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The greatest mystery of existence is existence itself. Deepak Chopra

There is a plan, and your soul knows what it is. Deepak Chopra

My body is a projection of my consciousness. Deepak Chopra

The past is closed and limited; the future is open and free. Deepak Chopra

When you're in touch with spirit, you put feeling over results. Deepak Chopra

The secret to creative freedom is letting go of our habitual certainities. Deepak Chopra

All experience is now. Now never ends. Deepak Chopra

Ask for nothing less than inspiration. Deepak Chopra

Happiness is a continuation of happenings which are not resisted. Deepak Chopra

Karma is only in space time and causality. Your real self resides non-locally. Deepak Chopra

Daydream, imagine, and reflect. It's the source of infinite creativity. Deepak Chopra

You can't have ego and gratitude at the same time. Deepak Chopra

The fastest way to your own happiness is to make another happy. Deepak Chopra

Replace your self-defeating thoughts with self-supporting thoughts. Deepak Chopra

Karma, when properly understood, is just the mechanics through which consciousness manifests. Deepak Chopra

I have all the time in the world. I am in touch with the timeless. I am surrounded by infinity. Deepak Chopra

Unbounded awareness is the reservoir of possibilities. Deepak Chopra

All great changes are preceded by chaos. Deepak Chopra

I am not in the world. The world is in me. Deepak Chopra

The people who do the most extraordinary things in the world are never "realistic." They're passionate. They trust themselves. Deepak Chopra

One loving thought can change everything. Deepak Chopra

Gratitude is one of the most effective ways of getting in touch with your soul. Deepak Chopra

Begin to see yourself in all other beings. Deepak Chopra

You are here for a reason. Deepak Chopra

Expectations determine outcome, always! Deepak Chopra

Love is what we are in our essence, and the more love we feel in our hearts, the more it will be brought to us. Deepak Chopra

Passivity is the same as defending injustice. Deepak Chopra

Don't try to steer the river. Deepak Chopra

If you focus on success, you'll have stress. But if you pursue excellence, success will be guaranteed. Deepak Chopra

Time is just quantified eternity. Deepak Chopra

So, when you have that experienced knowledge you lose the ability to hurt people and you also lose the ability to be hurt by people. That's love. Deepak Chopra

I use memories but I will not allow memories to use me. Deepak Chopra

Synchronicity is choreographed by a great, pervasive intelligence that lies at the heart of nature, and is manifest in each of us through intuitive knowledge. Deepak Chopra

When we transcend our own thoughts, we get in touch with the womb of creation. Deepak Chopra

Your fellow man is your mirror. If your own face is clean, the image you perceive will also be flawless. Deepak Chopra

Addiction is craving fulfillment from something that cannot provide fulfillment. In this sense it is not different than the basic mechanism of ignorance that keeps everyone in bondage. With substance addiction the mind/body sets up a vicious cycle that perpetuates the dependence. Deepak Chopra

There is something that you can do better than anyone else in the whole world. Deepak Chopra

It is much more beneficial to your health if you feel your way through life than think your way through life. Deepak Chopra

Apakah penampilanku satu-satunya hal yang membuatku berharga? Jika begitu, jangan tatap aku. Wajahku bisa menyembunyikan hati yang palsu. Deepak Chopra

Pain is not the same as suffering. Left to itself, the body discharges pain spontaneously, letting go of it the moment that the underlying cause is healed. Suffering is pain that we hold on to. It comes from the mind's mysterious instinct to believe that pain is good, or that it cannot be escaped, or that the person deserves it. Deepak Chopra

Don't let a day go by without asking who you are...each time you let a new ingredient to enter your awareness. Deepak Chopra

Every cell in your body is seeking fulfillment through joy, beauty, love and appreciation. Deepak Chopra

Network Spinal Analysis inspires us to trust the healing power within. Deepak Chopra

Self-love grows when you trust that the universe is on your side, form your desires from the heart and watch the higher Self carry them out, believe that you are enough in and of yourself, heed the tenderness and sweetness of your love for others, put your attention on positive energies in every situation, honor your own needs without having to seek outside approval, and cultivate the peace of inner silence. Deepak Chopra

There are foods that accelerate aging and entropy, and others that renew and revitalise the body. Deepak Chopra

It takes no effort to love. The state has its own innate joy. Questions answer themselves if you are aware enough. Life is safe; flowing with the current of being is the simplest way to live. Resistance never really succeeds. Controlling the flow of life is impossible. Deepak Chopra

Ecstasy carries you completely outside your ego boundaries. In ecstasy you know yourself as cosmic ego, unbounded in time and space. Deepak Chopra

With spirit we are all children of the cosmos; Without it we are orphaned and adrift. Deepak Chopra

Pay attention to that unchanging part of yourself. It is perfect. At the source of life, and only there, one finds peace, harmony, and the undisturbed contentment of bliss. Deepak Chopra

When we decide to take back our own power, we discover that the true solver of problems is intuition, not reason. Deepak Chopra

DNA is a quantum computer that localizes a non local omnipresent consciousness or spirit into space time energy information and matter. Deepak Chopra

The physical body is conceived and constructed in consciousness as are time and space. All happens within our self. Deepak Chopra

Solving problems should be a joy, a welcome challenge to our creativity. Deepak Chopra

When you make a choice, you change the future. Deepak Chopra

There are some things that require no work, and healing is one of them. Deepak Chopra

It's hard enough to change ourselves. We can't expect other people to change so that we feel better. We have to take the journey ourselves. Deepak Chopra

The best way to motivate other people to help YOU fulfil your goals is to help them fulfil THEIR goals Deepak Chopra

The universe has a body and soul and evolves through cosmic time. As microcosms of stardust, we do the same. Deepak Chopra

Words can wound or heal. The purpose of speech must always be to create joy in the listener. Deepak Chopra

To only responsible choice I can make is to be love and happiness." Vincellent "Love the world as you love yourself".Lao Tze "The next step in mans evolution will be the survival of the wisest. Deepak Chopra

I cherish my every connection. I see the other in myself and myself in others. Deepak Chopra

When the rhythms of our body-mind are in synch with nature's rhythms, when we are living in harmony with life, we are living in the state of grace. To live in grace is to experience that state of consciousness where things flow effortlessly and our desires are easily fulfilled. Grace is magical, synchronistic, coincidental, joyful. It's that good-luck factor. But to live in grace we have to allow nature's intelligence to flow through us without interfering. Deepak Chopra

Surrender is faith that the power of Love can accomplish anything even when you cannot forsee the outcome. Deepak Chopra

When we find our core certainty within, then we no longer look for certainty outside. The unfathomable nature of the ever-changing world ceases to be a source of anxiety and instead is a source of joy and adventure. Deepak Chopra

The brain, which operates on electromagnetic impulses, is as much an activity of the universe as are the electromagnetic storms in the atmosphere or on a distant star. Therefore science is one form of electromagnetism that spends it time studying another formscience is god explaining god through a human nervous systemisn't spirituality the same thing? Deepak Chopra

Only the heart knows the correct answer. Most people think the heart is mushy and sentimental. But it's not. The heart is intuitive; it's holistic, it's contextual, it's relational. It doesn't have a win-lose orientation. It taps into the cosmic computer - the field of pure potentiality, pure knowledge, and infinite organizing power - and takes everything into account. At times it may not even seem rational, but the heart has a computing ability that is far more accurate and far more precise than anything within the limits of rational thought. Deepak Chopra

Karma means your have to live with the consequences of the actions you have taken in the past. Whatever you put out is coming back. Deepak Chopra

Whatever you are struggling with, is a reminder for you to find your true purpose in this lifetime. Deepak Chopra

Churchgoers feel righteous, responsible, and obedient to God's will. They view anyone unlike themselves as devoid of values, and therefore unworthy of God's love. By denying God to all those who have strayed from the path of righteousness, the devout are unwittingly taking on themselves a role that belongs only to God. Deepak Chopra

Words are not brains, you know. Deepak Chopra

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