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I've never been too worried about all the music critics and stuff. Caleb Shomo

I just try and focus on having fun on the road and making the best music I can. Caleb Shomo

I love a little more driving rock and roll vibe and that kind of music has always spoke to me. I guess it just rubs off when I'm writing music. Caleb Shomo

When there are rock festivals where there are sometimes 120,000 people and they're all sold out and they're epic, I think rock is alive and well, and hopefully it stays that way. Caleb Shomo

Just do what you love. Caleb Shomo

Be honest in your music. Caleb Shomo

Make music that you truly enjoy and it shows. Caleb Shomo

People just want honest music. Caleb Shomo

When you're looking at a sea of people there ready for a band, it is an unbelievable feeling. You've just got to seize the moment and put on the best show you can and make sure everybody's having a good time by the end of it. Caleb Shomo

The problem is when you write the album, you record all the instruments, you edit the whole thing and then you have to mix it. You start to get out of touch with the songs and it becomes math. Caleb Shomo

I still love the radio. I think the radio is still an important thing in music. Caleb Shomo

There is a reality that this day and age is the digital era. Anybody can find anything they want. Caleb Shomo

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