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Great parts of our economy are directly dependent upon women having a weak self-concept. A multi-billion dollar fashion-cosmetic industry testifies to the validity of this approach. A woman who does not know who she is can be sold anything. Gabrielle Burton

No one has a corner on depression, but housewives are working on it. Gabrielle Burton

I have a friend who loves housework. Honest, she loves all housework. All day long she moves from one chore to the next, smiling the whole time. I went over there one day and begged her to tell me her secret. It's simple, she said, right after breakfast you light up a joint. Gabrielle Burton

you'd definitely think of me more as a good sport than as an athlete. Gabrielle Burton

A man loves a woman so much, he asks her to marry - to change her name, quit her job, have and raise his babies, be home when he gets there, move where his job is. You can hardly imagine what he might ask if he didn't love her. Gabrielle Burton

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