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Every fresh act of benevolence is the herald of deeper satisfaction; every charitable act a stepping-stone towards heaven. Henry Ward Beecher

Men of dissolute lives have little incentive to look forward to the hopes and glories of immortality. A due conception of these would be incompatible with such a life. Henry Ward Beecher

There are many persons who look on Sunday as a sponge to wipe out the sins of the week Henry Ward Beecher

Each book has a secret history of ways and means. Henry Ward Beecher

If one should give me a dish of sand, and tell me there were particles of iron in it, I might look for them with my eyes, and search for them with my clumsy fingers, and be unable to detect them; but let me take a magnet and sweep through it, and how would it draw to itself the almost invisible particles by the mere power of attraction. The unthankful heart, like my finger in the sand, discovers no mercies; but let the thankful heart sweep through the day, and as the magnet finds the iron, so it will find, in every hour, some Heavenly blessings... Henry Ward Beecher

Good-humor makes all things tolerable Henry Ward Beecher

The elms of New England! They are as much a part of her beauty as the columns of the Parthenon were the glory of its architecture. Henry Ward Beecher

The methods by which men have met and conquered trouble, or been slain by it, are the same in every age. Some have floated on the sea, and trouble carried them on its surface as the sea carries cork. Some have sunk at once to the bottom as foundering ships sink. Some have run away from their own thoughts. Some have coiled themselves up into a stoical indifference. Some have braved the trouble, and defied it. Some have carried it as a tree does a wound, until by new wood it can overgrow and cover the old gash. Henry Ward Beecher

Christ certainly did come to destroy the law and the prophets. Henry Ward Beecher

When young men or women are beginning life, the most important period, it is often said, is that in which their habits are formed. That is a very important period. But the period in which the ideals of the young are formed and adopted is more important still. For the ideal with which you go forward to measure things determines the nature, so far as you are concerned, of everything you meet. Henry Ward Beecher

Storms purify the atmosphere. Henry Ward Beecher

Christianity works while infidelity talks. She feeds the hungry, clothes the naked, visits and cheers the sick, and seeks the lost, while infidelity abuses her and babbles nonsense and profanity. 'By their fruits ye shall know them.' Henry Ward Beecher

Hold yourself responsible for a higher standard than anyone else expects of you. Never excuse yourself. Henry Ward Beecher

It usually takes a hundred years to make a law; and then, after it has done its work, it usually takes a hundred years to get rid of it. Henry Ward Beecher

Poverty is very good in poems, but it is very bad in a house. It is very good in maxims and in sermons, but it is very bad in practical life. Henry Ward Beecher

Death is the dropping of the flower that the fruit may swell. Henry Ward Beecher

Free speech is to a great people what winds are to oceans and malarial regions, which waft away the elements of disease and bring new elements of health; and where free speech is stopped, miasma is bred, and death comes fast. Henry Ward Beecher

If you attempt to beat a man down and so get his goods for less than a fair price, you are attempting to commit burglary as much as though you broke into his shop to take the things without paying for them. Henry Ward Beecher

There is not a time that you walk through the street, when if you employed your senses, you would not learn something worthwhile. Henry Ward Beecher

There never was a person who did anything worth doing, who did not receive more than he gave. Henry Ward Beecher

The cynic is one who never sees a good quality in a man and never fails to see a bad one. He is the human owl, vigilant in darkness and blind to light, mousing for vermin, and never seeing noble game. The cynic puts all human actions into two classes - openly bad and secretly bad. Henry Ward Beecher

Education is the knowledge of how to use the whole of oneself. Many men use but one or two faculties out of the score with which they are endowed. A man is educated who knows how to make a tool of every faculty-how to open it, how to keep it sharp, and how to apply it to all practical purposes. Henry Ward Beecher

What the heart has once owned and had, it shall never lose. Henry Ward Beecher

Adversity is the mint in which God stamps upon man his image and superscription. Henry Ward Beecher

Christians should be like a flower store: the odor of sanctity should betray them wherever they are. Henry Ward Beecher

Some folks think that Christianity means a kind of insurance policy, and that it has little to do with this life, but that it is a very good thing when a man dies. Henry Ward Beecher

We need not fear shipwreck when God is the pilot. Henry Ward Beecher

Yea, though the breath of disappointment should chill the sanguine heart, Speedily gloweth it again, warmed by the live embers of hope. Henry Ward Beecher

Troubles loom up big when they're ahead, And joys seem always sweeter when they're past. Henry Ward Beecher

Life is a plant that grows out of death. Henry Ward Beecher

There is no harder shield for the devil to pierce with temptation than singing with prayer. Henry Ward Beecher

One might as well attempt to calculate mathematically the contingent forms of the tinkling bits of glass in a kaleidoscope as to look through the tube of the future and foretell its pattern. Henry Ward Beecher

All things in the natural world symboliZe God, yet none of them speak of him but in broken and imperfect words. High above all he sits, sublimer than mountains, grander than storms, sweeter than blossoms and tender fruits, nobler than lords, truer than parents, more loving than lovers. His feet tread the lowest places of the earth; but his head is above all glory, and everywhere he is supreme. Henry Ward Beecher

A man has no more religion than he acts out in his life. Henry Ward Beecher

May we be satisfied with nothing that shall not have in it something of immortality. Henry Ward Beecher

The whole of the Saviour's ministerial life, at least the part of it that stands on record, was passed in what we may call substantially a revival work. Henry Ward Beecher

The real man is one who always finds excuses for others, but never excuses himself. Henry Ward Beecher

A little library, growing every year, is an honorable part of a man's history. It is a man's duty to have books. Henry Ward Beecher

A thoughtful mind, when it sees a Nation's flag, sees not the flag only, but the Nation itself; and whatever may be its symbols, its insignia, he reads chiefly in the flag the Government, the principles, the truths, the history which belongs to the Nation that sets it forth. Henry Ward Beecher

The tidal wave of God's providence is carrying liberty throughout the globe. Henry Ward Beecher

O never harm the dreaming world, the world of green, the world of leaves, but let its million palms unfold the adoration of the trees Of all man's works of art, a cathedral is greatest. A vast and majestic tree is greater than that. Henry Ward Beecher

Some men are like pyramids, which are very broad where they touch the ground, but grow narrow as they reach the sky. Henry Ward Beecher

God's grace is the oil that fills the lamp of love. Henry Ward Beecher

No matter what looms ahead, if you can eat today, enjoy today, mix good cheer with friends today enjoy it and bless God for it. Henry Ward Beecher

Laughter is not a bad beginning for a friendship, and it is the best ending for one. Henry Ward Beecher

I pray on the principle that wine knocks the cork out of a bottle. There is an inward fermentation, and there must be a vent. Henry Ward Beecher

All men are tempted. There is no man that lives that can't be broken down, provided it is the right temptation, put in the right spot. Henry Ward Beecher

There are joys which long to be ours. God sends ten thousands truths, which come about us like birds seeking inlet; but we are shut up to them, and so they bring us nothing, but sit and sing awhile upon the roof, and then fly away. Henry Ward Beecher

Young love is a flame; very pretty, often very hot and fierce, but still only light and flickering. The love of the older and disciplined heart is as coals, deep-burning, unquenchable. Henry Ward Beecher

It is the heart that makes a man rich. He is rich according to what he is, not according to what he has. Henry Ward Beecher

It is not the going out of port, but the coming in, that determines the success of a voyage. Henry Ward Beecher

It is one of the severest tests of friendship to tell your friend his faults. So to love a man that you cannot bear to see a stain upon him, and to speak painful truth through loving words, that is friendship. Henry Ward Beecher

A Christian is nothing but a sinful man who has put himself to school for Christ for the honest purpose of becoming better. Henry Ward Beecher

Heaven will be inherited by every man who has heaven in his soul. Henry Ward Beecher

The moment an ill can be patiently handled, it is disarmed of its poison, though not of its pain. Henry Ward Beecher

Music cleanses the understanding; inspires it, and lifts it into a realm which it would not reach if it were left to itself. Henry Ward Beecher

Work is not a curse, but drudgery is. Henry Ward Beecher

It is not work that kills men; it is worry. Worry is rust upon the blade. Henry Ward Beecher

Prayer covers the whole of man's life. There is no thought, feeling, yearning, or desire, however low, trifling, or vulgar we may deem it, which if it affects our real interest or happiness, we may not lay before God and be sure of sympathy. Henry Ward Beecher

Victories that come cheap are cheap. Those only are worth having which come as the result of hard fighting. Henry Ward Beecher

Everyone has conscience enough to hate; few have religion enough to love. Henry Ward Beecher

Nowhere else can one find so miscellaneous, so various, an amount of knowledge as is contained in a good newspaper. Henry Ward Beecher

When a man sells eleven ounces for twelve, he makes a compact with the devil, and sells himself for the value of an ounce. Henry Ward Beecher

There is nothing that makes more cowards and feeble men than public opinion. Henry Ward Beecher

They hover as a cloud of witnesses above this Nation. Henry Ward Beecher

Repentance is another name for aspiration. Henry Ward Beecher

The bibliophile is the master of his books, the bibliomaniac their slave. Henry Ward Beecher

The deeper men go into life, the deeper is their conviction that this life is not all. It is an unfinished symphony. A day may round out an insect's life, and a bird or a beast needs no tomorrow. Not so with him who knows that he is related to God and has felt the power of an endless life. Henry Ward Beecher

Trouble teaches men how much there is in manhood. Henry Ward Beecher

It is part and parcel of every man's life to develop beauty in himself. All perfect things have in them an element of beauty. Henry Ward Beecher

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