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Tell the Queen that there's been a robin red-breast hanging about Kotir grounds. It flies down low and vanishes near the floor. Cludd thinks it might be something to do with those woodlanders. Now, I'm to say nothing to Fortunata or Ashleg... 'I must tell the Queen that a robin has seen Cludd hanging about. No, that's not right. I must tellt he robin taht Cludd has been hanging the Queen. Brian Jacques

Even the strongest and bravest must sometimes weep. It shows they have a great heart, one that can feel compassion for others." -Cornflower Brian Jacques

Armel shrugged. "I suppose so, Brother, but why do creatures have to fight?" Demple picked Mudge up and placed him on his shoulder. "Because there's always good and bad in the land, and goodbeasts have to protect their friends an' families from evil ones who want nothing but to conquer an' destroy. Brian Jacques

You love young ones and babes, I know this. The young will always befriend and admire you...all the young ones of the earth belong to you in friendship. Be good to them. -Breeze, to Sunflash the Mace Brian Jacques

A mouse is small and can go unnoticed: but there is no limit to what a brave heart and a fearless spirit can achieve. Brian Jacques

Absoballylutely top hole, wot. A and B the C of D I'd say. . . Above and Beyond the Call of Duty. Brian Jacques

A wounded heart will heal in time, and when it does, the memory and love of our lost ones is sealed inside to comfort us. Brian Jacques

The young mouse's eyes snapped open, clear and bright. He swung the ancient sword high and struck at the giant adder. He struck for Redwall! He struck against evil! He struck for Martin! He struck for Log-a-Log and his shrews! He struck for dead Guosim! He struck as Methuselah would have wanted him to! He struck against Cluny the Scourge and tyranny! He struck out against Captain Snow's ridicule! He struck for the world of light and freedom! He struck until his paws ached and the sword fell from them! Brian Jacques

There are enough cowards in the world without killing a brave creature for so little reason. Brian Jacques

The Land of Dreams, that mystical realm, where the oddest of visions appear, come wander through scenes of joyful peace, or stampeded through nightmares of fear. Dare we open those secret doors, down dusty paths of mind, in long-forgotten corners, what memories we'll find. Who rules o'er the Kingdom of Night, where all is not what it seems? 'Tis I, the Weaver of Tales, for I am the Dreamer of Dreams! Brian Jacques

When the sun sets like fire, I will think of you, when the moon casts its light, I'll remember, too, if a soft rain falls gently, I'll stand in this place, recalling the last time, I saw your kind face. Good fortune go with you, to your journey's end, let the waters run calmly, for you, my dear friend. Brian Jacques

You will find joy, frustration and sorrow in your quest. Never forget that friendship and loyalty are more precious than riches...Happiness can be brief, but it knows no time in the land of dreams. Brian Jacques

I still pinch meself when I wake up of a morning...Who ever thought I'd be a children's author - let alone a best-selling children's author? I feel I should still be driving a truck, or (working as) a longshoreman. Brian Jacques

Fate is fickle, and the company of unwilling friends short lived. Brian Jacques

Knowledge is a thing that one cannot have enough of. It is the fruit of wisdom, to be eaten carefully and digested fully, unlike that lunch you are bolting down, little friend. Brian Jacques

I fell, you see. Trod on my abbot, Father Habit. Oh, dear! I mean... Brian Jacques

The advice I continually give to young writers is this, "Learn to paint pictures with words." Not just once upon a time, but ... In the long secret dust of ages, beneath a blue forgotten sky, where trade winds caress the sun bleached shores of unknown realms ... See, as much as there are words in poetry, there is a poetry in words. Use it, stay faithful to the path you have set your heart upon and follow it. Brian Jacques

A little (one) can sometimes see things in others that us older ones cannot because our judgement gets clouded. -Abbot Saxtus Brian Jacques

All little creatures are beautiful...every living thing when it first sees life is born in beauty. What they grow to be is a different matter. Brian Jacques

I think that others can drive a creature to naughtiness, always accusing and blaming them. After a while it must make the creature unhappy and drive be naughty, because nobody expects them to be good... Brian Jacques

My values are not based on violence. My values are based on courage, which you see time and time again in my books. A warrior isn't somebody like Bruce Willis or Arnold Schwarzenegger. A warrior can be any age. A warrior is a person people look up to. Brian Jacques

Pick-a-lock, Pick-a-lock, you'll regret the day, When you took a mouse thief and locked him away, Silly cat, look at that, it's two for one, A thief and a warrior, by dawn will be gone. Brian Jacques

I wanted to write something visual that I could read to the children. This was when I created the idea of Redwall Abbey in my imagination. As I wrote, the idea grew, and the manuscript along with it. Brian Jacques

Food to eat and games to play. Tell me why, tell me why. Serve it out and eat it up. Have a try, have a try. Brian Jacques

Don't be ashamed to weep; 'tis right to grieve. Tears are only water, and flowers, trees, and fruit cannot grow without water. But there must be sunlight also. A wounded heart will heal in time, and when it does, the memory and love of our lost ones is sealed inside to comfort us. Brian Jacques

Sometimes friends do go from us-it will happen more and more as you grow up, Chugg. But if you really love your friends, they're never really gone. Somewhere they're watching over you and they're always there inside your heart. -Martin Brian Jacques

Where's the point in fighting and slaying if you can make a friend out of anybeast instead of a foe? Brian Jacques

I will not stand here to be insulted by you, hedgepig," Mangiz fumed. "Then stand somewhere else and I'll insult you there, featherbag!! Brian Jacques

Each of us is born to follow a star, be it bright and shining or dark and fated. Sometimes the path of these stars will cross, bringing love or hatred. However, if you look up at the skies on a clear night, out of all the countless lights that twinkle and shine, there will come one. That star will be seen in a blaze, burning a path of light across the roof of the earth, a great comet. Brian Jacques

We could have chopped down the sycamore with this... Brian Jacques

Every Betrayal begins with trust-Phish Dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die today-James Dean Laugh as much as you breathe and love as long as you live-Anonymous Brian Jacques

In our imaginations we can go anywhere. Travel with me to Redwall in Mossflower country. Brian Jacques

Who knows, my friend? Maybe the sword does have some magic. Personally, I think it's the warrior who wields it. Brian Jacques

Friar Hugo, old friend, brace yourself. I am the bearer of tragic news!" Alarm spread across Hugo's pudgy features. "Tell me, Jess. What dreadful thing has happened?" Jess spoke haltingly in a broken voice. "I fear that Cluny has tore up one of your oldest and most venerable dishrags. Alas, Redwall will never see it wipe another plate. Brian Jacques

It's a long hard road ahead for you, little warrior. Enjoy a happy day while you can. -Boldred Brian Jacques

Throughout his life the memory of that happy day stayed locked secretly in (his) heart. Brian Jacques

Sometimes the gift of an inquisitive nature to the young can be greater than that of the wisdom which comes of age. Brian Jacques

If y'can't see with yore own two eyes what's in front of them, then y'better off closin' 'em an' goin' t'sleep, 'tis far more restful! -Gerul Brian Jacques

So here is my story, may it bring Some smiles and a tear or so, It happened once upon a time, Far away, and long ago, Outside the night wind keens and wails, Come listen to me, the Teller of Tales! Brian Jacques

He came with death held in his paw Which no rat born could face Oh woe to those who break the law Of Sunflash and his mace! Brian Jacques

Basil Stag Hare tut-tutted severely as he remarked to Ambrose Spike, 'Tch, tch. Dreadful table manners. Just look at those three wallahs, kicking up a hullaballoo like that! Eating's a serious business. Brian Jacques

Imagination is a gift given to us from God and each one of us use it differently. Brian Jacques

Weapons may be carried by creatures who are evil, dishonest, violent or lazy. The true warrior is good, gentle and honest. His bravery comes from within himself; he learns to conquer his own fears and misdeeds. -Matthias Brian Jacques

I am a people watcher and I have a very good memory. Brian Jacques

I enjoy walking my dog and completing crossword puzzles. Brian Jacques

I still pinch meself when I wake up of a morning. Who ever thought I'd be a children's author - let alone a best-selling children's author? Brian Jacques

Kids are more drawn to animal characters than human. Brian Jacques

Sala-manda-stron, look out here we come, A thief a warrior and a mole. Though the quest may take its toll, We'll march until we reach our goal, Brian Jacques

Death comes to us all sooner or later. We cannot escape it. Brian Jacques

Are you going to go down on your knees and beg for your life, old one?" Abbot Mortimer stared calmly into Cluny's savage eye. "I will never bend my knee on my own behalf. However, if I thought I could save the life of one of my friends I would gladly fall down on both knees. But I know you, Cluny, better than you know yourself. There is not a scrap of pity or mercy in your heart, only a burning desire for vengeance. Therefore, I will not kneel to one who is consumed by evil. Brian Jacques

There is no greater evil than killing. I don't care whether they call it war or justice. Life is precious. Brian Jacques

Courage is the moment when an ordinary being becomes an extraordinary being. Brian Jacques

I wrote about a bird that cleaned a crocodile's teeth. The story was so good that my teacher could not believe that a ten-year-old could write that well. I was even punished because my teacher thought I'd lied about writing it! I had always loved to write, but it was then that I realized that I had a talent for it. Brian Jacques

I sometimes think it ironic for an ex-seaman, longshoreman, truck driver, policeman, bus driver, etc... to find success writing children's novels. Brian Jacques

Sometimes, I get ideas from dreams. Often, my stories are based on adventures that I, or my friends, have actually lived. Brian Jacques

Shake paws, count your claws, You steal mine, I'll borrow yours. Watch my whiskers, check both ears. Robber foxes have no fears. Brian Jacques

The more 'otter it is, the more 'otter otters likes it Brian Jacques

Aha! Today I shall become an author! And I will auth and auth and auth and make a squillion dollars, whoopee! Brian Jacques

Defend the weak, protect both young and old, never desert your friends. Give justice to all, be fearless in battle and always ready to defend the right." -The law of Badger Lords Brian Jacques

Friend is a very small word, A little sound we make, For one who is true, one who will do, Great deeds for friendship's sake. Brian Jacques

I love book signings: kids waiting in line for you to scribble on their new books, haha! Brian Jacques

your lives be as full and happy as ours,and may the seasons be kind to you and your friends. The door of our Abbey is always open to any travellers roaming the dusty path between the woodlands and the plains. Brian Jacques

Any weapon is a good weapon as long as ye can use it with honor and skill. Brian Jacques

But the warriors true, the brave of heart Who valiently upheld the right They are raised on high to the velvet sky Bringing light to the darkness of night Brian Jacques

Sighing restlessly, the boundless sea broke huge rollers into white cream which hissed hungrily up to the tideline. Brian Jacques

Step aside? I step aside for nobeast, whether it be a hallowed hedgehog, an officious otter, a seasoned squirrel, a mutterin' mole or a befuddled badger! Brian Jacques

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