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Never give up on a dream just because of the time it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway. Earl Nightingale

When the days are too short, chances are you are living at your best. Earl Nightingale

Find what you can do best that renders service to others and do it with all your might. Earl Nightingale

Some people act as if it were demeaning to their manhood to wish to be well-read but you can no more be a healthy person mentally without reading substantial books than you can be a vigorous person physically without eating solid food. Books should be chosen, not for their freedom from evil, but for their possession of good. Dr. Johnson said: "Whilst you stand deliberating which book your son shall read first, another boy has read both." Earl Nightingale

Every great accomplishment of mankind has been preceded by an extended period, often over many years, of concentrated effort. Earl Nightingale

Dream what you dare to dream. Go where you want to go. Be what you want to be. Earl Nightingale

Visualization is the human being's vehicle to the future - good, bad, or indifferent. It's strictly in our control. Earl Nightingale

You are, at this moment, standing, right in the middle of your own 'acres of diamonds.' Earl Nightingale

Executive ability is deciding quickly and getting somebody else to do the work. Earl Nightingale

One hour per day of study in your chosen field is all it takes. One hour per day of study will put you at the top of your field within three years. Within five years you'll be a national authority. In seven years, you can be one of the best people in the world at what you do. Earl Nightingale

Successful people are not people without problems. They are people who have learned to solve their problems. Earl Nightingale

Whatever the majority of people is doing, under any given circumstances, if you do the exact opposite, you will probably never make another mistake as long as you live. Earl Nightingale

Men credited with all kinds of ability, talent, brains and know how, including the ability to see into the future, frequently have nothing more than the courage to keep everlastingly at what they set out to do. They have that one great quality that is worth more than all the rest put together. They simply will not give up! When a man makes up his mind to do something then it's only a matter of time. Staying with time take bulldog persistence. This seems to be the entrance examination to success - lasting success - of any kind! Earl Nightingale

Every one of us is the sum total of his own thoughts Earl Nightingale

Our environment, the world in which we live and work, is a mirror of our attitude and expectations. If we feel that our environment could stand some improvement, we can bring about that change for the better by improving our attitude. The world plays no favorites. It's impersonal. It doesn't care who succeeds and who fails. Nor does it care if we change. Our attitude toward life doesn't affect the world and the people in it nearly as much as it affects us. Earl Nightingale

With courage you can stay with something long enough to succeed at it. Earl Nightingale

The man who succeeds above his fellows is the one who early in life clearly discerns his object, and towards that object habitually directs his powers. Earl Nightingale

We become what we think about most of the time, and that's the strangest secret. Earl Nightingale

Happiness comes to those who are moving toward something they want very much to happen. And it almost always involves making someone else happy. Earl Nightingale

The only person who succeeds is the person who is progressively realizing a worthy ideal. That's the person who says, 'I'm going to become this' and then begins to work toward that goal Earl Nightingale

We all walk in the dark and each of us must learn to turn on his or her own light.[so we can see the bright side of everything] Earl Nightingale

Problems are challenges to creative minds. Without problems, there would be little reason to think at all. Earl Nightingale

If honesty did not exist, it would have to be invented, as it is the surest way of getting rich. Earl Nightingale

With every adversity, there is an equal or greater gift. Keep looking for the gift. Earl Nightingale

You are now, and you do become, what you think about. Earl Nightingale

People with goals succeed because they know where they're going. Earl Nightingale

You'll find boredom where there is the absence of a good idea. Earl Nightingale

Success is the progressive realization of a worthy goal or ideal. Earl Nightingale

The mind moves in the direction of our currently dominant thoughts. Earl Nightingale

You can measure opportunity with the same yardstick that measures the risk involved. They go together. Earl Nightingale

It's never too late, for with a purpose, a worthy goal and a motivation to reach those upper layers on the pyramid, a person can travel further in a few years than he might otherwise travel in a lifetime. Earl Nightingale

Everything you and I will ever have will come to us as the result of the way we use our minds, the one thing we possess that makes us different from all other creatures. Earl Nightingale

Learn to enjoy every minute of your life. Be happy now. Earl Nightingale

Money is the harvest of our production and service. We in turn use it to obtain the production and service of others. Earl Nightingale

Getting rich, or becoming outstanding at anything is all a matter of attitude. You must make up your mind once and for all - you commit yourself - and then just stay with it until you finally have what you set out to get. Earl Nightingale

One thing a goal must do is fill us with positive emotion when we think about it. The more intensely we feel about a goal the more progressively we'll move toward it. Earl Nightingale

Attitude is the reflection of a person, and our world mirrors our attitude. Earl Nightingale

Perseverance is another word for faith! Earl Nightingale

Our environment, the world in which we live and work, is a mirror of our attitudes and expectations. Earl Nightingale

The biggest mistake that you can make is to believe that you are working for somebody else. Job security is gone. The driving force of a career must come from the individual. Remember: Jobs are owned by the company, you own your career! Earl Nightingale

Picture yourself in your minds eye as having already achieved this goal. See yourself doing the things you'll be doing when you've reached your goal. Earl Nightingale

A great attitude does much more than turn on the lights in our worlds; it seems to magically connect us to all sorts of serendipitous opportunities that were somehow absent before the change. Earl Nightingale

Shooting for the top will bring out the best that's in you. Earl Nightingale

Wherever there is danger, there lurks opportunity; whenever there is opportunity, there lurks danger. The two are inseparable. They go together. Earl Nightingale

Throughout all history, the great wise men and teachers, philosophers, and prophets have disagreed with one another on many different things. It is only on this one point that they are in complete and unanimous agreement. We become what we think about Earl Nightingale

The paradox is that exactly the reverse is true. Everything that's really worthwhile in life came to us free; our minds, our souls, our bodies, our hopes, our dreams, our ambitions, our intelligence, our love of family and children and friends and country. All these priceless possessions are free. But the things that cost us money are actually very cheap and can be replaced at any time. A good man can be completely wiped out and make another fortune. He can do that several times. Even if our home burns down, we can rebuild it. But the things we got for nothing, we can never replace. Earl Nightingale

If you spend an extra hour each day of study in your chosen field you will be a national expert in that field in five years or less. Earl Nightingale

Be happy now. Don't wait for something outside of yourself to make you happy in the future. Earl Nightingale

We tend to minimize the things we can do, the goals we can accomplish, and for some equally strange reason we think other people can accomplish things that we cannot. I want you to understand that that is not true. You have deep reservoirs of talent and ability within you that you can bring to the surface and achieve all that you desire Earl Nightingale

Don't wait for change. You change. Earl Nightingale

Goals reflect your choice of destination. Earl Nightingale

Most people begin their day in neutral. They will simply react to whatever confronts them. Earl Nightingale

People don't have great attitudes because of great success, they have great success largely because of great attitudes. Earl Nightingale

You are, at this moment, standing, right in the middle of your own "acres of diamonds. Earl Nightingale

Real evils can be either cured or endured; it is only imaginary evils that make people anxiety-ridden for a lifetime. Earl Nightingale

Do' concern yourself with the money. Be of service ... build ... work ... dream ... create! Do this and you"ll find there is no limit to the prosperity and abundance that will come to you. Earl Nightingale

Everything in the world we want to do or get done, we must do with and through people. Every dollar we will ever earn must come from people. The person we love, and with whom we want to spend the rest of our life, is a human being with whom we must interact. Our children are individuals, each different from any other person who ever lived. And what affects them most is our attitude-the loving kindness they see and feel whenever we are around them. If you'll begin to develop and maintain an attitude that says yes to life and the world, you'll be astonished at the changes you'll see. Earl Nightingale

Security isn't what the wise person looks for; it's opportunity. And once we begin looking for that, we find it on every side. You can measure opportunity with the same yardstick that measures the risk involved. They go together. Earl Nightingale

No man can get rich himself unless he enriches others. Earl Nightingale

Your rewards in life are in direct proportion to your service Earl Nightingale

We've got to be of service first before we can expect money. Earl Nightingale

We can help others in the world more by making the most of yourself than in any other way. We must be the epitome-the embodiment-of success. We must radiate success before it will come to us. We must first become mentally, from an attitude standpoint, the people we wish to become. We will receive not what we idly wish for but what we justly earn. Our rewards will always be in exact proportion to our service. Earl Nightingale

You can't get rich unless you EN-rich. Earl Nightingale

In doing that which we most enjoy, we will probably make our most significant contribution to society, and the contribution we make to society determines our rewards. Earl Nightingale

We are all creatures of habit. We can do most things without even thinking about them; our bodies take charge and do them for us. Earl Nightingale

Excellence always sells. Earl Nightingale

Ideas are elusive, slippery things. Best to keep a pad of paper and a pencil at your bedside, so you can stab them during the night before they get away. Earl Nightingale

You can predict a person?s future and divine his bank balance if you know two things: the books he reads, the people he associates with. Earl Nightingale

On Christmas morning, our joy or our happiness can be at a very high level, not because of our anticipation of what we might receive but, rather, in anticipation of watching our loved ones open our gifts to them. In fact, if we're not careful, we can fail to register sufficient excitement and joy upon opening the gifts we receive from others. We must remember that they are happiest at that time and to give them top billing, to stretch their happiness to its full length. Earl Nightingale

Instead of competing, all we have to do is create. Earl Nightingale

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