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Turbulent, discontented men of quality, in proportion as they are puffed up with personal pride and arrogance, generally despise their own order. Edmund Burke

Flattery corrupts both the receiver and the giver; and adulation is not of more service to the people than to kings. Edmund Burke

Flattery is no more than what raises in a man's mind an idea of a preference which he has not. Edmund Burke

Futurity is the great concern of mankind. Edmund Burke

Religion is the basis of civil society, and the source of all good and of all comfort. Edmund Burke

Man is an animal that cooks his victuals. Edmund Burke

Magnificence is likewise a source of the sublime. A great profusion of things which are splendid or valuable in themselves is magnificent. The starry heaven, though it occurs so very frequently to our view, never fails to excite an idea of grandeur. Edmund Burke

It is for the most part in our skill in manners, and in the observations of time and place and of decency in general, that what is called taste by way of distinction consists; and which is in reality no other than a more refined judgment. Edmund Burke

For my part, I am convinced that the method of teaching which approaches most nearly to the method of investigation is incomparably the best; since, not content with serving up a few barren and lifeless truths, it leads to the stock on which they grew. Edmund Burke

In their nomination to office they will not appoint to the exercise of authority as to a pitiful job, but as to a holy function. Edmund Burke

The essence of tyranny is the enforcement of stupid laws. Edmund Burke

Party is a body of men united, for promoting by their joint endeavours the national interest, upon some particular principle in which they are all agreed. Edmund Burke

This minority is great and formidable. I do not know whether, if I aimed at the total overthrow of a kingdom, I should wish to be encumbered with a large body of partisans. Edmund Burke

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing. Edmund Burke

Your representative owes you, not his industry only, but his judgement; and he betrays, instead of serving you, if he sacrifices it to your opinion. Edmund Burke

In no country, perhaps, in the world is the law so general a study. The profession itself is numerous and powerful, and in most provinces it takes the lead. Edmund Burke

Falsehood and delusion are allowed in no case whatsoever: But, as in the exercise of all the virtues, there is an economy of truth. Edmund Burke

It is a general popular error to suppose the loudest complainers for the publick to be the most anxious for its welfare. Edmund Burke

There was an ancient Roman lawyer, of great fame in the history of Roman jurisprudence, whom they called Cui Bono, from his having first introduced into judicial proceedings the argument, What end or object could the party have had in the act with which he is accused. Edmund Burke

I have never yet seen any plan which has not been mended by the observation of those who were much inferior in understanding to the person who took the lead in the business. Edmund Burke

A spirit of innovation is generally the result of a selfish temper and confined views. People will not look forward to posterity, who never look backward to their ancestors. Edmund Burke

When bad men combine, the good must associate; else they will fall one by one, an unpitied sacrifice in a contemptible struggle. Edmund Burke

He that borrows the aid of an equal understanding doubles his own; he that uses that of a superior elevates his own to the stature of that he contemplates. Edmund Burke

The great inlet by which a colour for oppression has entered into the world is by one man's pretending to determine concerning the happiness of another. Edmund Burke

Delusion and weakness produce not one mischief the less, because they are universal. Edmund Burke

It is a general popular error to suppose the loudest complainers for the public to be the most anxious for its welfare. Edmund Burke

You can never plan the future by the past. Edmund Burke

Free trade is not based on utility but on justice. Edmund Burke

Nobility is a graceful ornament to the civil order. It is the Corinthian capital of polished society. Edmund Burke

Mere parsimony is not economy. Expense, and great expense, may be an essential part in true economy. Edmund Burke

The march of the human mind is slow. Edmund Burke

It may be observed, that very polished languages, and such as are praised for their superior clearness and perspicuity, are generally deficient in strength. Edmund Burke

The power of discretionary disqualification by one law of Parliament, and the necessity of paying every debt of the Civil List by another law of Parliament, if suffered to pass unnoticed, must establish such a fund of rewards and terrors as will make Parliament the best appendage and support of arbitrary power that ever was invented by the wit of man. Edmund Burke

A definition may be very exact, and yet go but a very little way towards informing us of the nature of the thing defined. Edmund Burke

Between craft and credulity, the voice of reason is stifled. Edmund Burke

The only infallible criterion of wisdom to vulgar minds - success. Edmund Burke

The moment you abate anything from the full rights of men to each govern himself, and suffer any artificial positive limitation upon those rights, from that moment the whole organization of government becomes a consideration of convenience. Edmund Burke

Dangers by being despised grow great. Edmund Burke

All men that are ruined, are ruined on the side of their natural propensities. Edmund Burke

We must not always judge of the generality of the opinion by the noise of the acclamation. Edmund Burke

The only liberty that is valuable is a liberty connected with order; that not only exists along with order and virtue, but which cannot exist at all without them. It inheres in good and steady government, as in its substance and vital principle. Edmund Burke

The yielding of the weak is the concession to fear. Edmund Burke

By this unprincipled facility of changing the state as often, and as much, and in as many ways as there are floating fancies or fashions, the whole chain and continuity of the commonwealth would be broken. No one generation could link with the other. Men would become little better than the flies of a summer. Edmund Burke

He only deserves to be remembered by posterity who treasures up and preserves the history of his ancestors. Edmund Burke

Falsehood has a perennial spring. Edmund Burke

Taxing is an easy business. Any projector can contrive new impositions; any bungler can add to the old; but is it altogether wise to have no other bounds to your impositions than the patience of those who are to bear them? Edmund Burke

The Fate of good men who refuse to become involved in politics is to be ruled by evil men. Edmund Burke

Men have no right to what is not reasonable, and to what is not for their benefit. Edmund Burke

The more accurately we search into the human mind, the stronger traces we everywhere find of His wisdom who made it. Edmund Burke

It becomes extremely hard to disentangle our idea of the cause from the effect by which we know it. Edmund Burke

So then because some towns in England are not represented, America is to have no representative at all. They are our children; but when children ask for bread we are not to give a stone. Edmund Burke

Restraint of discipline, emulation, examples of virtue and of justice, form the education of the world. Edmund Burke

His enthusiasm kindles as he advances; and when he arrives at his peroration it is in full blaze. Edmund Burke

Nothing is so rash as fear; and the counsels of pusillanimity very rarely put off, whilst they are always sure to aggravate, the evils from which they would fly. Edmund Burke

That, of course, they are many in number, or that, after all, they are, other than the little shriveled, meagre, hopping, though loud and troublesome, insects of the hour. Edmund Burke

It is ordained in the eternal constitution of things, that men of intemperate minds cannot be free; their passions forge their fetters. Edmund Burke

Suppose, however, that something like moderation were visible in this political sermon, yet politics and the pulpit are terms that have little agreement. Edmund Burke

There is no safety for honest men except by believing all possible evil of evil men. Edmund Burke

And having looked to Government for bread, on the very first scarcity they will turn and bite the hand that fed them. Edmund Burke

General rebellions and revolts of a whole people never were encouraged now or at any time. They are always provoked. Edmund Burke

This sort of people are so taken up with their theories about the rights of man that they have totally forgotten his nature. Edmund Burke

The men of England,- the men, I mean, of light and leading in England. Edmund Burke

Not men but measures a sort of charm by which many people get loose from every honorable engagement. Edmund Burke

We set ourselves to bite the hand that feeds us. Edmund Burke

Religion is among the most powerful causes of enthusiasm. Edmund Burke

Humanity cannot be degraded by humiliation. Edmund Burke

Oppression makes wise men mad; but the distemper is still the madness of the wise, which is better than the sobriety of fools. Edmund Burke

To drive men from independence to live on alms, is itself great cruelty. Edmund Burke

Whenever government abandons law, it proclaims anarchy. Edmund Burke

The truly sublime is always easy, and always natural. Edmund Burke

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