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Jessica Walsh
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Get comfortable with the uncomfortable. Jessica Walsh

Do things that matter, things that will make those better, and things that will make you better. Jessica Walsh

Do work you love and are passionate about, look outside of the world of graphic design for inspiration. Jessica Walsh

If no one hates it no one really loves it Jessica Walsh

Do the work that feeds your soul, not your ego. Jessica Walsh

Play is the state of mind that we can use in our creative process to our advantage. Jessica Walsh

As we get older, a lot of societies, education systems and workplaces make us feel that playing is a waste of time. We end up suppressing stupidly brilliant questions for what we think are more serious responsibilities. Jessica Walsh

Pay attention to what you're passionate about when no one is paying you. Jessica Walsh

Have the confidence to fail. Persistence is key. Jessica Walsh

You need the confidence to fail in order to take risks in your work Jessica Walsh

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