Our enemy, the devil, wants to control us, and his target is our will. The main way he tries to influence our will is through lying to us. Joyce Meyer

Individuals need to be willing to face truth about their attitudes, behaviors, even what we want out of life. Joyce Meyer

Many sophisticated, intelligent people lack wisdom and common sense. Joyce Meyer

Humble people ask for help. Joyce Meyer

We have an epidemic of insecure people in our society today. Joyce Meyer

Choosing an attitude of faith will release peace out of your spirit and into your soul. Joyce Meyer

Peace is one of the most precious gifts God has promised His children. Joyce Meyer

Sadly, the truth is, there aren't many people who can be put in high positions who won't start thinking highly of themselves. Joyce Meyer

The Word of God is active, energizing, sharp and powerful like a two-edged sword. Joyce Meyer

Once I realized that right thinking is vital to victorious living, I got more serious about thinking about what I was thinking about, and choosing my thoughts carefully. Joyce Meyer

What we need to understand is that when traditions become laws, rules, obligations and expectations others put on us that we don't want to fulfill, then they lose real meaning and steal the joy from our lives. And if we're too religious, we won't be able to be led by the Holy Spirit and enjoy an intimate relationship with Him. Joyce Meyer

I am radically, insanely, nutty in love with Jesus! Joyce Meyer

The only answer to fear is faith in God, knowing He loves you unconditionally and individually. Joyce Meyer

God doesn't love me any more or less because I had some work done on my face. You know, I prayed about it a long, long, long, long, long time, because there again, I wouldn't want to do anything that I felt was going to be offensive to God. Joyce Meyer

I'm sure most parents read to their children to explain what certain things mean. So books are a good way to convey a message to anybody. Everybody reads. Joyce Meyer

Don't try to change people. It won't work, and they will end up resenting you. Only God can change people! Joyce Meyer

Satan will battle you with doubt and unbelief, but God has victory waiting for you if you'll keep trusting and believing Him. Joyce Meyer

We can't control what other people do and how they treat us, but we can control our response to them. Joyce Meyer

Forgiveness is a CHOICE, not a feeling. Joyce Meyer

If God is in fact separated from the government, then we can never possibly have a godly government. There's no way for America to be good if she's not godly. Joyce Meyer

The term revolution means: a sudden, radical, and complete change from the way things are normally done. I love that definition because I really feel that in order for us to start walking in the kind of love that Christ commanded us to - the "love your neighbor as yourself" kind - it's going to take a radical change in our current behavior. The church has become passive and selfish and it's going to take a revolution to get us back to the place where we are not just talking the talk, but walking in a love that shows the world Christ's love. Joyce Meyer

The sooner we learn feelings are fickle, the better off we are. Joyce Meyer

Our world has created a false unrealistic image of what women are supposed to look like and act like. But the truth is that every woman was not created by God to be skinny, with a flawless complexion and long flowing hair. Not every woman was intended to juggle a career as well as all of the other duties of being a wife, mother, citizen, and daughter. Single women should not be made to feel they are missing somenthing because they are not married. Married women should not be made to feel they must have a career to be complete. We must have the freedom to be our individual selves. Joyce Meyer

A truly humble person knows that they are nothing in themselves but they are everything in Christ. Joyce Meyer

Regret is distress over a desire unfulfilled or an action performed or not performed. Joyce Meyer

Instead of concentrating on your problems and getting discouraged, focus on God and meditate on His promises for you. You may have fallen down, but you don't have to stay down. God is ready, willing and able to pick you up. Joyce Meyer

The more positive you are, the powerful youll be. Joyce Meyer

Everyone knows how to smile. Its one of the greatest gifts God has given us. A smile makes people feel good, and people look so beautiful when they smile. Joyce Meyer

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