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Gail Ann Dorsey
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It's much harder, much more work to be your own artist, and it's hard for me to just want to do one thing. I love doing my own music, but I really have to get into a groove with it, which has been difficult over the last few years because I've had so much great work coming in. Gail Ann Dorsey

You can not ignore his current life. Bowie has become a family man and enjoys to see his children grow up close to him. But after six years he feels the urge to get in the studio with musicans he likes. He closely follows bands like Arcade Fire in recent months. But he is inspired by ancient Chinese folk and jazz these days as well. Gail Ann Dorsey

When you go on a stage - or even in a cafe or a room - and you play it's all happening right then and there: the exchange, the art, the communication. Performance is in the moment. Gail Ann Dorsey

Playing rock 'n' roll music, it's going to be integrated, but being black you didn't want to go into some neighborhood where you weren't wanted. Gail Ann Dorsey

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