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All men's miseries derive from not being able to sit in a quiet room alone. Blaise Pascal

Nature has perfections, in order to show that she is the image of God; and defects, to show that she is only his image. Blaise Pascal

We like to be deceived. Blaise Pascal

We must know where to doubt, where to feel certain, where to submit. He who does not do so, understands not the force of reason. Blaise Pascal

We know then the existence and nature of the finite, because we also are finite and have extension. We know the existence of the infinite and are ignorant of its nature, because it has extension like us, but not limits like us. But we know neither the existence nor the nature of God, because he has neither extension nor limits. Blaise Pascal

How comes it that a cripple does not offend us, but a fool does? Because a cripple recognizes that we walk straight, whereas a fool declares that it is we who are silly; if it were not so, we should feel pity and not anger. Blaise Pascal

The greatness of man is so evident that it is even proved by his wretchedness. For what in animals is nature, we call in man wretchedness-by which we recognize that, his nature being now like that of animals, he has fallen from a better nature which once was his. Blaise Pascal

There is a lot of difference between tempting and leading into error. God tempts but does not lead into error. To tempt is to provide opportunities for us to do certain things if we do not love God, but putting us under no necessity to do so. To lead into error is to compel a man necessarily to conclude and follow a falsehood. Blaise Pascal

The principles of pleasure are not firm and stable. They are different in all mankind, and variable in every particular with such a diversity that there is no man more different from another than from himself at different times. Blaise Pascal

It is your own assent to yourself, and the constant voice of your own reason, and not of others, that should make you believe. Blaise Pascal

We make an idol of truth itself, for truth apart from charity is not God, but his image and an idol that we must not love or worship. Blaise Pascal

Curiosity is only vanity. Most frequently we wish not to know, but to talk. We would not take a sea voyage for the sole pleasure of seeing without hope of ever telling. Blaise Pascal

All man's miseries derive from not being able to sit quietly in a room alone. Blaise Pascal

The world is satisfied with words. Few appreciate the things beneath. Blaise Pascal

The sensibility of man to trifles, and his insensibility to great things, are the marks of a strange inversion. Blaise Pascal

When we meet with a natural style, we are surprised and delighted, for we expected to find an author, and we have found a man. Blaise Pascal

I have only made this letter rather long because I have not had time to make it shorter. Blaise Pascal

Passion cannot be beautiful without excess; one either loves too much or not enough. Blaise Pascal

Knowing God without knowing our own wretchedness makes for pride. Knowing our own wretchedness without knowing God makes for despair. Knowing Jesus Christ strikes the balance because he shows us both God and our own wretchedness. Blaise Pascal

All I know is that I must soon die, but what I know least is this very death which I cannot escape. Blaise Pascal

If there were only one religion, God would indeed be manifest. Blaise Pascal

Philosophers.-We are full of things which take us out of ourselves. Blaise Pascal

Beauty is a harmonious relation between something in our nature and the quality of the object which delights us. Blaise Pascal

The Stoics say, "Retire within yourselves; it is there you will find your rest." And that is not true. Others say, "Go out of yourselves; seek happiness in amusement." And this is not true. Illness comes. Happiness is neither without us nor within us. It is in God, both without us and within us. Blaise Pascal

Admiration spoils all from infancy. Blaise Pascal

To find recreation in amusements is not happiness; for this joy springs from alien and extrinsic sources, and is therefore dependent upon and subject to interruption by a thousand accidents, which may minister inevitable affliction. Blaise Pascal

Christian piety annihilates the egoism of the heart; worldly politeness veils and represses it. Blaise Pascal

There is nothing so insupportable to man as to be in entire repose, without passion, occupation, amusement, or application. Then it is that he feels his own nothingness, isolation, insignificance, dependent nature, powerless, emptiness. Immediately there issue from his soul ennui, sadness, chagrin, vexation, despair. Blaise Pascal

The mind has its arrangement; it proceeds from principles to demonstrations. The heart has a different mode of proceeding. Blaise Pascal

The world is satisfied with words. Few appreciate the things beneath. [Fr., Le monde se paye de paroles; peu approfondissement les choses.] Blaise Pascal

Cold words freeze people, and hot words scorch them, and bitter words make them bitter, and wrathful words make them wrathful. Kind words also produce their own image on men's souls; and a beautiful image it is. They smooth, and quiet, and comfort the hearer. Blaise Pascal

Those who do not hate their own selfishness and regard themselves as more important than the rest of the world are blind because the truth lies elsewhere Blaise Pascal

Those who are clever in imagination are far more pleased with themselves than prudent men could reasonably be. Blaise Pascal

True eloquence makes light of eloquence. True morality makes light of morality. Blaise Pascal

The heart has its reasons of which reason knows nothing. We feel it in a thousand things. I say that the heart naturally loves the Universal Being, and naturally loves itself; and it gives itself to one or the other, and hardens itself against one or the other, as it is the heart that feels God, not the reason; this is faith. Blaise Pascal

The Fall is an offense to human reason, but once accepted, it makes perfect sense of the human condition. Blaise Pascal

Rivers are roads that move and carry us whither we wish to go. Blaise Pascal

The imagination enlarges little objects so as to fill our souls with a fantastic estimate; and, with rash insolence, it belittles the great to its own measure, as when talking of God. Blaise Pascal

Only mastery and sovereignty bring glory, and only slavery brings shame. Blaise Pascal

The sensibility of man to trifles, and his insensibility to great things, indicates a strange inversion. Blaise Pascal

Man is neither angel nor brute, and the unfortunate thing is that he who would act the angel acts the brute. Blaise Pascal

Logicians. It seems that their license must be without any limits or barriers, since they have broken through so many that are so just and sacred. Blaise Pascal

The six ages, the six Fathers of the six ages, the six wonders at the beginning of the six ages, the six mornings at the beginning of the six ages. Blaise Pascal

To know if the prophets confined their view in the Old Testament, or saw therein other things. Blaise Pascal

Man is neither angel nor beast, and the misfortune is that he who would act the angel acts the beast. Blaise Pascal

Can anything be more ridiculous than that a man should have the right to kill me because he lives on the other side of the water, and because his ruler has a quarrel with mine, though I have none with him? Blaise Pascal

Few men speak humbly of humility, chastely of chastity, skeptically of skepticism. Blaise Pascal

Clarity of mind means clarity of passion, too; this is why a great and clear mind loves ardently and sees distinctly what it loves. Blaise Pascal

Words differently arranged have a different meaning, and meanings differently arranged have different effects. Blaise Pascal

The least movement is of importance to all nature. The entire ocean is affected by a pebble. Blaise Pascal

Love has reasons which reason cannot understand. Blaise Pascal

The charm of fame is so great that we like every object to which it is attached, even death. Blaise Pascal

Desire and force between them are responsible for all our actions; desire causes our voluntary acts, force our involuntary. Blaise Pascal

Continuous eloquence wearies. Grandeur must be abandoned to be appreciated. Continuity in everything is unpleasant. Cold is agreeable, that we may get warm. Blaise Pascal

The gospel to me is simply irresistible. Blaise Pascal

Justice and truth are too such subtle points that our tools are too blunt to touch them accurately. Blaise Pascal

Dans une grande a" me tout est grand. In a great soul everything isgreat. Blaise Pascal

It is much better to know something about everything than to know everything about one thing. Blaise Pascal

The state of man is inconstancy, ennui, anxiety. Blaise Pascal

Nature imitates herself. A grain thrown into good ground brings forth fruit; a principle thrown into a good mind brings forth fruit. Everything is created and conducted by the same Master-the root, the branch, the fruits-the principles, the consequences. Blaise Pascal

Imagination is the deceptive part in man, the mistress of error and falsehood. Blaise Pascal

You're basically killing each other to see who's got the better imaginary friend. Blaise Pascal

What reason have atheists for saying that we cannot rise again? That what has never been, should be, or that what has been, should be again? Is it more difficult to come into being than to return to it. Blaise Pascal

In proportion as our own mind is enlarged we discover a greater number of men of originality. Commonplace people see no difference between one man and another. Blaise Pascal

For after all what is man in nature? A nothing in relation to infinity, all in relation to nothing, a central point between nothing and all and infinitely far from understanding either. The ends of things and their beginnings are impregnably concealed from him in an impenetrable secret. He is equally incapable of seeing the nothingness out of which he was drawn and the infinite in which he is engulfed. Blaise Pascal

Things are always at their best in their beginning. Blaise Pascal

Man finds nothing so intolerable as to be in a state of complete rest, without passions, without occupation, without diversion, without effort. Then he feels his nullity, loneliness, inadequacy, dependence, helplessness, emptiness. Blaise Pascal

I have spent much time in the study of the abstract sciences; but the paucity of persons with whom you can communicate on such subjects disgusted me with them. When I began to study man, I saw that these abstract sciences are not suited to him, and that in diving into them, I wandered farther from my real object than those who knew them not, and I forgave them for not having attended to these things. I expected then, however, that I should find some companions in the study of man, since it was so specifically a duty. I was in error. There are fewer students of man than of geometry. Blaise Pascal

Let each of us examine his thoughts Blaise Pascal

As we speak of poetical beauty, so ought we to speak of mathematical beauty and medical beauty. But we do not do so; and that reason is that we know well what is the object of mathematics, and that it consists in proofs, and what is the object of medicine, and that it consists in healing. But we do not know in what grace consists, which is the object of poetry. Blaise Pascal

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