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Being published by the Oxford University Press is rather like being married to a duchess: the honor is almost greater than the pleasure. G. M. Young

To attend a place of worship, to abstain from spirits, to read a serious newspaper and put money in the savings bank, was in 1840 as good an ideal as could be set before a man. To pursue it gave him rank as a citizen, the promise of a vote, and a share in a solid civilization. G. M. Young

The human mind is still something of a troglodyte. Expelled from one falling cavern, its first thought is to find another. G. M. Young

A flight of perplexed unstable minds into the Confessional, into Spiritualism, into strange Eastern Cults. G. M. Young

To play King Richard to somebody else's Wat Tyler has always been a Tory fancy. G. M. Young

It was one of Lord Salisbury's paradoxes that only uncontentious legislation should be brought before Parliament: if it were contentious, then public opinion was not ripe for it. G. M. Young

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