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Golf is a game of integrity. And golf is a game of forgiveness. I think the high standards of golf remind people of how lucky they are, or how fortunate they are, to be able to play the game. George W Bush

Golf teaches you honesty. It teaches you discipline. It gives you a strong appreciation of nature. And personal responsibility, something that lacks in our society at times. I mean, it's only your fault, you can't blame anyone else when you shank it. Or pick the wrong club. George W Bush

As the president, you're pretty much in a bubble. And golf is a good way to get out of the bubble. George W Bush

I don't know where [Osama bin Laden] is. You know, I just don't spend that much time on him, to be honest with you. I'm more worried about making sure that our soldiers are well supplied, that the strategy is clear, that the coalition is strong. George W Bush

Pushing legislation that would undercut our troops just as we're beginning to make progress in Baghdad. George W Bush

I believe we're making really good progress in Iraq. George W Bush

In the battle of Iraq, the United States and our allies have prevailed. George W Bush

I faced a lot of criticism as president. I didn't like hearing people claim that I lied about Iraq's weapons of mass destruction or cut taxes to benefit the rich. But the suggestion that I was racist because of the response to Katrina represented an all-time low. George W Bush

Fighting evil, it's hard work. George W Bush

There's just something about this job as president every president faces, you know, that you think one thing going in and then the pressures of the job or the realities of the world, you know, are different than you thought. George W Bush

I think that there are certain principles which should guide decision-making for a president. One such principle was that we're all God's children, and every life is precious. To me, that's a moral statement. George W Bush

I think soft power definitely can work. But, you know, it depends on who you're dealing with. Some people are so intent upon power and keeping power that it's very difficult to conduct soft power. George W Bush

Today, we're fighting a new war to defend our liberty and our people and our way of life. And as we work to advance the cause of freedom around the world, we remember that the father of our country believed that the freedoms we secured in our revolution were not meant for Americans alone. George W Bush

On 9-11, we discovered that we cannot escape from the world. To me personally, this was a life-changing experience, and I realized, as did all Americans, in a way that is impossible to describe, that we were not protected by the two oceans. It was necessary to eliminate threats before they showed up on our doorstep. I agree that we should not be getting caught up in far away wars. But I believe Iraq was central to our war on terrorism. George W Bush

We have a strong and vital role to play in Iraq, and we certainly cannot leave a vacuum for the insurgents to take over. We are engaged in a conflict from which America cannot afford to cut and run. We must be steadfast in this endeavor, upon which depends not only our future but that of the entire modern world. George W Bush

The principle I believe in is the principle of protecting our nation. I believe that the United States has the right to attack any country it views as a threat at a time and place of its choosing. George W Bush

No president ever puts American lives at risk without a terrible sense of responsibility. And no American ever hears or reads of a soldier's death without saying a silent prayer for the dead hero or thinking of the grief of the family and friends. Every young man or woman who dies represents a life with its own dreams and plans, extinguished so suddenly. But all said and done, it is our responsibility to see that (1) we never put our troops in situations where they are subject to unnecessary risk, and (2) we give them all our support at all times. George W Bush

It is a tough choice. In war, people die. But when we refuse to confront the enemy, we will face the enemy in New York and Washington, as we did on 9-11. As for responsiblity, of course we stand by our decision to go to war on Iraq. President Kennedy said that friend and foe alike should know where America stands. George W Bush

The fight against terrorism is not limited to America. Europe, Russia, Indonesia, Australia, the Phillipines, all have had their share of it, and all the leaders have been very cooperative in our efforts. But it is for America to lead, and we will. George W Bush

The most important need is to have a steady hand at the wheel, one which does not deviate from its purpose depending on which way the wind blows. The task of keeping America safe and secure in an uncertain world falls heavily on the president. George W Bush

I grieve for every death.'It breaks my heart to think about a family weeping over the loss of a loved one. I understand the anguish that some feel about the death that takes place. George W Bush

A lot of people in the USA probably don't understand how important they are to the mortgage markets. And it's really important for people to have confidence in the mortgage markets and that there be stability in the mortgage markets. George W Bush

I take pride in being the same person. George W Bush

I was able to adjust initially by plunging right into the book and the Bush Presidential Center at Southern Methodist University. And it turns out that there is a good way to make a living by giving speeches. George W Bush

I want to live out principles that became a part of my life in my 40s, 50s, and 60s. One principle is the universality of freedom. George W Bush

One principle is the universality of freedom. I'm a freedom lover. George W Bush

I feel a sense of obligation to our troops and their families because of the decisions that I made. So I'm involved with veterans. George W Bush

I [have big plans]. Promoting freedom around the world, particularly with women in the Middle East. Working on global disease. Working on accountability in public schools. And advocating for a free marketplace and an economic environment in which businesses can innovate and create jobs. George W Bush

"Reinvention" is a word that doesn't fit into my vocabulary. George W Bush

Reinvention means you're kind of re-creating somebody. Well, I'm the same person, in terms of values. My priorities - my faith, my family, my friends, the values of personal responsibility and universality of freedom, and "to whom much is given, much is required" - haven't changed [since presidency]. George W Bush

I'm comfortable moving into the role of elder person. George W Bush

"Statesman" presumes I'm out there giving opinions all the time about things, and no, I'm not interested in opining on a lot of subjects. George W Bush

I really think it's important for presidents to exit the stage gracefully. George W Bush

"Statesman" gives the impression that every time a major issue comes up, I'll be popping off. And that's not what's going to happen. George W Bush

I think by not participating in the current political debate, hopefully I'm sending a signal that will help set a tone. George W Bush

I think that not criticizing my successor is a statement unto itself, in terms of trying to create an environment where people are able to have a meaningful discussion or debate without trash talk. George W Bush

The problem is, there was plenty of trash talk during my presidency. A lot. George W Bush

A lot of the reason why the debate is acrimonious is because of the 24/7 news cycles, blogs, and people being able to just throw something out there in order to get attention. And I'm not going be out there doing the same thing, trying to trash my successor or call attention to myself. I hope that's a positive contribution to the dialogue. George W Bush

I feel blessed to have been raised a Texan. George W Bush

I was very fortunate to have had a mother and father who loved me in spite of my failings. George W Bush

In spite of the fact that at times I would challenge parents authority. They provided unconditional love. George W Bush

I was also fortunate that I was raised in a part of the world, West Texas, where individualism is strong. George W Bush

[I was raised in] West Texas where people can dream big dreams and achieve them. But where people also have a great sense of community. They cared about their neighbors. And those values, I think, have stood me well. George W Bush

It's important to take risks. George W Bush

I'm talking about living life to its fullest. George W Bush

Running for governor of Texas against a very popular governor [incumbent Ann Richards] was deemed to be risky. Everybody thought I would lose. As I put in my book, my mother said, "You're going to lose!" George W Bush

I could have easily not run for president, and people would have come up and said, "Oh, man, you would have been a great president." Or even a lousy president. But I never would have known had I not chosen to run. Part of life is seizing the moment. George W Bush

I have zero desire to be in the limelight. George W Bush

A number of people walk up to me and say, "You're much taller than I thought." George W Bush

I didn't try to be something I wasn't. George W Bush

The key thing about life is to be true to a set of beliefs. And to be genuine. George W Bush

What mattered to me was that I didn't compromise my soul in order to try to achieve a kind of popularity. The only thing you can do is just live your life. George W Bush

I was popular at some times and not so popular at other times. But what mattered was trying to solve problems and deal with circumstances. Some of which I was able to anticipate. Some of which caught us totally by surprise. George W Bush

In terms of what people think about me, the truth of the matter is, I guess I care to a certain extent, but not enough to try to go out in the public and plead for some kind of new understanding of me. George W Bush

I served. And now it's time for the new man to serve. I have zero desire to be in the limelight. George W Bush

Sometimes armchair quarterbacks are doing it to enhance their own image. I'm just not comfortable with that idea. George W Bush

It's kind of the Washington, D.C., chattering class. They kind of talk amongst themselves. George W Bush

In terms of trying to re-create an image, I think that's a waste of time. I have no interest in doing that. The decisions I made are done. George W Bush

The decisions I made are done. And history will judge whether or not they were correct. There's no such thing as accurate short-term history. George W Bush

I'm comfortable that I made the best decisions I possibly could. George W Bush

I regret that we weren't able to reform Social Security. The fact that we weren't able to when we had majorities in the House and the Senate I think reflected poorly on our political party. George W Bush

People expect those in authority to take on big problems and to solve them. We had an opportunity to reform Social Security in a way that would have protected people's benefits and created a solvent system. Younger workers would be confident that the money they were putting into the system would be available to them when they retired. It was a missed opportunity. I regret that. George W Bush

[The economic crisis ] gave people the option to put money into private accounts. George W Bush

The main thrust of the Social Security reform was to get the benefit structure in line with the realities of the Trust Funds. George W Bush

If you're a poor worker - this is for new workers coming into the workplace - your benefits will increase at the current rate of increase. If you're a wealthier worker, your benefits would increase at the rate of inflation. And those changes would affect positively the unfunded liabilities inherent in Social Security. George W Bush

I'm the only president who really put it out in the State of the Union and was very specific about how I felt we ought to do it. George W Bush

I regret not finding Osama Bin Laden. George W Bush

I regret the fact that Saddam [Hussein] didn't have weapons of mass destruction that we thought. I don't regret removing him from power. George W Bush

[Saddam Hussein] could have easily reconstituted a program. He was a threat to peace before we went in. He'd have been a threat to peace had we left him in power. Oftentimes history judges you on the decisions you make. George W Bush

[People] don't judge you on what would have happened in the absence of a decision. George W Bush

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