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I believe the world would have been a lot worse off if Saddam [Hussein] were in power today. George W Bush

I thought Colin Powell did a fine job as secretary of state. George W Bush

I think the key anecdote in the book is when Colin [Powell] and I were discussing Iraq. Colin was upstairs in the Treaty Room, in the residence. And he talks about his concerns about the use of military in Iraq. And I said I felt the same concerns, but it might be that we have to use it. In which case, he said, "I support you." George W Bush

This is a very difficult assignment for the United States, to hang in there and help this young democracy survive. George W Bush

Just like we did in Japan, in South Korea. Just like is happening in Iraq. Laura [Bush] and I feel very strongly that if the United States were to leave. George W Bush

We think it is in our nation's interest that Afghan women - or any women around the world - not suffer. George W Bush

Something that is completely unwinnable. I mean, it becomes unwinnable if we decide to leave [Afghanistan]. George W Bush

I believe that people want to be free. And that we face an enemy that murders innocent people to try to shake our psychology to get us to leave. George W Bush

I believe that democracy will prevail, so long as the United States stays with these young democracies to help them. George W Bush

Democracy will be transformative. It will help other societies realize the benefits of freedom. Nothing's as big as that, in terms of peace. George W Bush

I try to live a faith-filled life. I'm a believer. George W Bush

I recognize I am essentially a failed human being in the sense that I can't possibly live up to the expectations of an Almighty. George W Bush

I'm joyful in my religious belief. George W Bush

I think once you recognize the unconditional love of an Almighty, it tends to put joy in your heart. Which in my case, it did. George W Bush

[Strong marriage] starts with being married to a remarkable person. And I am. I jokingly say that I stood up in front of a crowd once and said, "Laura's the greatest first lady ever," and then realized my mother was in the audience. George W Bush

I meant it when I said she was the greatest first lady ever. Because she viewed the presidency and being first lady as an opportunity to improve people's lives. It wasn't a burden. She put her heart and soul into the experience, just like I did. George W Bush

We had a shared experience. That makes a good marriage better. In many ways our marriage is great because she has made it great. George W Bush

We spend less time with each other now than we did during the presidency. When you're president, you're usually out and back in the same day - at least I was. I just came from a trip to the Middle East last week, where I was gone for five nights, and when I left, Laura [Bush] was out of town. George W Bush

My point is that she's [Laura Bush] busy and I'm busy, which makes our marriage not only interesting but exciting. George W Bush

It's exciting for me to see [Laura Bush] busy and out there enjoying what she's doing. But we always make time to be with each other as well. George W Bush

I'm excited for my little girls. When they left the nest, I was excited because they were winging their way into life. George W Bush

I think for Laura [Bush] it was kind of a sense of remorse because she is very close to the girls. They're busy little souls, and so we don't see them as much as we'd like to. But Laura talks to them all the time. George W Bush

I think I'm the only president other than John Kennedy who had both parents alive during the presidency. George W Bush

I'm not that worried about [my parents] right now because they are happy people. I'm pleased that in their later years, in spite of physical ailments, they're upbeat. George W Bush

First of all, you never retire. At least I don't retire. George W Bush

I'm playing golf. I ride my mountain bike. A lot. I think it's very important for me and other people my age to continue to exercise. George W Bush

I'm also combining my love of outdoors with my desire to help others. George W Bush

I teamed up with the PGA of America to help promote a weekend of golf that raises scholarship money for kids who lost a parent or whose parent was severely wounded in combat. George W Bush

My advice to seniors - and I consider myself one - is to first and foremost take care of your body. Secondly, find something where you could say, "I'm helping somebody else." And it may be just helping raise a grandkid. Or teaching a child to read - one child to read. George W Bush

Having purpose. I had purpose during my presidency, and I've got purpose after my presidency. George W Bush

I've got a dad who jumps out of an airplane. George W Bush

Hopefully I'm not a grumpy old guy sitting in the corner, yelling at people and demanding things. George W Bush

I hope I'm as graceful and gracious as [my parents] are. It's hard for me to project how I'm gonna be if I make it to 86. George W Bush

I'm just beginning to live the next chapter of my life. In other words, politics - being governor and president - is not the end of my life. It's a chapter. George W Bush

People who plan their life when they're 18 years old and say, "This is my life plan," would generally be surprised and maybe disappointed. George W Bush

I think you ought to be open-minded as to where life takes you. George W Bush

One of the things I learned as president is that your life is just not going to unfold the way you want it to. There will be surprises, challenges, and therefore the question is how you deal with the unexpected. George W Bush

If I look back to when I was 20 and somebody said you'd be president, I would have said no way. George W Bush

I ended up being the 43rd president of the United States. It was an awesome experience, and I'm glad I did it. George W Bush

I've written a book that hopefully will give people a sense of what [presidency] was like. I hope my friends read it and say, "Now I understand." I hope my detractors read it and say, "Well, I better understand." George W Bush

I'm comfortable with how I lived my life as the president. George W Bush

I will reach out to others and explain why I make the decisions I make. George W Bush

I made friends during my presidency. George W Bush

One thing you had to learn [after the presidency] was that you no longer had the sense of responsibility that became ingrained in your system. George W Bush

The interesting thing about golf is that the presidency requires focus and discipline, and golf requires focus and discipline. It was a way to make sure that parts of my life were focused and disciplined. George W Bush

For me, I learned from my father that when it's over, it's over. George W Bush

I view my time in politics as a chapter, not my life. George W Bush

I'm forever a former president and I understand that, but at this point in my post-presidency, I don't want to be involved with politics. George W Bush

I don't want to interfere with my successor's presidency. George W Bush

[My father] taught me (at least he showed me) a dignified way to be a former president is that once you're off the stage, you're off the stage. George W Bush

When you're writing about something that happened, it helps you transition to the present. George W Bush

When you're writing about something that happened, it helps you transition to the present. Ironically enough, by focusing on your presidency, it helps you realize that you're no longer the president. By reliving moments, it helps you stay focused on the moment. George W Bush

I'm a content person and I'm content knowing that I gave it my all when I was president. George W Bush

I'm content because I'm a busy person. George W Bush

I don't think you can run for president or be president unless you're a busy person. George W Bush

Well from a personal perspective, quitting drinking is a decision I felt good about. George W Bush

Running for president was a good decision. George W Bush

Being a father and trying to love my daughters with unconditional love - those were all good decisions. George W Bush

I am very comfortable with the strategic decisions that I made. George W Bush

No matter how tough Iraq became, removing Saddam Hussein was the right thing to do for the sake of peace and for the 25 million people we liberated. George W Bush

Denying Al Qaeda safe haven was the right decision. George W Bush

Using tax payers' money to provide liquidity to Wall Street so that the country wouldn't head into a depression was the right decision, in my judgment. George W Bush

There were tactical decisions that I wish I could have done differently: mission accomplished, not revealing my drunken driving charge prior to my run for the presidency, flying over New Orleans on Katrina and the pictures being released and people saying, "he's aloof and doesn't really care." George W Bush

There are a lot of tactical decisions that, if I could have done them over, I would have. George W Bush

My hope was that by saying clearly to Saddam Hussein, "we're going to enforce UN Resolutions," that he would make the decision to leave peaceably and at least allow for inspectors to come into his country, and if he chose not to, there would be a military option. I want people to understand that the military was my last option. I had a strategy and hopefully solving the problem peacefully - and it wasn't just me, it was a coalition of nations that were involved. George W Bush

I would like people to understand the rationale for my embryonic stem cell research decision and how the process became distorted over time. George W Bush

My post-presidency is evolving. George W Bush

I am a passionate person when it comes to freedom. George W Bush

I believe that we're in an ideological struggle; I believe the only way to marginalize those who murder the innocent, to achieve our ideological objectives, is to spread democracy and freedom. George W Bush

I believe in the universality of freedom and therefore want to be involved in the freedom movement. George W Bush

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