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Death is something we really understand extremely well. Bill Gates

The world won't care about your self-esteem. The world will expect you to accomplish something BEFORE you feel good about yourself. Bill Gates

We flew down weekly to meet with IBM, but they thought the way to measure software was the amount of code we wrote, when really the better the software, the fewer lines of code. Bill Gates

When I walk into a grocery store and look at all the products you can choose, I say, "My God!" No king ever had anything like I have in my grocery store today. Bill Gates

Two years from now, spam will be solved. Bill Gates

Paper is no longer a big part of my day. I get 90% of my news online, and when I go to a meeting and want to jot things down, I bring my Tablet PC. It's fully synchronized with my office machine so I have all the files I need. Bill Gates

The Internet? We are not interested in it Bill Gates

Flipping burgers is not beneath your dignity. Your Grandparents had a different word for burger flipping - they called it opportunity. Bill Gates

The flatter the corporate hierarchy, the more likely it is that employees will communicate bad news and act upon it. Bill Gates

American dependence on oil has only gone up as we've gone through various crises and not invested in R&D. Bill Gates

Be nice to nerds, they'll probably be your boss one day. Bill Gates

One thing people underestimate is how markets don't allow anyone to do anything except make better and better products. There's not much leeway. The world is a lot more competitive than most people think, particularly in a high-technology area. If a company takes its eye off improving its products, if it tries to do anything that would be viewed as an exercise of power, it'll be displaced very rapidly. Bill Gates

It is hard to sell Congress and the American people on foreign aid. Is it harder to do that than it is to sell billionaires on the idea that they should give all their money away. Bill Gates

Training the workforce of tomorrow with today's high schools is like trying to teach kids about today's computers on a 50-year-old mainframe. Bill Gates

My job is about the most fun thing I do, but I have a broad set of interests, going places, reading things, doing things. Bill Gates

Started from the chair hop now we here. Bill Gates

By almost any measure, the world is better than it has ever been. People are living longer, healthier lives. Many nations that were aid recipients are now self-sufficient. You might think that such striking progress would be widely celebrated, but in fact, Melinda and I are struck by how many people think the world is getting worse. The belief that the world can't solve extreme poverty and disease isn't just mistaken. It is harmful. That's why in this year's letter we take apart some of the myths that slow down the work. The next time you hear these myths, we hope you will do the same. Bill Gates

Whenever there is hard work to be done, I assign it to the laziest man as he is sure to find an easy way of doing it. Be lazy, think crazy. Bill Gates

As I look forward, I'm very optimistic about the things I see ahead. Bill Gates

We're responsible for the creation of the PC industry. The whole idea of compatible machines and lots of software, that's something we brought to computing. And so it's a responsibility for us to make sure that things like security don't get in the way of that dream. Bill Gates

I'm quite worried about the fiscal imbalances that we've got and what that might mean in terms of financial crisis ahead. Bill Gates

There are no significant bugs in our released software that any significant number of users want fixed Bill Gates

When you are failing, you are forced to be creative, to dig deep and think, night and day. Bill Gates

In the decade ahead I can predict that we will provide over twice the productivity improvement that we provided in the '90s. Bill Gates

Let's face it, the average computer user has the brain of a Spider Monkey. Bill Gates

Personal computing today is a rich ecosystem encompassing massive PC-based data centers, notebook and Tablet PCs, handheld devices, and smart cell phones. It has expanded from the desktop and the data center to wherever people need it - at their desks, in a meeting, on the road or even in the air. Bill Gates

Investing in tomorrow's technology today is more critical than ever... Bill Gates

I'd be happy if I could think that the role of the library was sustained and even enhanced in the age of the computer. Bill Gates

The Internet will help achieve "friction free capitalism" by putting buyer and seller in direct contact and providing more information to both about each other. Bill Gates

Whatever they announce, they announce. They're in their honeymoon period, and anything they announce gets hype ... They will obviously branch out beyond Internet search, but I think the expectations won't live up to reality. Bill Gates

I'm serious when I do my work. I'm not serious when I'm home with my kids. Bill Gates

A bad strategy will fail no matter how good your information is and lame execution will stymie a good strategy. If you do enough things poorly, you will go out of business. Bill Gates

Strategically, a major function of the CEO is to look for bad news and encourage the organization to respond to it. Employees must be encouraged to share bad news as much as good news. Bill Gates

The most important 'speed' issue is often not technical but cultural. It's convincing everyone that the company's survival depends on everyone moving as fast as possible. Bill Gates

Every company can choose whether to lead or follow the emerging digital trends. Bill Gates

You've got to be willing to read other people's code, then write your own, then have other people review your code. Bill Gates

Today, the issue isn't quantity of food as much as it is quality-whether kids are getting enough protein and other nutrients to fully develop. Bill Gates

Hey, size works against excellence. Bill Gates

Anyone who spends their life on a computer is pretty unusual. Bill Gates

If you're a person struggling to eat and stay healthy you might have heard about Michael Jordan or Muhammad Ali, but you'll never have heard of Bill Gates. Bill Gates

I believe that every life is valuable. That we can make things better. That innovation is the key to a bright future. That we're just getting started. Bill Gates

(On being the world's richest man) I wish I wasn't... There's nothing good that comes out of that. You get more visibility as a result of it. Bill Gates

Be nice to nerds,,, one day u might have to work for one Bill Gates

I believe innovation is the most powerful force for change in the world. People who are pessimistic about the future tend to extrapolate from the present in a straight line. But innovation fundamentally shifts the trajectory of development. Bill Gates

If you take from the most wealthy and give to the least wealthy, it's good. It starts to balance out. Bill Gates

What we're really after is simply that people acquire a legal license for Windows for each computer they own before they move on to Linux or Sun Solaris or BSD or OS/2 or whatever. Bill Gates

How we deal with the AIDS epidemic should be one of the greatest ways that the world gets measured. The report card for this era. Bill Gates

There will be two types of businesses in the next 5 years, those that are on the Internet, and those that are out of business Bill Gates

Windows 95 was a nice milestone. Bill Gates

Microsoft does not dominate the software industry by any stretch of the imagination. We have lots of very able competitors who keep us constantly vigilant, and sometimes they beat us to the punch. Microsoft's success to date is based solely on the fact that people like Microsoft software. Bill Gates

There's a true schizophrenia where if you say to voters, you know, do you think the federal government spends too much money and they should spend less, they say yeah, absolutely. Then you name specific things, like Pell grants for students and they say, no, not that. How 'bout NIH, medical research funding? Nah, you really shouldn't cut that. And pretty soon you've proved that what the American public is against is arithmetic. Bill Gates

There's life and death in every email. Bill Gates

The information society should serve all of its citizens, not only the technically sophisticated and economically privileged. Bill Gates

As you get to the end of the project you want to run all the tests cases against one version and make sure that you know that that version passed everything. And so as you get late in the project you get a little more conservative about making radical changes to the software. Bill Gates

Even for the very best programmers ah, sometimes you'll see someone else's program or somebody will come along and they'll show you what can be done in a simpler way. Bill Gates

Good developers like seeing their products sell in large quantities. They enjoy the competition of doing a better job than the other company, especially if the other company has more people on the project and they're entrenched and people are saying that we don't have a chance of getting in there and... and doing well. Bill Gates

In programming when you're making a change you have to know all the affected places, and you have to be able to model in your head what the performance impact will be. Bill Gates

The machines need to get faster. They need to get cheaper. Bill Gates

We have over 60 million machines that can take the same diskette, plug it in and immediately ah, that that software's working. And so it's created the worldwide software industry that... that is so very competitive and moving so quickly. Bill Gates

When I say "an energy miracle," I mean that there will be some form of energy whose 24 hour cost really is competitive with hydrocarbons given, say, 20 years of learning curve. You invent it, then you look at how much its costs go down over the next 20 years, that it really beats hydrocarbons. Bill Gates

Sorghum is kind of unusual. It can go to very high heats, but it's not as productive in most environments as maize is. Bill Gates

At some point, that risk-taking private capital can take over, and have patents and trade secrets and things that let them lead the way, which happened with the steam engine and some other things, although with energy, the time of adoption is a lot longer than it is with, say, IT products or even medical advances, like drugs and vaccines. Bill Gates

The US spends more on energy R&D than all other countries put together, and I personally consider it quite inadequate. In fact, I would have said we should more than double it, if I thought the absorptive capacity could scale up and if it was actually possible to get to that level. Bill Gates

I wish I wasn't... There's nothing good that comes out of that. You get more visibility as a result of it. Bill Gates

We're no longer in the days where everything is super well crafted. But at the heart of the programs that make it to the top, you'll find that the key internal code was done by a few people who really know what they were doing. Bill Gates

The worst programs are the ones where the programmers doing the original work don't lay a solid foundation, and then they're not involved in the program in the future. Bill Gates

I went public too soon. Stay private as long as you can. Bill Gates

in china when you're one in a million, there are 1300 people just like you Bill Gates

I think that society has to be careful not to shift all of its resources to the elderly versus the young. I get very concerned when people talk about cutting education budgets. Bill Gates

I believe that with great wealth comes great responsibility, a responsibility to give back to society and a responsibility to see that those resources are put to work in the best possible way to help those most in need. Bill Gates

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