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I saw ten thousand talkers whose tongues were all broken, I saw guns and sharp swords in the hands of young children, And it's a hard, it's a hard, it's a hard, it's a hard, It's a hard rain's a-gonna fall. Bob Dylan

I'm used to writing songs and songs-I can fill em up with symbolism and metaphors. When you write a book (Chronicles, Vol. 1), you gotta tell the truth, and it can't be misinterpreted. Bob Dylan

I don't really have a retirement plan. Bob Dylan

Once I can focus in on something, I just play it in my mind until an idea comes from out of nowhere, and it's usually the key to the whole song. It's the idea that matters. It's like electricity was around long before Edison harnessed it. Bob Dylan

People talk of situations, read books, repeat quotations. Bob Dylan

Night can swallow you up, yet none of it touches you. Around any corner, there's a promise of something daring and ideal and things are just getting going. There's something obscenely joyful behind every door, either that or somebody crying with their head in in their hands. A lazy rhythm looms in the dreamy air and the atmosphere pulsates with bygone duels, past-life romance, comrades requesting comrades to aid them in some way. You can't see it, but you know it's there Bob Dylan

Aretha with no goals, eternally single & one step soft of heaven/ let it be understood that she owns this melody along with her emotional diplomats & her earth & her musical secrets Bob Dylan

You say you lost your faith But that's not where it's at You had no faith to lose And you know it Bob Dylan

The picture you have in your mind of what you're about will come true. Bob Dylan

The only person you have to think about lying twice to is either yourself or to God. The press isn't either of them. And I just figured they're irrelevant. Bob Dylan

I like Fidel Castro and his beard. Bob Dylan

Sometimes you just have to bite your upper lip and put sunglasses on. Bob Dylan

Every step of the way we walk the line Your days are numbered, so are mine Time is pilin' up, we struggle and we scrape We're all boxed in, nowhere to escape Bob Dylan

I accept chaos. I am not sure whether it accepts me. I know some people are terrified of the bomb. But then some people are terrified to be seen carrying a modern screen magazine. Experience teaches us that silence terrifies people the most. Bob Dylan

Sailing round the world in a dirty gondola oh, to be back in the land of Coca-Cola! Bob Dylan

The Harmonica is the world's best-selling musical instrument. You're welcome. Bob Dylan

Everything that I'm saying You can say it just as good Bob Dylan

There are degrees of happiness. You go from one to the other and then back again. It's hard to be completely happy when those around us are suffering and groaning from hunger. Bob Dylan

Back seat drivers don't know the feel of the wheel but they sho' know how to make a fuss" Bob Dylan/Bonnie Raitt, "Let's Keep It Between Us," 1982 Bob Dylan

Walkin' through the leaves fallin' from the trees, Feelin' like a stranger nobody sees... Bob Dylan

I've been up the mountain and I had a choice. Should I come down? So I came down. God said, Okay, you've been up on the mountain, now you go down. You're on your own, free. Check in later, but now you're on your own. Bob Dylan

Well, I don't know, but I've been told the streets in heaven are lined with gold. I ask you how things could get much worse if the Russians happen to get up there first; Wowee! pretty scary! Bob Dylan

... we're living in a Machiavellian world, whether we like it or we don't. Bob Dylan

If you like someone's work, the important thing is to be exposed to everything that person has been exposed to. Anyone who wants to be a songwriter should listen to as much folk music as they can, study the form and structure of stuff that has been around for 100 years. Bob Dylan

Art can lead you to God. I think that's the purpose of everything. If it's not doing that, what's it doing? It's leading you the other way. It's certainly not leading you nowhere. Bob Dylan

They asked me for some collateral and I pulled down my pants. Bob Dylan

I am hanging in the balance of a perfect finished plan, like every sparrow falling, like every grain of sand. Bob Dylan

Some are masters of illusions, some are ministers of trade, all under the same delusion, all their beds unmade. Bob Dylan

The dirt of gossip blows into my face and the dust rumors cover me. But if the arrow is straight and the point is slick, it can pierce through dust no matter how thick. Bob Dylan

Mothers tell your children not to do the things I have done, to spend my life in sin and misery in the House of the Rising Sun. Bob Dylan

Get jailed, jump bail, join the Army if you fail. Bob Dylan

Everyone of them words rang true and glowed like burning coal, pouring off every page like it was written in my soul from me to you. Bob Dylan

Stay free of petty jealousies, live by no man's code, and hold your judgment for yourself, lest you wind up on this road. Bob Dylan

Don't wanna marry nobody, if they're already married. Bob Dylan

In another lifetime she must have owned the world, or been faithfully wed to some righteous king who wrote psalms beside moonlit streams. Bob Dylan

Like the lion tears the flesh off a man, so can a woman who passes herself off as a male. Bob Dylan

When the jelly faced women all sneeze, hear the one with the mustache say I can't find my knees. Bob Dylan

And I hope that you die And your death'll come soon I will follow your casket In the pale afternoon And I'll watch while you're lowered Down to your deathbed And I'll stand o'er your grave 'Til I'm sure that you're dead Bob Dylan

I ain't saying you treated me unkind you could've done better, but I don't mind. You just kinda wasted my precious time. But don't think twice, it's alright. Bob Dylan

Idiot wind, blowing every time you open your mouth. Bob Dylan

I set my monkey on the log, and ordered him to do the Dog. He wagged his tail and shook his head, and he went and did the Cat instead. Bob Dylan

The government's not going to create jobs. It doesn't have to. People have to create jobs... Bob Dylan

Black is the Color and none is the number Bob Dylan

Anything I can sing, I call a song. Anything I can't sing, I call a poem. Bob Dylan

I'm in awe of McCartney. He's about the only one that I am in awe of. He can do it all. And he's never let up... He's just so damn effortless. Bob Dylan

If you don't believe there's a price for this sweet paradise, just remind me to show you the scars. Bob Dylan

You must be vulnerable to be sensitive to reality. And to be vulnerable is just another way of saying that one has nothing more to lose. I don't have anything but darkness to lose. Bob Dylan

You're a cow Give me some milk Or else go home Bob Dylan

Some people feel the rain. Others just get wet. Bob Dylan

How many times can a man turn his head, Pretending he just doesn't see? Bob Dylan

Come senators, congressmen Please heed the call Don't stand in the doorway Don't block up the hall. Bob Dylan

In a little hilltop village, they gambled for my clothes I bargained for salvation an' they gave me a lethal dose. Bob Dylan

Now all the criminals in their coats and their ties Are free to drink martinis and watch the sun rise While Rubin sits like Buddha in a ten-foot cell An innocent man in a living hell. Bob Dylan

There's no black and white, left and right to me anymore; there's only up and down and down is very close to the ground. And I'm trying to go up without thinking about anything trivial such as politics. They has got nothing to do with it. I'm thinking about the general people and when they get hurt. Bob Dylan

So if you're travelin' in the north country fair, Where the winds hit heavy on the borderline, Remember me to one who lives there. She once was a true love of mine. Bob Dylan

Goodbye is too good a word, girl So I'll just say fare thee well. Bob Dylan

Come gather 'round people Wherever you roam And admit that the waters Around you have grown. And accept it that soon You'll be drenched to the bone. If your time to you is worth savin' Then you better start swimmin' or you'll sink like a stone For the times they are a-changin'. Bob Dylan

Oh, but if I had the stars from the darkest night And the diamonds from the deepest ocean I'd forsake them all for your sweet kiss For that's all I'm wishin' to be ownin'. Bob Dylan

Twenty years of schoolin' And they put you on the day shift Bob Dylan

But you will wind up peeking through her keyhole down upon your knees. Bob Dylan

There's no success like failure, and failure's no success at all. Bob Dylan

An' though the rules of the road have been lodged It's only people's games that you got to dodge Bob Dylan

Even the president of the United States sometimes must have to stand naked. Bob Dylan

Disillusioned words like bullets bark As human gods aim for their marks. Make everything from toy guns that spark To flesh-colored Christs that glow in the dark. It's easy to see without looking too far that not much is really sacred. Bob Dylan

Advertising signs that con you into thinking you are the one That can do what's never been done, That can win what's never been won Meanwhile, life outside goes on all around you Bob Dylan

Do you take me for such a fool to think I'd make contact with one that tries to hide what he don't know to begin with. Bob Dylan

How does it feel? To be on your own, with no direction home, like a complete unknown, like a rolling stone? Bob Dylan

You put your eyes in your pockets and your nose on the ground. Bob Dylan

I can't help it if I'm lucky. Bob Dylan

I waited for you on the running boards, near the cypress trees, while the springtime turned slowly into autumn. Bob Dylan

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