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This is a decent and honorable country - and resilient, too. We've been through a lot together. We've met challenges and faced dangers, and we know that more lie ahead. Yet we can go forward with confidence - because the State of our Union is strong, our cause in the world is right, and tonight that cause goes on. God bless. George W Bush

Americans do not turn away from duties because they are hard. George W Bush

I firmly believe the death tax is good for people from all walks of life all throughout our society. George W Bush

Ours is a nation that does not seek revenge. George W Bush

Now the Taliban will pay a price. George W Bush

Too many of our children cannot read. Reading is the building block, and it must be the foundation for education reform. George W Bush

This act will not stand. We will find those who did it. We will smoke them out of their holes. We'll get them running and bring them to justice. George W Bush

History will look back, and I'm fully prepared to accept any mistakes that history judges to my administration, because the president makes the decisions, the president has to take the responsibility. George W Bush

So I don't worry about, and people shouldn't worry about a draft I think we're in good shape, I really do. And, if not, we'll - I'll address the nation. But I don't see any need to right now. George W Bush

So long as I'm the president, my measure of success is victory - and success. George W Bush

We are not at war with the Afghani people, and we are not at war with Islam, which most Americans respect as a religion of peace. George W Bush

One of the interesting initiatives we've taken in Washington, D.C., is we've got these vampire-busting devices. A vampire is a-a cell deal you can plug in the wall to charge your cell phone. George W Bush

As Governor of Texas, I have set high standards for our public schools, and I have met those standards. George W Bush

Big Texas (Nolan Ryan) is here. The reason I like to keep Nolan around is he is a reminder that when we got done with the Sammy Sosa trade, there was still some talent on the Rangers. George W Bush

My pan plays down an unprecedented amount of our national debt. George W Bush

The administration Ill bring is a group of men and women who are focused on whats best for America, honest men and women, decent men and women, women who will see service to our country as a great privilege and who will not stain the house. George W Bush

We must all hear the universal call to like your neighbor just like you like to be liked yourself. George W Bush

The same folks that are bombing innocent people in Iraq were the ones who attacked us in America on September the 11th. George W Bush

People say, well, do you ever hear any other voices other than, like, a few people? Of course I do. George W Bush

I didn't grow up in the ocean - as a matter of fact - near the ocean - I grew up in the desert. Therefore, it was a pleasant contrast to see the ocean. And I particularly like it when I'm fishing. George W Bush

First of all, I don't see America having problems. George W Bush

The United States of America will not permit the world's most dangerous regimes to threaten us with the world's most destructive weapons. George W Bush

That's a chapter, the last chapter of the 20th, 20th, the 21st century that most of us would rather forget. The last chapter of the 20th century. This is the first chapter of the 21st century. George W Bush

Today, the government of a free Afghanistan is fighting terror, Pakistan is capturing terrorist leaders, Saudi Arabia is making raids and arrests, Libya is dismantling its weapons programs, the army of a free Iraq is fighting for freedom, and more than three-quarters of al-Qaida's key members and associates have been detained or killed. We have led, many have joined, and America and the world are safer. George W Bush

I'm the President and the Commander-in-Chief. Do it my way. George W Bush

First, we would not accept a treaty that would not have been ratified, nor a treaty that I thought made sense for the country. George W Bush

The peaceful transfer of authority is rare in history, yet common in our country. With a simple oath, we affirm old traditions and make new beginnings. George W Bush

And our security will require all Americans to be forward-looking and resolute, to be ready for pre-emptive action. George W Bush

The proper response to difficulty is not to retreat. It is to prevail. George W Bush

If you've got somebody in harm's way, you want the president being - making advice, not - be given advice by the military, and not making decisions based upon the latest Gallup poll or focus group. George W Bush

The only way we can win is to leave before the job is done. George W Bush

All I can tell you is when the governor calls, I answer his phone. George W Bush

Anybody who is in a position to serve this country ought to understand the consequences of words. George W Bush

I can look you in the eye and tell you I feel I've tried to solve the problem diplomatically to the max, and would have committed troops both in Afghanistan and Iraq knowing what I know today. George W Bush

I want to remind you all that in order to fight and win the war, it requires an expenditure of money that is commiserate with keeping a promise to our troops to make sure that they're well-paid, well-trained, well-equipped. George W Bush

Washington is a town where there's all kinds of allegations. You've heard much of the allegations. And if people have got solid information, please come forward with it. And that would be people inside the information who are the so-called anonymous sources, or people outside the information - outside the administration. George W Bush

The rich hire lawyers and accountants for a reason - to pass the tax bill on to you. George W Bush

Our two nations both faced great challenges when they were founded, and our two nations have both relied on the same principles to help us succeed. We've built strong democracies to protect the freedoms given to us by an Almighty God. We've welcomed immigrants, who have helped us thrive. We've built prosperous economies by rewarding innovation and risk-taking and trade. And we've built an enduring alliance to confront terrorists and tyrants. George W Bush

These acts of mass murder were intended to frighten our nation into chaos and retreat.But they have failed; our country is strong. George W Bush

It is no accident that the rise of so many democracies took place in a time when the world's most influential nation was itself a democracy. George W Bush

It's exciting; I don't know whether I'm going to win or not. I think I am. I do know I'm ready for the job. And, if not, that's just the way it goes. George W Bush

American foreign policy must be more than the management of crisis. It must have a great and guiding goal: to turn this time of American influence into generations of democratic peace. George W Bush

Prayer has comforted us in sorrow and will help strengthen us for the journey ahead. George W Bush

You know what's interesting about Washington? It's the kind of place where second-guessing has become second nature. George W Bush

The thing that's wrong with the French is that they don't have a word for entrepreneur George W Bush

We favor a strong nonproliferation program that emphasizes diplomacy, reliance on multilateral regimes, controls on nuclear materials, and cooperative nuclear threat reduction. George W Bush

The United States does not torture. George W Bush

We salute our veterans of Pearl Harbor and World War II, whose sacrifices saved democracy during a dark hour. In their memory, a new generation of our Armed Forces goes forward against new enemies in a new era. Once again, we pledge to defend freedom, secure our homeland, and advance peace around the world. Americans have been tested before, and our Nation will triumph again. George W Bush

?Ariel Sharon is a man of courage and a man of peace.? George W Bush

It appears to be a re-run of a bad movie. [Iraqi President Saddam Hussein] is delaying. He's deceiving. He's asking for time. He's playing hide-and-seek with inspectors. One thing is for certain - he's not disarming. George W Bush

Intelligence gathered by this and other governments leaves no doubt that the Iraq regime continues to possess and conceal some of the most lethal weapons ever devised. George W Bush

Terrorists like bin Laden are serious about mass murder - and all of us must take their declared intentions seriously. They seek to impose a heartless system of totalitarian control throughout the Middle East, and arm themselves with weapons of mass murder. . . . Their aim is to seize power in Iraq, and use it as a safe haven to launch attacks against America and the world. George W Bush

Democracies don't war; democracies are peaceful countries. George W Bush

No President has ever done more for human rights than I have. George W Bush

A good run adds a little bounce to my step. I get a certain amount of self-esteem from it. George W Bush

Some who call themselves realists question whether the spread of democracy in the Middle East should be any concern of ours. But the realists in this case have lost contact with a fundamental reality: America has always been less secure when freedom is in retreat; America is always more secure when freedom is on the march. George W Bush

The future success of our nation depends on our ability to understand the difference between right and wrong and to have the strength of character to make the right choices. George W Bush

We will build our defenses beyond challenge, lest weakness invite challenge. We will confront weapons of mass destruction, so that a new century is spared new horrors. George W Bush

It should make people nervous when non-transparent regimes, that have announced that they've got nuclear warheads, fire missiles. This is not the way you conduct business in the world. This is not the way that peaceful nations conduct their affairs. George W Bush

We are a people united by our love for freedom, even when we differ in our personal beliefs. In America, we are free to profess any faith we choose, or no faith at all. George W Bush

Iran aggressively pursues these weapons and exports terror, while an unelected few repress the Iranian people's hope for freedom. The Iraqi regime has plotted to develop anthrax, and nerve gas, and nuclear weapons for over a decade. This is a regime that has already used poison gas to murder thousands of its own citizens - leaving the bodies of mothers huddled over their dead children. George W Bush

Mathematics are one of the fundamentaries of educationalizing our youth. George W Bush

We expect the states to show us whether or not we're achieving simple objectives-like literacy, literacy in math, the ability to read and write. George W Bush

...(O)ne thing that the world can count on is that we will not allow Israel to be crushed. George W Bush

My God, the man is a fascist - a fascist, I tell you. George W Bush

Through much of the last century, America's faith in freedom and democracy was a rock in a raging sea. Now it is a seed upon the wind, taking root in many nations. George W Bush

All the world now faces a test, and the United Nations a difficult and defining moment. Are Security Council resolutions to be honored and enforced, or cast aside without consequence? Will the United Nations serve the purpose of its founding or will it be irrelevant? George W Bush

When I take action, I'm not going to fire a twomillion-dollar missile at a ten-dollar empty tent and hit a camel in the butt. It's going to be decisive. George W Bush

Border relations between Canada and Mexico have never been better. George W Bush

The advance of human freedom - the great achievement of our time, and the great hope of every time - now depends on us. Our nation - this generation - will lift a dark threat of violence from our people and our future. We will rally the world to this cause by our efforts, by our courage. We will not tire, we will not falter, and we will not fail. George W Bush

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