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Knowledge is, indeed, that which, next to virtue, truly and essentially raises one man above another. Joseph Addison

An honest private man often grows cruel and abandoned when converted into an absolute prince. Give a man power of doing what he pleases with impunity, you extinguish his fear, and consequently overturn in him one of the great pillars of morality. Joseph Addison

Honor's a fine imaginary notion, that draws in raw and unexperienced men to real mischiefs. Joseph Addison

Certain is it that there is no kind of affection so purely angelic as of a father to a daughter. In love to our wives there is desire; to our sons, ambition, but to our daughters there is something which there are no words to express. Joseph Addison

The stars shall fade away, the sun himself Grow dim with age, and nature sink in years, But thou shalt flourish in immortal youth, Unhurt amidst the wars of elements, The wrecks of matter, and the crush of worlds. Joseph Addison

Husband a lie, and trump it up in some extraordinary emergency. Joseph Addison

The gloomy months of November, when the people of England hang and drown themselves. Joseph Addison

Great Pompey's shade complains that we are slow, And Scipio's ghost walks unaveng'd amongst us! Joseph Addison

One of the most important, but one of the most difficult things to a powerful mind is to be its own master; a pond may lay quiet in a plain, but a lake wants mountains to compass and hold it in. Joseph Addison

The soul, secure in her existence, smiles At the drawn dagger, and defies its point, The stars shall fade away, the sun himself Grow dim with age, and nature sink in years; But thou shalt flourish in immortal youth, Unhurt amidst the war of elements, The wrecks of matter, and the crush of worlds. Joseph Addison

The gods in bounty work up storms about us, that give mankind occasion to exert their hidden strength, and throw out into practice virtues that shun the day, and lie concealed in the smooth seasons and the calms of life. Joseph Addison

Music can noble hints impart, Engender fury, kindle love, With unsuspected eloquence can move, And manage all the man with secret art. Joseph Addison

There is not, in my opinion, anything more mysterious in nature than this instinct in animals, which thus rise above reason, and yet fall infinitely short of it. Joseph Addison

Whether zeal or moderation be the point we aim at, let us keep the fire out of the one, and the frost out of the other. Joseph Addison

A statue lies hid in a block of marble, and the art of the statuary only clears away the superfluous matter and removes the rubbish. The figure is in the stone; the sculptor only finds it. What sculpture is to a block of marble, education is to a human soul. The philosopher, the saint, or the hero,-the wise, the good, or the great man,-very often lies hid and concealed in a plebeian, which a proper education might have disinterred, and have brought to light. Joseph Addison

True religion and virtue give a cheerful and happy turn to the mind, admit of all true pleasures, and even procure for us the highest. Joseph Addison

The intelligence of affection is carried on by the eye only; good-breeding has made the tongue falsify the heart, and act a part of continued restraint, while nature has preserved the eyes to herself, that she may not be disguised or misrepresented. Joseph Addison

There is nothing touches our imagination so much as a beautiful woman in a plain dress. Joseph Addison

Those marriages generally abound most with love and constancy that are preceded by a long courtship. The passion should strike root and gather strength before marriage be grafted on it. Joseph Addison

I have always preferred cheerfulness to mirth. The latter I consider as an act, the former as an habit of mind. Mirth is short and transient, cheerfulness fixed and permanent. Joseph Addison

A day, an hour, of virtuous liberty Is worth a whole eternity in bondage. Joseph Addison

When love once pleas admission to our hearts, (In spite of all the virtue we can boast), The woman that deliberates is lost. Joseph Addison

Much might be said on both sides. Joseph Addison

Nature is full of wonders; every atom is a standing miracle, and endowed with such qualities, as could not be impressed on it by a power and wisdom less than infinite. Joseph Addison

I am very much concerned when I see young gentlemen of fortune and quality so wholly set upon pleasures and diversions, that they neglect all those improvements in wisdom and knowledge which may make them easy to themselves and useful to the world. Joseph Addison

I have often wondered that learning is not thought a proper ingredient in the education of a woman of quality or fortune. Since they have the same improvable minds as the male part of their species. Joseph Addison

A man governs himself by the dictates of virtue and good sense, who acts without zeal or passion in points that are of no consequence; but when the whole community is shaken, and the safety of the public endangered, the appearance of a philosophical or an affected indolence must arise either from stupidity or perfidiousness. Joseph Addison

I have sent for you that you may see how a Christian may die. Joseph Addison

Our friends don't see our faults, or conceal them, or soften them. Joseph Addison

The consciousness of being loved softens the keenest pang even at the moment of parting; yea, even the eternal farewell is robbed of half of its bitterness when uttered in accents that breathe love to the last sigh. Joseph Addison

Mirth is like a flash of lightning, that breaks through a gloom of clouds, and glitters for a moment; cheerfulness keeps up a kind of daylight in the mind, and fills it with a steady and perpetual serenity. Joseph Addison

Some virtues are only seen in affliction and others only in prosperity. Joseph Addison

The fear of death often proves mortal, and sets people on methods to save their Lives, which infallibly destroy them. Joseph Addison

As vivacity is the gift of woman, gravity is that of men. Joseph Addison

Man's first care should be to avoid the reproaches of his own heart, and next to escape the censures of the world. If the last interfere with the first it should be entirely neglected. But if not, there cannot be a greater satisfaction to an honest mind than to see its own approbation seconded by the applause of the public. Joseph Addison

A day, an hour, of virtuous liberty Is worth a whole eternity in bondage. Joseph Addison

Men who cherish for women the highest respect are seldom popular with them. Joseph Addison

Laughter, while it lasts, slackens and unbraces the mind, weakens the faculties, and causes a kind of remissness and dissolution in all the powers of the soul. Joseph Addison

Women were formed to temper Mankind, and sooth them into Tenderness and Compassion; not to set an Edge upon their Minds, and blowup in them those Passions which are too apt to rise of their own Accord. Joseph Addison

Those who were skillful in Anatomy among the Ancients, concluded from the outward and inward Make of an Human Body, that it was the Work of a Being transcendently Wise and Powerful. As the World grew more enlightened in this Art, their Discoveries gave them fresh Opportunities of admiring the Conduct of Providence in the Formation of an Human Body. Joseph Addison

It is usual for a Man who loves Country Sports to preserve the Game in his own Grounds, and divert himself upon those that belongto his Neighbour. Joseph Addison

The Fashionable World is grown free and easie; our Manners sit more loose upon us: Nothing is so modish as an agreeable Negligence. In a word, Good Breeding shows it self most, where to an ordinary Eye it appears the least. Joseph Addison

A good disposition is more valuable than gold, for the latter is the gift of fortune, but the former is the dower of nature. Joseph Addison

Is there not some chosen curse, Some hidden thunder in the stores of heaven, Red with uncommon wrath, to blast the man Who owes his greatness to his country's ruin? Joseph Addison

Man is subject to innumerable pains and sorrows by the very condition of humanity, and yet, as if nature had not sown evils enough in life, we are continually adding grief to grief, and aggravating the common calamity by our cruel treatment of one another. Joseph Addison

Justice discards party, friendship, kindred, and is always, therefore, represented as blind. Joseph Addison

Though we seem grieved at the shortness of life in general, we are wishing every period of it at an end. The minor longs to be at age, then to be a man of business, then to make up an estate, then to arrive at honors, then to retire. Joseph Addison

Thy steady temper, Portius, Can look on guilt, rebellion, fraud, and Caesar, In the calm lights of mild philosophy. Joseph Addison

The talent of turning men into ridicule, and exposing to laughter those one converses with, is the gratification of little minds and ungenerous tempers. A young man with this cast of mind cuts himself off from all manner of improvement. Joseph Addison

On you, most loved, with anxious fear I wait, And from your judgment must expect my fate. Joseph Addison

Tom, hinted at his dislike at some trifle is mistress had said; she asked him how he would talk to her after marriage if he talked at this rate before. Joseph Addison

True happiness is of a retired nature, and an enemy to pomp and noise. It arises, in the first place, from the enjoyment of one's self, and, in the next, from the friendship and conversation of a few select friends. Joseph Addison

Nothing is more amiable than true modesty, and nothing more contemptible than the false. The one guards virtue, the other betrays it. Joseph Addison

Sweet are the slumbers of the virtuous man. Joseph Addison

We see the pernicious effects of luxury in the ancient Romans, who immediately found themselves poor as soon as this vice got footing among them. Joseph Addison

Nature delights in the most plain and simple diet. Joseph Addison

The man who lives by hope, will die by hunger. Joseph Addison

The voice of reason is more to be regarded than the bent of any present inclination; since inclination will at length come over to reason, though we can never force reason to comply with inclination. Joseph Addison

Supposing all the great points of atheism were formed into a kind of creed, I would fain ask whether it would not require an infinite greater measure of faith than any set of articles which they so violently oppose. Joseph Addison

The lives of great men cannot be writ with any tolerable degree of elegance or exactness within a short time after their decease. Joseph Addison

There is not a more melancholy object than a man who has his head turned with religious enthusiasm. Joseph Addison

A man improves more by reading the story of a person eminent for prudence and virtue, than by the finest rules and precepts of morality. Joseph Addison

Fables take off from the severity of instruction, and enforce it at the same time that they conceal it. Joseph Addison

Were a man's sorrows and disquietudes summed up at the end of his life, it would generally be found that he had suffered more from the apprehension of such evils as never happened to him than from those evils which had really befallen him. Joseph Addison

Gold is a wonderful clearer of the understanding; it dissipates every doubt and scruple in an instant. Joseph Addison

Men naturally warm and heady are transported with the greatest flush of good-nature. Joseph Addison

The ungrown glories of his beamy hair. Joseph Addison

The world is so full of ill-nature that I have lampoons sent me by people who cannot spell, and satires composed by those who scarce know how to write. Joseph Addison

Most of our fellow-subjects are guided either by the prejudice of education or by a deference to the judgment of those who perhaps in their own hearts disapprove the opinions which they industriously spread among the multitude. Joseph Addison

The peacock in all his pride does not display half the colors that appear in the garments of a British lady when she is dressed. Joseph Addison

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