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People of too much sentiment are like fountains, whose overflow keeps a disagreeable puddle about them. Henry Ward Beecher

Heaven answers with us the same purpose that the tuning-fork does with musicians. Our affections, the whole orchestra of them, are apt to get below the concert-pitch; and we take heaven to tune our hearts by. Henry Ward Beecher

The law is a battery, which protects all that is behind it, but sweeps with destruction all that is outside. Henry Ward Beecher

If we are like Christ, we shall seek, not to absorb, but to reflect the light which falls upon others, and thus we shall become pure and spotless. Henry Ward Beecher

Love, in this world, is like a seed taken from the tropics, and planted where the winter comes too soon; and it cannot spread itself in flower-clusters and wide-twining vines, so that the whole air is filled with the perfume thereof. But there is to be another summer for it yet. Care for the root now, and God will care for the top by and by. Henry Ward Beecher

Nothing goes far which has not the wings of love to make it buoyant, so that it can fly. Henry Ward Beecher

Loving is like music. Some instruments can go up two octaves, some four, and some all the way from black thunder to sharp lightning. As some of them are susceptible only of melody, so some hearts can sing but one song of love, while others will fun in a full choral harmony. Henry Ward Beecher

When there is love in the heart, there are rainbows in the eyes, which cover every black cloud with gorgeous hues. Henry Ward Beecher

A lie always needs a truth for a handle to it. The worst lies are those whose blade is false, but whose handle is true. Henry Ward Beecher

There is an equator that runs just under the nose: all that live below the equator are animals; all that live above it are men. Henry Ward Beecher

The sphere that is deepest, most unexplored, and most unfathomable, the wonder and glory of God's thought and hand, is our own soul! Henry Ward Beecher

People may talk about the equality of the sexes! They are not equal. The silent smile of a sensible, loving woman will vanquish ten men. Henry Ward Beecher

Men judge of Christians by taking as fair samples those that lie rotten on the ground. Henry Ward Beecher

And when no longer we can see Thee, may we reach out our hands, and find Thee leading us through death to immortality and glory. Henry Ward Beecher

If Christ is the wisdom of God and the power of God in the experience of those who trust and love Him, there needs no further argument of His divinity. Henry Ward Beecher

What is the disposition which makes men rejoice in good bargains? There are few people who will not be benefited by pondering over the morals of shopping. Henry Ward Beecher

The most efficacious secular book that ever was published in America is the newspaper. Henry Ward Beecher

Never forget what a person says to you when they are angry. Henry Ward Beecher

A proud man is seldom a grateful man, for he never thinks he gets as much as he deserves. Henry Ward Beecher

He is rich or poor according to what he is, not according to what he has. Henry Ward Beecher

Clothes and manners do not make the man; but, when he is made, they greatly improve his appearance. Henry Ward Beecher

God pardons like a mother, who kisses the offense into everlasting forgiveness. Henry Ward Beecher

Success is full of promise till one gets it, and then it seems like a nest from which the bird has flown. Henry Ward Beecher

The advertisements in a newspaper are more full knowledge in respect to what is going on in a state or community than the editorial columns are. Henry Ward Beecher

All ambitions are lawful except those that climb upward on the miseries or credulities of mankind. Henry Ward Beecher

The ability to convert ideas to things is the secret of outward success. Henry Ward Beecher

If a man cannot be a Christian in the place where he is, he cannot be a Christian anywhere. Henry Ward Beecher

You have come into a hard world. I know of only one easy place in it, and that is the grave. Henry Ward Beecher

Of all escape mechanisms, death is the most efficient. Henry Ward Beecher

The human soul is God's treasury, out of which he coins unspeakable riches. Henry Ward Beecher

I never knew an early-rising, hard-working, prudent man, careful of his earnings, and strictly honest who complained of bad luck. Henry Ward Beecher

The strength of a man consists in finding out the way God is going, and going that way. Henry Ward Beecher

The way to avoid evil is not by maiming our passions, but by compelling them to yield their vigor to our moral nature. Henry Ward Beecher

Grim care, moroseness, anxiety-all this rust of life ought to be scoured off by the oil of mirth. Mirth is God's medicine. Henry Ward Beecher

Life would be a perpetual flea hunt if a man were obliged to run down all the innuendoes, inveracities, and insinuations and misrepresentations which are uttered against him. Henry Ward Beecher

It is not what we read, but what we remember, that makes us learned. It is not what we intend, but what we do that makes us useful. It is not a few faint wishes, but a life long struggle, that makes us valiant. Henry Ward Beecher

When our children die, we drop them into the unknown, shuddering with fear. We know that they go out from us, and we stand, and pity, and wonder. If we receive news, that a hundred thousand dollars had been left them by some one dying, we should be thrown into an ecstasy of rejoicing; but when they have gone home to God, we stand, and mourn, and pine, and wonder at the mystery of Providence. Henry Ward Beecher

No coffee can be good in the mouth that does not first send a sweet offering of odor to the nostrils. Henry Ward Beecher

You are not called to be a canary in a cage. You are called to be an eagle, and to fly sun to sun, over continents. Henry Ward Beecher

Every man should be born again on the first day of January. Start with a fresh page Henry Ward Beecher

Truths are first clouds; then rain, then harvest and food. Henry Ward Beecher

No man can tell another his faults so as to benefit him, unless he loves him. Henry Ward Beecher

Mountains of gold would not seduce some men, yet flattery would break them down. Henry Ward Beecher

Defeat is a school in which truth always grows strong. Henry Ward Beecher

In the ordinary business of life, industry can do anything which genius can do, and very many things which it cannot. Henry Ward Beecher

The strong are God's natural protectors of the weak. Henry Ward Beecher

He who is false to present duty breaks a thread in the loom, and will find the flaw when he may have forgotten its cause. Henry Ward Beecher

When we borrow trouble, and look forward into the future and see what storms are coming, and distress ourselves before they come, as to how we shall avert them if they ever do come, we lose our proper trustfulness in God. When we torment ourselves with imaginary dangers, or trials, or reverses, we have already parted with that perfect love which casteth out fear. Henry Ward Beecher

A law is valuable not because it is law, but because there is right in it. Henry Ward Beecher

I never know how to worship until I know how to love. Henry Ward Beecher

If there be any one whose power is in beauty, in purity, in goodness, it is a woman. Henry Ward Beecher

The cynic puts all human actions into two classes - openly bad and secretly bad. Henry Ward Beecher

Affliction comes to the believer not to make him sad, but sober; not to make him sorry, but wise. Even as the plow enriches the field so that the seed is multiplied a thousandfold, so affliction should magnify our joy and increase our spiritual harvest. Henry Ward Beecher

Repentance may begin instantly, but reformation often requires a sphere of years. Henry Ward Beecher

Too much looking backward ... is bad for progress. Henry Ward Beecher

The best stock a man can invest in, is the stock of a farm; the best shares are plow shares; and the best banks are the fertile banks of a rural stream; the more these are broken the better dividends they pay. Henry Ward Beecher

October is the opal month of the year. It is the month of glory, of ripeness. It is the picture-month. Henry Ward Beecher

A conservative young man has wound up his life before it was unreeled. We expect old men to be conservative but when a nation's young men are so, its funeral bell is already rung. Henry Ward Beecher

The diameter of each day is measured by the stretch of thought - not by the rising and setting of the sun. Henry Ward Beecher

As the imagination is set to look into the invisible and immaterial, it seems to attract something of their vitality; and though it can give nothing to the body to redeem it from years, it can give to the soul that freshness of youth in old age which is even more beautiful than youth in the young. Henry Ward Beecher

True elegance becomes the more so as it approaches simplicity. Henry Ward Beecher

A republican government in a hundred points is weaker than an autocratic government; but in this one point it is the strongest that ever existed - it has educated a race of men that are men. Henry Ward Beecher

When a man has no longer any conception of excellence above his own, his voyage is done, he is dead, - dead in trespasses and sin of blear-eyed vanity. Henry Ward Beecher

The imagination is the secret and harrow of civilization. It is the very eye of faith. Henry Ward Beecher

A woman, and by so much nearer heaven as that makes one. Henry Ward Beecher

Age and youth look upon life from the opposite ends of the telescope; it is exceedingly long, - it is exceedingly short. Henry Ward Beecher

What a pity flowers can utter no sound! A singing rose, a whispering violet, a murmuring honeysuckle - oh, what a rare and exquisite miracle would these be! Henry Ward Beecher

Character, like porcelain ware, must be printed before it is glazed. There can be no change after it is burned in. Henry Ward Beecher

You may get a large amount of truth into a brief space. Henry Ward Beecher

John Wesley quaintly observed that the road to heaven is a narrow path, not intended for wheels, and that to ride in a coach here and to go to heaven hereafter, was a happiness too much for man. Henry Ward Beecher

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