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I wish everyone could experience being rich and famous, so they'd see it wasn't the answer to anything. Jim Carrey

It's Better to Fail at What You Love Than Fail at What You Don't. Jim Carrey

Uh uh uh, turning the car into oncoming traffic...is counterproductive! Jim Carrey

but can everyone simply choose the path he loves? someone has to take the ordinary jobs. all i know is, that worked for me. and it didn't work for other people i know to get a so-called safe job, because there's no such thing anymore. the only thing that stays constant is the idea that people have to escape. Jim Carrey

i'm a perfectionist, so i'm never satisfied with myself. i've always been psychotic about that kind of stuff-in a good way. i'm very disciplined. like the food and the whole thing, i'm always looking to "how can i eventually just turn into a ball of light and fly off the planet?". until that happens and God basically pull the blinds back, i will not be satisfied... if i found out that if i ate pine nuts for the next month i could see God, i'd be eating pine nuts. Jim Carrey

I wanted to be a veterinarian for about a week of my life when I was a kid. But I found out about the whole euthanasia thing and I said, I can't commit to that, sorry! Jim Carrey

Well this is just a fist. But when I start throwing it around I can leave one hell of a mess. Jim Carrey

Life doesn't happen to you, it happens for you. Jim Carrey

There is a huge difference between a dog that is going to eat you in your mind and an actual dog that's going to eat you. Jim Carrey

That peace that we're after, lies somewhere beyond personality, beyond the perception of others, beyond invention and disguise, even beyond effort itself. You can join the game, fight the wars, play with form all you want, but to find real peace, you have to let the armor fall. Jim Carrey

I'm always trying to complicate things. For some reason I'll go, "Well, maybe I can get that in," and stuff like that. I always make it really hard for myself. Jim Carrey

I'm not always looking for the laugh. I'm not the guy who sits in and listens to conversations and wants to jump in with something hilarious every two seconds. I actually do listen to people. Jim Carrey

The exit from agony is always there. The tunnel out of the agony sector is always in front of you and yet you don't take it. You don't take it by choice. You want to indulge a lot and be in pain. The easiest way out is to write a list of what you're grateful for. If everybody literally did that before they went to bed at night, there'd be no unhappy people. Jim Carrey

I love stories about teachers. For some reason I can't get enough of those kind of stories. If I turn a movie on about a teacher, I love it. I love that idea of an adult influence on kids. Jim Carrey

Comedic actors can be looked at as a lower form because we have to put ourselves in a lower place than most of the audience. I think lofty emotions are somehow considered more special. The best stories in the world to me are the ones that elicit a real emotion, but have humour. Jim Carrey

I was that kid. I was entertaining everybody in the living room and throwing myself down flights of stairs and making the family look special and making my mother feel better and I really wanted to make people happy. That has been my ministry my whole life. I call it The Church of F.F.C. - The Church of Freedom From Concern. And I'm a high priest in that church. Jim Carrey

There's been a thoughtfulness to everything I do. Even the stupidest things I do have some kind of point. Jim Carrey

Behind every great man is a woman rolling her eyes. Jim Carrey

Maybe there is no actual place called hell. Maybe hell is just having to listen to our grandparents breathe through their noses when they're eating sandwiches. Jim Carrey

It's hard for anybody who's been with me not to feel starved for affection when I'm making love to my ideas. Maybe it's not meant for me to settle down and be married. Jim Carrey

I tend to stay up late, not because I'm partying but because it's the only time of the day when I'm alone and don't have to be performing. Jim Carrey

We had problems like all families but we had a lot of love. I was extremely loved. We always felt we had each other. Jim Carrey

My life is not unlike Truman's. I can't go anywhere. Jim Carrey

I hope I'll never be is drunk with my own power. Jim Carrey

Madness is never that far away. It's as close as saying yes to the wrong impulse. Jim Carrey

I don't believe in bad people. I believe that people, somewhere inside, have the potential to realize themselves. Jim Carrey

Everybody expects the fairy tale - you're going to be together forever with somebody. I don't really subscribe to that. I'd love that to happen if that happened, but ten years is enough. Ten years is a good thing with somebody, I think. It's a nice thing. A lot of good love can happen in ten years. Jim Carrey

Lots of people say if you dredge too much stuff up, you'll go crazy - "You'll go insane!" But for a comedian, insanity is not a problem. It's a goal. Jim Carrey

[The highs and lows of show business is] a rollercoaster for sure. There's so many highs, there's just moments of your life where you go, "Wow I can't believe how insanely lucky I am," and then you can turn around and the next moment feel so completely caught up in your own wanting, and desiring, and needing and feel like somehow you're missing something. It's just higher the high, the lower the low. Jim Carrey

I love the idea that 'a person is a person no matter how small'. Jim Carrey

I started out performing as a little boy, I was trying to make my mother feel better and laugh because she was sick and in pain all the time. I found out that I had that power to relieve her. Jim Carrey

I try to stay in decent shape always. I pride myself on staying at least a month away from really good shape. Jim Carrey

I"ve often said that I wish people could realize all their dreams and wealth and fame, so that they could see that it's not where they"re gonna find their sense of completion. Like many of you, I was concerned about going out into the world and doing something bigger than myself, until someone smarter than myself made me realize that there is nothing bigger than myself. My soul is not contained within the limits of my body, my body is contained within the limitlessness of my soul. Jim Carrey

150 people die every year from being hit by falling coconuts. Not to worry, drug makers are developing a vaccine. Jim Carrey

Heaven is on the other side of that feeling you get when you're sitting on the couch and you get up and make a triple-decker sandwich. It's on the other side of that, when you don't make the sandwich. It's about sacrifice.... It's about giving up the things that basically keep you from feeling. That's what I believe, anyway. I'm always asking, "What am I going to give up next?" Because I want to feel. Jim Carrey

There are peaks, there are valleys. But they're all kind of carved and smoothed out, and it feels like a low level of despair you live in. Where you're not getting any answers, but you're living OK. And you can smile at the office. You know? But it's a low level of despair. I was on Prozac for a long time. It may have helped me out of a jam for a little bit, but people stay on it forever. I had to get off at a certain point because I realized that, you know, everything's just OK. Jim Carrey

I cannot be contained...bec ause I am the container Jim Carrey

Your need for acceptance can make you invisible in this world. Risk being seen in all of your glory Jim Carrey

My soul is not contained within the limits of my body; my body is contained within the limitlessness of my soul. Jim Carrey

Don't worry if you miss your cue, because there's always doors opening. They keep opening. Jim Carrey

To find real peace you have to let the armor go. Your need for acceptance can make you invisible in this world. Don't let anything stand in the way of the light that shines through this form. Risk being seen in all of your glory. Jim Carrey

The era of 'yes' has begun. Jim Carrey

You are ready and able to do beautiful things in this world. Jim Carrey

Always turn your wheel in the direction of the skid. Jim Carrey

I enjoy fame except when I'm with my daughter. Kids stop me all the time and I don't want her to be jealous of the attention. Also, sometimes I just want to be left alone and I refuse to make rubber faces. That's when they start asking, What's the matter, man, don't you like your job? I say, Yeah, I like my job. But I also like having sex, and I'm not going to do that in front of you either. Jim Carrey

Dry land is not a myth. I've seen it. Kevin Costner. Waterworld. I don't know what the big fuss is about. I saw that movie nine times. It rules! Jim Carrey

The era of "yes" has begun. Jim Carrey

Like most Catholic boys, I wanted to be Jesus Christ. I could never get the turn-the-other-cheek thing down, though. Jim Carrey

It's always fun to do something that you know ultimately is not about the money, and it's certainly not the fame because it's a pain in the ass, but it's really the person in the seat you think about when you sit in the rooms and write, and you do all the things you have to do. Jim Carrey

Life opens up opportunities to you, and you either take them or you stay afraid of taking them. Jim Carrey

It is better to risk starving to death then surrender. If you give up on your dreams, what's left? Jim Carrey

People need motivation to do anything. I don't think human beings learn anything without desperation. Jim Carrey

I got a lot of support from my parents. That's the one thing I always appreciated. They didn't tell me I was being stupid; they told me I was being funny. Jim Carrey

I haven't been as wild with my money as somebody like me might have been. I've been very safe, very conservative with investments. I don't blow money. I don't have a ton of houses. I know things can go away. I've already had that experience. Jim Carrey

It was such a leap in my career when 'Truman Show' came along. It's always been a long process for me insofar as recognition goes, but that's OK because you appreciate it when it comes. Jim Carrey

But, you know, you can't be a star at home. Jim Carrey

If I had never ventured beyond being a stand-up comic, then I would be sitting in my house today working on my Leonardo DiCaprio impression. Jim Carrey

The money can be a hindrance to someone like me because the danger is that you start thinking, 'Is that a $20 million take?' That kind of thing, and being self-critical. Jim Carrey

The purpose of my life had always been to free people from concern. I dubbed it, 'The church of freedom from concern,' or 'FFC. Jim Carrey

A better you means a better universe. Jim Carrey

I hate Christmas. I do think it is odd that I have wound up playing these two iconic Christmas haters. It is the same story, in a way. Scrooge is the original Grinch. I think I am perfectly suited, because I have had some dark Christmases. Jim Carrey

I don't know what happened to architecture [in Las-Vegas] I think they're getting us ready for space colonies or something, nobody puts a window in that you can crack. Jim Carrey

I like challenges and I don't believe in failure. I don't believe in regrets. I believe suffering, failure - all those concepts - are things that are absolutely necessary to make us the best people that we can be, the best at whatever we want to do. Jim Carrey

Acting is divine dissatisfaction. It's the greatest thing in the world to do, but you are never satisfied with it ever. Jim Carrey

I do whatever [comedies] I'm attracted to. It's like the woman who stands out in the crowd, who for some reason you notice, that's the one you're supposed to dance with at that time in your life. That's just what it is with scripts - they find you when you're emotionally in the right place to do them. Jim Carrey

I never thought I was finished when people said I was finished, or any of that stuff. I always had this undying belief that even if I was in a wheelchair and I could only move my finger, somehow I would become the guy who does the amazing thing with his finger. Jim Carrey

The dating process is not normal for me. Jim Carrey

That's the trouble with being me. At this point, nobody gives a damn what my problem is. I could literally have a tumor on the side of my head and they'd be like, 'Yeah, big deal. I'd eat a tumor every morning for the kinda money you're pulling down. Jim Carrey

I think if we all acted the way we felt, four out of eight people at a dinner table would be sitting there sobbing. Jim Carrey

For the most sensitive among us, the noise can be too much. Jim Carrey

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