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By faith we receive the saving grace of God that delivers us from guilt and sin. In love we participate in the victorious struggle of God against the principalities and powers of evil. Gabriel Fackre

The Christian Theology Reader brings the best primary sources to the theological inquirer. Gabriel Fackre

Here is a biblical and churchly spirituality so needed today as an alternative to the new age nostrums that crowd the mall bookstore shelves. Gabriel Fackre

A big 'thank you' to George Demetrion for helping readers see that the center does hold. A wise and winsome work. Gabriel Fackre

The work of the Spirit is the bringing to be of the vision of God....the capacitating of persons to 'see visions' and 'dream dreams'. .... The birth of the Church is the beginning of the End. ..... The Kingdom of God as the miracle of ocular newness when 'the blind see' makes its impact on history in the creation of a visionary community . [[The tongues were]] the language of the world to come... Therefore in this birth of the Church, the risen and ascended Lord takes to himself a Body on earth with eyes opened by the Spirit to see the future. Gabriel Fackre

Grace is power as well as pardon. Gabriel Fackre

And God 'sits in the heavens and laughs' at the proud who pretend to be more than they are. Gabriel Fackre

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