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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and it may be necessary from time to time to give a stupid or misinformed beholder a black eye. Jim Henson

I believe that life is basically a process of growth-that we go through many lives, choosing those situations and problems that we will learn through. Jim Henson

I know I drive some people crazy with what seems like ridiculous optimism, but it has always worked for me. Jim Henson

Who said that every wish would be heard and answered when wished on an evening star? Somebody thought of it and someone believed it, and look what its done so far. Jim Henson

I think if you study-if you learn too much of what others have done, you may tend to take the same direction as everybody else. Jim Henson

I believe that we form our own lives, that we create our own reality, and that everything works out for the best. Jim Henson

When The Muppet Show ended, we all sat around and said, what kind of television show would we like to do. We felt the need these days are for some quality children's programming. Jim Henson

Yeah, we pretty much had a form and a shape by that time - a style - and I think one of the advantages of not having any relationship to any other puppeteer was that it gave me a reason to put those together myself for the needs of television. Jim Henson

I decided that what I really wanted to do was go off and paint. Jim Henson

No, there's not much competition between puppeteers in general because everybody's working their own style. Jim Henson

I really do believe that all of you are at the beginning of a wonderful journey.As you start traveling down that road of life, remember this: There are never enough comfort stops. The places you're going to are never on the map. And once you get that map out, you won't be able to re-fold it no matter how smart you are. So forget the map, roll down the windows, and whenever you can pull over and have picnic with a pig. And if you can help it never fly as cargo. Jim Henson

Life is meant to be fun, and joyous, and fulfilling. Jim Henson

I know it's easier to portray a world filled with cynicism and anger, where problems are solved with violence...It's an easy out. What's a whole lot tougher is to offer alternatives, to present other ways conflicts can be resolved, and to show you can have a positive impact on your world. To do that, you have to put yourself out on a limb, take chances, and run the risk of being called a do-gooder. Jim Henson

I don't want'a die... I have other plans! Jim Henson

And also there wasn't much money in television in those days anyhow. Jim Henson

Television is basically teaching whether you want it to or not. Jim Henson

[Kids] don't remember what you try to teach them. They remember what you are. Jim Henson

Watch out for the icy patch Jim Henson

I've never felt any sense of competition with anybody, and we're all friends; we're all good friends. Jim Henson

At the University of Maryland, my first year I started off planning to major in art because I was interested in theatre design, stage design or television design. Jim Henson

Yeah, I think we did the term Muppets before we got the show Sam and Friends - a few months after I started working. Jim Henson

Life's like a movie, write your own ending. Keep believing, keep pretending. We've done just what we set out to do. Thanks to the lovers, the dreamers and you. Jim Henson

A film is not done by one person. It's done by a lot of people. I love this whole collaborative aspect. When it works well, you end up with something better than any of us started out to do. Jim Henson

Cara: *Flies* Gen: What? I don't have wings! Cara: Ofcourse not! You're a boy. Jim Henson

I spend a few minutes in meditation and prayer each morning. I find that this really helps me to start the day with a good frame of reference. As part of my prayers, I thank whoever is helping me - I'm sure that somebody or something is - I express gratitude for all my blessings and try to forgive the people that I'm feeling negative toward. I try hard not to judge anyone, and I try to bless everyone who is part of my life, particularly anyone with whom I am having any problems. Jim Henson

It all ends in one of two ways: either someone gets eaten or something blows up. Jim Henson

If you care about what you do and work hard at it, there isn't anything you can't do if you want to. Jim Henson

The most sophisticated people I know - inside they are all children. Jim Henson

Yeah, well when I first started working, it was $5 a show; it was probably a little higher by the time I got to my own show, but I remember that they put me under contract at $100 a week, which to me was really an astronomical price. Jim Henson

If you're doing a large, complicated character with radio controls, it might take a number of people several months to make it and if you're talking about a quick little hand puppet, it could be made in 2 days, so there's enormous range there, and no real easy generalities. Jim Henson

Yes, its one of the basic truths of the universe,....Things don't disappear. They just change, and change and change again. Jim Henson

The most sophisticated people I've ever known had just one thing in common: they were all in touch with their inner children. Jim Henson

If our 'message' is anything, it's a positive approach to life. That life is basically good. People are basically good. Jim Henson

Please watch out for each other and love and forgive everybody. It's a good life, enjoy it. Jim Henson

Nobody creates a fad. It just happens. People love going along with the idea of a beautiful pig. It's like a conspiracy. Jim Henson

There's not a word nevertheless, for previous pals who've just fulfilled. Jim Henson

I don't know exactly where ideas come from, but when I'm working well ideas just appear. I've heard other people say similar things - so it's one of the ways I know there's help and guidance out there. It's just a matter of our figuring out how to receive the ideas or information that are waiting to be heard. Jim Henson

We see with our eyes. We know with our hearts. Outside...Inside. Jim Henson

My hope still is to leave the world a bit better than when I got here. Jim Henson

But with The Dark Crystal, instead of puppetry we're trying to go toward a sense of realism - toward a reality of creatures that are actually alive and we're mixing up puppetry and all kinds of other techniques. Jim Henson

At the time of Polaroid - and I did a couple of other commercials just before I stopped doing that stuff - at that point I was at the level where they respect you and your opinion and all that sort of thing. Jim Henson

If you can't beat them. Join them Jim Henson

No time is wasted time Jim Henson

Do everything at 100 percent of its potential and never accept second best. Jim Henson

As children, we all live in a world of imagination, of fantasy, and for some of us that world of make-believe continues into adulthood. Jim Henson

Well, Detroit Institute is kind of a key - probably the largest permanent collection of puppets in the US. Jim Henson

It's into the same bag as E.T. and Yoda, wherein you're trying to create something that people will actually believe, but it's not so much a symbol of the thing, but you're trying to do the thing itself. Jim Henson

(Lisa Henson about her father) He admired the job of the man who walks along the road picking up trash with a long stick. He thought that guy had a great job, walking along with a stick, enjoying the road, and doing only good in the world, with hundreds of small actions. Jim Henson

I try hard not to judge anyone, and I try to bless everyone who is a part of my life, particularly anyone with whom I am having any problems Jim Henson

Nobody creates a fad. It just happens. People love going along with the idea of a beautiful pig. It's like a conspiracy. Jim Henson

I don't know exactly where ideas come from, it's just a matter of us figuring out how to receive the ideas waiting to be heard. Jim Henson

Certainly I've lived my whole life through my imagination. But the world of imagination is there for all of us-a sense of play, of pretending, of wonder. It's there with us as we live. Jim Henson

I was very interested in theatre, mostly in stage design. I did a little bit of acting. Jim Henson

We thought it would be fun to try to design a show that would work well internationally and so that' s what we're intending to do with Fraggle Rock, and we are indeed now selling it around the world. Jim Henson

I do remember doing shows strictly in black and white, too, so you're right. Jim Henson

Music is an essential part of everything we do. Like puppetry, music has an abstract quality which speaks to a worldwide audience in a wonderful way that nourishes the soul. Jim Henson

I hope that something better comes along. Jim Henson

NBC was trying to convert all of their local programming to color right away to encourage the sale of the sets, so I barely remember working in black and white, although I do know that I did do it, but there was not a major difference, though. Jim Henson

I think my own strengths are in television production. Jim Henson

If anything, there's a difference in working with color in England and the color in the US. Jim Henson

You're assisting the audience to understand; you're giving them a bridge or an access. And if you don't give them that, if you keep it more abstract, it's almost more pure. It's a cooler thing. Jim Henson

There was a little afternoon show that was called Afternoon. Back in those days in television, most local stations had a midday show for housewives that had a series of things. It was like a variety show for midday. Jim Henson

Take what you got and fly with it. Jim Henson

The only way the magic works is by hard work. But hard work can be fun. Jim Henson

Do the jobs you like least first. It makes each successive job easier. Jim Henson

Only time can heal your broken heart. Just as only time can heal his broken arms and legs. Jim Henson

If you take a character and you call him a frog, or like Rowlf, our dog, call him a dog, you immediately give the audience a handle. Jim Henson

When I was young, my ambition was to be one of the people who made a difference in this world. My hope still is to leave the world a little bit better for my having been here. It's a wonderful life and I love it. Jim Henson

When I was a kid, I never saw a puppet show. I never played with puppets or had any interest in them. Jim Henson

Somebody like a Piggy or a Kermit, there needs to be several versions and so there will be several of them. Jim Henson

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