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The greatest thief this world has ever produced is procrastination, and he is still at large. Josh Billings

As the flint contains the spark, unknown to itself, which the steel alone can awaken to life, so adversity often reveals to us hidden gems, which prosperity or negligence would forever have hidden. Josh Billings

It is not much trouble to doctor sick folks, but to doctor healthy ones is troublesome. Josh Billings

Method is the arithmetic of success. Josh Billings

Truth is the edict of God. Josh Billings

Adam invented love at first sight, one of the greatest labor-saving machines the world ever saw. Josh Billings

A slander is like a hornet; if you cannot kill it dead at the first blow, better not to strike at it. Josh Billings

Never work before breakfast; if you have to work before breakfast, eat your breakfast first. Josh Billings

I never knew a man troubled with melancholy, who had plenty to do, and did it. Josh Billings

If the world despises a hypocrite, what must they think of him in heaven? Josh Billings

The quickest way to take the starch out of someone who is always blaming himself is to agree with him. Josh Billings

There are people who don't do anything but watch their symptoms. I have seen dogs act just as sensible, i have seen a rat terrier watch the symptoms of a knot hole, in a board fence, all day, for some rat to come out, but no rat didn't come out. Josh Billings

Politeness is often wasted, but it is a good and cheap mistake to make. Josh Billings

I rather admire the insolent civility of a bull-tarrier, who only growls when I pass by him, but I never did like it in a man. Josh Billings

When I come across people who are perfectly crazy for ventilation, I say to myself, that critter was brought up in a windmill. Josh Billings

Give everyone you meet, my boy, the time of day and half the road, and if that don't make him civil don't waste any more fragrance on the cuss. Josh Billings

I never have any trouble in regulating my own conduct, but to keep other folks straight is what bothers me. Josh Billings

When I see a poor, and proud aristocrat, particular about punctilio, he always puts me in mind of a drunken man, trying to walk a crack. Josh Billings

There are lots of people who mistake their imagination for their memory. Josh Billings

There's a great power in words, if you don't hitch too many of them together. Josh Billings

Men mourn for what they have lost; women for what they ain't got. Josh Billings

I think when the full horror of being fifty hits you, you should stay home and have a good cry. Josh Billings

Wisdom has never made a bigot, but learning has. Josh Billings

It is a very delicate job to forgive a man, without lowering him in his own estimation, and yours too. Josh Billings

About the only difference between the poor and the rich, is this, the poor suffer misery, while the rich have to enjoy it. Josh Billings

Prejudice assumes the garb of reason, but the cheat is too thin. Josh Billings

It ain't because lovers are so sensitive that they quarrel so often; it is because there is so much fun n the making up. Josh Billings

Music hath the charm to soothe a savage beast, but I'd try a revolver first. Josh Billings

We hate those who will not take our advice, and despise them who do. Josh Billings

Better make a weak man your enemy than your friend. Josh Billings

Good nonsense is good sense in disguise. Josh Billings

Music wasn't made to make us wise, but better natured. Josh Billings

The easiest thing for our friends to discover in us, and the hardest thing for us to discover in ourselves, is that we are growing old. Josh Billings

Ignorance is the wet-nurse of prejudice. Josh Billings

Selfish people, with no heart to speak of, have the best time of it. Josh Billings

The very thing that men think they have got the most of, they have got the least of; and that is judgment. Josh Billings

Prejudice is a house-plant which is very apt to wilt if you take it out-of-doors among folks. Josh Billings

A witty writer is like a porcupine; his quill makes no distinction between friend and foe. Josh Billings

The nearest we can come to) perfect happiness is to cheat ourselves with the belief that we have got it. Josh Billings

Opinions should be formed with great caution, and changed with greater. Josh Billings

If you do not know how to lie, cheat, and steal, turn your attention to politics and learn. Josh Billings

The soul has more diseases than the body. Josh Billings

If men were stubborn just in proportion as they were right, stubbornness would take her seat among the virtues; but men are generally stubborn just in proportion as they are ignorant and wrong. Josh Billings

And now the lads and lasses, following the example of the birds, bill and coo together. Josh Billings

The highest philosophers, in explaining the mystery of this world, are obliged to call in the aid of another. Josh Billings

The best condition in life is to be not so rich as to be envied nor so poor as to be damned. Josh Billings

The time to pray is not when we are in a tight spot but just as soon as we get out of it. Josh Billings

Debt is a trap which man sets and baits himself, and then deliberately gets into. Josh Billings

The miser and the glutton are two facetious buzzards: one hides his store, and the other stores his hide. Josh Billings

A good place to visit, but a poor place to stay. Josh Billings

The great art of writing is knowing when to stop. Josh Billings

Men of genius are like eagles, they live on what they kill, while men of talents are like crows, they live on what has been killed for them. Josh Billings

The devil is the father of lies, but he neglected to patent the idea, and the business now suffers from competition. Josh Billings

The man who has never been tempted doesn't know how dishonest he is. Josh Billings

Health is like munny, we never have a true idea of its value until we lose it. Josh Billings

It is the little bits of things that fret and worry us; we can dodge an elephant but we can't a fly. Josh Billings

I honestly believe it is better to know nothing than to know what ain't so. Josh Billings

A secret ceases to be a secret if it is once confided-it is like a dollar bill, once broken, it is never a dollar again. Josh Billings

It is a darned sight easier to find six men who can tell exactly how a thing ought to be did than to find one who will do it. Josh Billings

When a doctor looks me square in the face and can't see no money in me, then I am happy. Josh Billings

Young man, don't grind your scythe all on one side! Josh Billings

Rather than not have faith in anything, I am willing to be beat 9 times out of 10. Josh Billings

Take all the prophecies that have come to pass, and all that have caught on the center, and failed to come to time, and make them up in an average, and yer will find, that buying stock, on the Codfish Bank of Newfoundland, at 50 per cent, for a rise, is, in comparison, a good speculative business. Josh Billings

Life consists not in holding good cards but in playing those you hold well. Josh Billings

A puppy plays with every pup he meets, but an old dog has few associates. Josh Billings

Old maids sweeten their tea with scandal. Josh Billings

Reason often makes mistakes, but conscience never does. Josh Billings

Knowledge is like money: the more he gets, the more he craves. Josh Billings

No one can disgrace us but ourselves. Josh Billings

Debt is like any other trap, easy enough to get into, but hard enough to get out of. Josh Billings

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