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Gael Monfils
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If you want to talk, it's okay with me. I sit and relax. Gael Monfils

I won't lie to you - it's better to have someone to help you. I need it. Gael Monfils

Playing against someone like Roger Federer is not easy. I had my chance today, but I guess I made a lot of errors. But I have no complaints. Gael Monfils

I keep like simple thing in my head, so obviously is working. Then it's luck. To be honest, look at set point. I hit one of the worst drop shots I ever hit and he hit a frame It's pure luck, you know, to haven't drop a set. So you need to have it sometime, and I hope I will have more. Gael Monfils

I dont regret anything. I am proud to try a challenge even if I do not exceed. Gael Monfils

Sometimes, you know, I just feel like I want a Coke, and I drink a Coke. Gael Monfils

For me, tennis is a sport. It's not a job, it's a sport. Gael Monfils

When you've played a long rally and you lost it, it does hurt. Gael Monfils

My first objective is to win against No. 1 in the world. Gael Monfils

I know I'm strong, and that's good. Gael Monfils

I think I always play good, always played solid. Gael Monfils

For sure it's better to have a coach. I won't lie to you. It's better to have someone to help you. I need it, you know. But as I say all the time, it's not easy to feel someone. That person has to be - has to be, for me, like good, first of all, but has to be hard and also understand my personality. Gael Monfils

I don't think I'm easy, but I think I'm quite a good worker. Gael Monfils

When I feel good, the crowd is behind me, have a great spirit, I think I can be very tough to beat. Gael Monfils

I care about the match. I don't care about, you know, other things. It's like if I'm not happy, it's okay. I want just to be happy, you know. If I'm not happy, fine. Have it, you know. Gael Monfils

I just try to be relax, because I'm always been a relaxed person. Gael Monfils

I try my best for everything. If I don't feel happy, I don't do it. Gael Monfils

I think I play tennis for, to against a big legend, big court, short time. That's what I train for. That's why every day I wake up and I wish I could play those matches, you know. It's like, for me it's the best thing can happen is to play against that guy on that stage, you know. Gael Monfils

I think music for me, it's part of my life. I like music. I think I'm very emotional, so, you know, I just try to take all the emotion, you know, that music bring it to me, you know, some make - I mean, help me to calm down some, for sure motivate me more. You know, there's always music. I think just make me smooth before the match, you know. Gael Monfils

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