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Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible. Frank Zappa

So many books, so little time. Frank Zappa

I don't think there's a problem. First of all, I don't think music turns people into social liabilities. Because you hear a lyric - there's no medical proof that a person hearing a lyric is going to act out the lyric. There's also no medical proof that if you hear any collection of vowels and consonants, that the hearing of that collection is going to send you to Hell. Frank Zappa

I'm not black, but there's a whole lot of times I wish I could say I'm not white. Frank Zappa

The crux of the biscuit is the apostrophe! Frank Zappa

He wants to do you in cause the color of your skin. Frank Zappa

Only thirteen, and she knows how to nasty. Frank Zappa

With a tongue like a cow, she could make you go wow. Frank Zappa

Disco boy, no one understands, but thank the lord you still got hands. Frank Zappa

Find you a bridge and take a jump. Just make certain you do it right the first time, cause nothing's worse than a suicide chump. Frank Zappa

Watch out where the Huskies go And don't you eat that yellow snow Frank Zappa

Sometimes you got to get sick before you can feel better. Frank Zappa

The people of your century no longer require the service of composers. A composer is as useful to a person in a jogging suit as a dinsoaur turd in the middle of his runway. Frank Zappa

The ONLY thing that seems to band all nations together, is that their governments are universally bad.... Frank Zappa

Don't do speed, speed turns you in to your parents. Frank Zappa

For the record, folks; I never took a shit on stage and the closest I ever came to eating shit anywhere was at a Holiday Inn buffet in Fayetteville, North Carolina, in 1973. Frank Zappa

I have an important message to deliver to all the cute people all over the world. If you're out there and you're cute, maybe you're beautiful. I just want to tell you somethin' - there's more of us UGLY MOTHERFUCKERS than you are, hey-y, so watch out. Frank Zappa

Politics is the entertainment branch of industry. Frank Zappa

Most people wouldn't know music if it came up and bit them on the ass. Frank Zappa

You can't be a real country unless you have a beer. Frank Zappa

The most important thing to do in your life is to not interfere with somebody else's life. Frank Zappa

I think that people are entitled to be amused, and entertained. If they see deviations from this classical norm, it's probably good for their mental health. Frank Zappa

Gimme the tune. Do I like this tune? Does it sound like another tune that I like? The more familiar it is, the better I like it. Hear those three notes there? Those are the three notes I can sing along with. I like those notes very, very much. Give me a beat. Not a fancy one. Give me a GOOD BEAT - something I can dance to. It has to go boom-bap, boom-boom-BAP. If it doesn't, I will hate it very, very much. Also, I want it right away - and then, write me some more songs like that - over and over and over again, because I'm really into music. Frank Zappa

It isn't necessary to imagine the world ending in fire or ice. There are two other possibilities: one is paperwork, and the other is nostalgia. Eventually within the next quarter of a century, the nostalgia cycles will be so close together that people will not be able to take a step without being nostalgic for the one they just took. At that point, everything stops. Death by Nostalgia. Frank Zappa

The language and concepts contained herein are guaranteed not to cause eternal torment in the place where the guy with the horns and pointed stick conducts his business. Frank Zappa

My best advice to anyone who wants to raise a happy, mentally healthy child is: Keep him or her as far away from a church as you can. Frank Zappa

On the Planet of Baritone women, they talk low. Frank Zappa

I never have no trouble with my rubber girl. Frank Zappa

He just got in the car, but the batteries dead. So he asks to use the phone and she gives him some head. Frank Zappa

Hair growing out every hole in me. Frank Zappa

Listen honey, would I lie to you to get in your pants? Frank Zappa

Our big prize tonight is fifty American dollars to the girl with the most exciting mammalian protuberances. Frank Zappa

Power will be maintained by the groovy guy or gal who gets the most media coverage for his sleaze. Naturally, his friends in various businesses will do okay, too. Frank Zappa

Unbind your mind, there is no time. Frank Zappa

The kerosene record player is not a very efficient device. Frank Zappa

Give me the enchilada with the pickle sauce shoved up between the donkey's ass. Frank Zappa

Maybe you should stay with your mama, you're kind of stupid and ugly, too. Frank Zappa

If you pick up a guitar and it says, 'take me, I'm yours,' then that's the one for you Frank Zappa

Why do you necessarily have to be wrong just because a few million people think you are? Frank Zappa

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: Politics Is the Entertainment Branch of Industry. C-SPAN's coverage of governmental proceedings is wonderful. Caution! Buffoons on the Hill! Wallowing in blabber and spew, regiments of ex-lawyers and used-car salesmen attempt to distract us from the naughty little surprises served up by deregulated corporate America. Frank Zappa

lf you're going to deal with reality, you're going to have to make one big discovery: Reality is something that belongs to you as an individual. If you wanna grow up, which most people don't, the thing to do is take responsibility for your own reality and deal with it on your own terms. Don't expect that because you pay some money to somebody else or take a pledge or join a club or run down the street or wear a special bunch of clothes or play a certain sport or even drink Perrier water, it's going to take care of everything for you. Frank Zappa

I think the music of the Fifties is really good. I suspect it's much better musically than much of what's available now. Not in terms of production, but in terms of content. Frank Zappa

Music is the most physically inspiring of all the arts. Frank Zappa

I want a horny little Jewish princess. Frank Zappa

The universe consists of 5% protons, 5% neutrons, 5% electrons and 85% morons. Frank Zappa

America was founded by the refuse of the religious fanatics of England, these undesirable elements that came over on the Mayflower. Ignorant, religious fanatics who land here and abuse the Indians. Frank Zappa

After all, he wrote this book here, and in the book it says he made us all to be just like him! So if we're dumb, then God is dumb - and maybe even a little ugly on the side. Frank Zappa

She's a valley girl In a clothing store Okay, fine... Fer sure, fer sure. Frank Zappa

Why should I smile when I'm sitting here with you? Frank Zappa

think the anti-smoking business is a yuppie invention - an extension of the concept that we'll always be young, rich, and healthy. Frank Zappa

Conducting is when you draw designs in the nowhere - with a stick, or with your hands - which are interpreted as instructional messages by guys wearing bow ties who wish they were fishing. Frank Zappa

There are more love songs than anything else. If songs could make you do something, we'd all love one another. Frank Zappa

Tobacco is my favorite vegetable. Frank Zappa

Nobody looks good with brown lipstick on. Frank Zappa

Government is the Entertainment division of the military-industrial complex. Frank Zappa

I wrote a song about dental floss but did anyone's teeth get cleaner? Frank Zappa

It's better to have something to remember than anything to regret. Frank Zappa

Anyone who is disturbed by the idea of newts in a nightclub is potentially dangerous. Frank Zappa

Anybody who wants religion is welcome to it, as far as I'm concerned-I support your right to enjoy it. However, I would appreciate it if you exhibited more respect for the rights of those people who do not wish to share your dogma, rapture, or necrodestination. Frank Zappa

Children are naive-they trust everyone. School is bad enough, but, if you put a child anywhere in the vicinity of a church, you're asking for trouble. Frank Zappa

You can't always write a chord ugly enough to say what you want to say, so sometimes you have to rely on a giraffe filled with whipped cream. Frank Zappa

Communism doesn't work because people like to own stuff. Frank Zappa

Is this something new, having people stomp on you? Is it what I need to do for your pleasure? Frank Zappa

There will never be a nuclear war; there's too much real estate involved. Frank Zappa

Classical music is this music that was written by a bunch of dead people a long time ago. Frank Zappa

Americans like to talk about (or be told about) Democracy but, when put to the test, usually find it to be an 'inconvenience.' We have opted instead for an authoritarian system disguised as a Democracy. We pay through the nose for an enormous joke-of-a-government, let it push us around, and then wonder how all those assholes got in there. Frank Zappa

Well Mike, I'm abnormal. Frank Zappa

It is always advisable to be a loser if you cannot become a winner Frank Zappa

Organized religions by their very natures are misleading. Frank Zappa

Since I didn't have any kind of formal training, it didn't make any difference to me if I was listening to Lightnin' Slim, or a vocal group called the Jewels ... , or Webern, or Varese, or Stravinsky. To me it was all good music. Frank Zappa

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